Thursday, May 28, 2009


Lasting growth does not come by constant ease.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


It has been about 9 months since dad was diagnosed with bile duct cancer. They told him he had about 3-6 months, he has been doing really well with the exception of having to replace his tube that drains the bile out of his body and getting a few infections. He is thin and weak but eats and has a great attitude!

The last week or so mom had been telling me that he is sooooo much weaker and that his stomach was really hurting him. He was taking more pain killers, lol, still not much, he was up to 2.5 a day! Dad doesn't like meds! I talked to him on the phone on Sunday night and he seemed to get a bit confused. The nurse came in on Monday morning to change his bandage and flush his tube. She took his temperature and it was 98. When she was ready to leave she asked that mom to come outside and tell her about some of her flowers she had in her garden. Really, she just wanted to talk to mom about dad. She said, "He is really confused, did the Dr.'s let you know that it would get like this?" Mom told her yes.... and she said, "it will just get worse..."

After the nurse left mom went in and sat on the chair by the window. She had the window open letting some fresh air in, she said it felt so good, but then she looked over at dad laying on the couch and his teeth were just chattering, he was COLD. She went and got him a couple of blankets and took his temperature again, it was up to 103. (That was FAST!) Dad was confused and a bit agitated... mom called my brother who thankfully only lives 2 doors down. Dad had been up all night throwing up, and now his temperature was up and he was confused, they decided they needed to take him to the hospital.

When they got him to the ER they gave him an IV and antibiotics. They ran some blood work and told them that he, again, had an infection. It seems that every time he gets an infection his gets a high temperature and a bit delirious. After they got it down to 99.9 they let him go home. I talked to mom after he got home and he seemed to be better. Shortly after I talked to mom ~ probably about 2 hours or so she called me back crying telling me that his temp was back up to 103 and she and Dirk were taking him back to the ER. (it was 104.7 when they got to the hospital) They again, gave him an IV and antibiotics. They really liked the Dr. that was there. They kept him over night... I just talked to them at about 11:30 (my time) and they had just gotten home. My sister in law had taken mom to pick him up. Dad sounds GREAT and mom sounds much better too!!! (the blood work and other tests should be in tomorrow eve)

It is really hard being so far away when things like this happen. Brad, being the wonderful man that he is, gathered us together and we had a sweet prayer for dad (and mom)... I am grateful for my dear brother and his good wife that are always there for my parents. It is a big relief for me to know that my parents are so well taken care of! I am grateful for tender mercies from our Father in Heaven.

Hang in there dad... I love you!!!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Athlete of the Year!

All of the various coaches at the different high schools nominate the student that they feel should earn "Athlete of the Year". Dallin was nominated and won for our high school! Yesterday the athletic director took him to the "Outstanding Athlete Luncheon". There were 12 leagues (77 high schools) all represented at the luncheon. Dallin was a 3 sport Letterman this year and last year. Football, soccer and golf. They also take into consideration the students GPA (which is great, he got a scholarship to BYU).

Dallin is a wonderful son! He is motivated and works hard. We are VERY proud of him! Congratulations son!!! Way to put your mind to something and succeed!!!

Here is the patch that he was presented and the program...

Monday, May 18, 2009

Sr. Pics

Kaitlin did a great job... Thank you, Kaitlin!!!
I know there are a LOT of pictures here... but we are trying to narrow it down to 3 pics... 1 of each sport. I would love any suggestions you have!!!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Photo Shoot

Kaitlin is Dallin's good friend that is getting REALLY good at photography. She got a new fancy camera for Christmas and has been taking a photography class. Yesterday she did a photo shoot for Dallin for his Sr. pics! I went with them... 1st we went to the golf course and then back home so he could change and we went over to the end of the cul-de-sac and took some more soccer and football pics. She is still doing some editing but here are some that I took of HER taking pics...
Here is one that I happened to catch that I like... obviously it is not one that we will use on his graduation annoucement but I like how I got the sand "in the air"...
Here are a couple of "goofing off" shots... Kaitlin and I were trying to decide WHAT picture/pose to do next... Dallin was just bouncing the ball up and down...
Then, he started bouncing it and then would hit it... like a baseball...
And, here is one of my favorite shots that I took...
I am really excited to see the pictures that sweet Kaitlin took!