Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Another Graduate!

On May 4th our 2nd son graduated!  He graduated from University of Utah in Economics.  Congratulations Devin!!!

We drove up to their place on the 2nd.  We spent the day with my mom on the 3rd, she is redecorating, she got the inside painted, new plantation shutters and new carpet.  Diana, Krew and I went with her to pick out new light fixtures and new carpet while the boys played a round of golf.

Then on the morning of graduation we decided to take Trax since it is right by Devin and Diana's apartment.
Here is Grandpa and Krew waiting...
After we got to the Huntsman Center we decided to take a few pictures along with many many other graduates when all of a sudden KSL TV came up to Devin and asked if they could interview him!

After the graduation we went to eat the Devin's favorite... Olive Garden!
That eve we had a little celebration with some yummy treats!
The next morning Devin and Jeff left to go on their annual herp trip... you can go HERE to view what all they were able to catch and photograph this year!  Diana and Krew came to visit us for a week... we had some fun, you can go HERE to see some of the fun things that we did while they were here!

On a little side note... on the way home we stopped for gas in Scipio Utah and there was a little petting zoo across the street and of all animals in this tiny little zoo was a zebra!!