Sunday, September 12, 2010

Dallin's Endowment

When Dallin got his mission call we decided it would be nice to go to Utah for him to be endowed so that his brothers could be there in the temple with him! It was a VERY quick trip and I wish I would have taken more pics!!! We left on Thurs. night (Sept 2) when Dallin got off work (for the record he works at Jamba Juice). We went to Vegas that night and spent the night with Brad's brother and his family. Chad got up early and went to seminary with his cousins - his goal is to have 100% attendance all 4 years, as did his brothers! We then picked him up from seminary and drove up to Lehi. We went to my mom's house first and met the older kids there then we all ran over to Jimmy Johns for a sandwich (which I do NOT recommend, haha). Here is a pic of some of us there...

Then we hurried back to mom's and Dallin and Brad got ready, they had to be at the temple 90 minutes before us. Aren't they handsome?!!!

Here is a group shot after we came out of the temple... unfortunately my brother and his wife left before we all got out of the temple! :(

Derek, Brittany, Grandpa Bergquist, Grandma Bergquist, Jennifer, Greg, Carissa, Dallin, Brad, me, Grandma Measles, Devin and Diana, it was a nice night and SO wonderful to have so many family members with us! Then on Saturday we went to my little nephew's baptism, I am bummed I didn't take any pics then, Jenn had a wonderful luncheon and her back yard was set up so nice!!!
Then I got to see and visit with Pam for a bit!!!

And my nephew's little guy had his 2nd Bday party!!! Devin and Diana are like his 2nd parents, they just love him and he loves them!!! Here is a pic of Devin playing with Lane...

And Diana teaching him how to ride his new Bday toy!

Cute Brittany and Derek...

Dallin, Brittany, Derek and Blake... we were all over at Devin's house watching the BYU game! Oh, and YES, they won!!!

The crew... watching the game... Uncle Greg, Caden, Dallin, Brittany, Derek, Blake and Bradly boy!

Like I said it was a QUICK weekend but we got to do a lot and see a lot of family!!!