Saturday, June 28, 2008

No one is home....

We have gone to take Dallin to EFY (Provo) and then on up to Idaho (Willow Flats) the next week for our family reunion.

No one is home, leave a message after the beep.....


Icing on the cake!

I got home from girls camp yesterday. It was the BEST year ever!!! We had the BEST YCL's this year! CUTE, FUN, SWEET girls! Thank you, girls, I love you all!!!

I think I told you before our theme this year was ARK (as in Noah's... It stood for "Acts of Random Kindness"). The icing on the cake ~ one of the girls brought her guitar to camp... with the altitude and heat/coldness... during the day the (not sure what it is called) piece down by the "hole" that holds the strings broke off! It was SO sad. She was so so so bummed out!!! One of the girls in her cabin told her mom that she would like to give her HER guitar. She had one gotten one for her Bday about a year and a half earlier and never learned to played it. So she called her bishop and he brought it up on Thurs. and she gave it to the YW that night. It was soooooooooo tender! Tears were shed... very, very sweet. It truly was exactly what the theme was... an act of random service! The young lady played it during dinner that night... I wish I would have gotten a picture of that but I didn't have my camera with me, darn it!

Here are some fun random pictures from girls camp...

All dressed up and waiting on the buses of girls
In the lodge... waiting to find out which A frame they are in!

Noah! (skit)

Ready for the party! (We were the Flamingo's, hence the hot pink EVERYTHING!)
Skit... Grandma's in the cellar!

The last night of camp all the bishop, the YW presidents and all their spouses come up and we have a special night including dinner, program, and testimony meeting. The YCL2's all sing the 3 white dresses song... they all wear white tops and a skirt... this is a few of the YCL2's just before the program.

Saying good bye... here come the buses!
What a great year it was!!!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Snakes, oh my!

My son, Devin, has always been into herping (searching for reptiles or amphibians). You can look at his and his cute wive’s blog to see (Dev & Di). Anyway, I guess the tradition goes on… now my younger son enjoys it too. Everyone in our ward is aware of their knowledge in this field. ~Funny side note, one Sunday the bishop was motioning for Dallin to come up to the stand… he needed him to get a SNAKE OUT OF THE CHAPEL! LOL, it was up by the Sacrament table! ~ So, anyway, yesterday Dallin got a phone call from a family in our ward that lives out on the hill by our house. They thought that they had spied a rattlesnake and wanted him to come get it! He went straight over there and found that it was a gopher snake. Gopher snakes are known to imitate a rattlesnake, they can make their head flat, etc… anyway, here is a pic of the gopher snake he caught.

Here are a few pics of Dallin and Katie with the rosy boa...


So, my cute southern friend, Merrianne tagged me! This time the tag is to post a picture of my Motherboard... so, here ya go! This is where I sit and write the posts for my blog!

So, now I tag Diana, Brittany, Brieanne, Lindsay, Allie, Jodi, Jessica, Gina, Ann, Pam, Debby and anyone else that wants to!!!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Girls Camp PraNks anyone??!!! °Ü°

I have been working on all the stuff for girls camp. I am excited, I love girls camp! We (stake leaders) are going up on Saturday to take up a LOT of the decorations and craft stuff up so we won't have to haul so much up on Monday. Then ALL the leadership goes up on Monday and the bus of campers will be arriving on Tues morning! We cut camp short a day this year to due to the Dance Festival so we will all be coming home Fri morning. Our theme this year is "ARK" (as in Noah's) ARK stands for Acts of Random Service!

Now that all the work for camp is mostly out of the way, I have been trying to come up with some fun little PraNks for camp... I remember one year we tied a string to the screen of the leadership cabin and would get behind the bushes and pull on the string... it scared the girls in the cabin to death! FUN! SO... any fun suggestions for this year???

Here are a few pics from Super Saturday...

Shauna (head director), me & Michelle (we are the Flamingo's!)

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Time for a commercial break…

Okay, I have to share a few products that I love once again!
#1 - I found a great PILLOW!
We went to Vegas for a wedding a few weeks ago and we stayed with my sister in law. When it was time to go to bed, I laid my little ole head down and fell in love! (not with my hubby, silly, I am already in love with HIM) The pillows that Lori had on the bed!!! Man. Awesome. So, I went home and ordered one and I am now sharing the secret to a good nights sleep with you! I ordered it on line at Sam's club. You might be able to find it else where... here is the info:

#2 - Foundation!
I have several friends that use that new powder stuff and they look lovely so I bought some and used it for a couple of weeks but... it got powder EVERYWHERE! AND, I was just not sold on it. So, I am back to my FAVORITE! It is cheap too, yeah! Well, NOT cheap but cheaper that that expensive stuff! It is Revlon ColorStay! Love it! I looked it up on line for you and found out that there are SEVERAL ColorStay products... here is the one I love.
AND BTW, I also love the powder.

#3 - Tan Legs!
Okay, this one is TOP SECRET! SSSHHHHH!!!!! I mean... I want all my friends and family to think that my "tan legs" are all NAT-U-RAL, if ya know what I mean. SO, you CANT tell!!! °Ü° Here it is!
Hawaiian Tropic Island Radiance Self Tanner.

So... how about under comments YOU share some of YOUR Favorite things!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Just Read!

I feel strongly that we must, all of us, return to the scriptures... and let them work mightily within us, impelling us to an unwavering determination to serve the Lord. ~Spencer W. Kimball

Brothers and sisters, you don't have to be a natural student to read the scriptures; you just need to love the Lord. (Ensign, Nov 1982, p. 15 ~J. Richard Clarke)

The scriptures that are never read will never help us. (Ensign, May 1985 p. 23. ~L. Tom Perry)

Studying and searching the scriptures is not a burden laid upon us by the Lord, but a marvelous blessing and opportunity. (Ensign, May 1986, p. 81 ~Ezra Taft Benson)

Okay, I know it is not January (the traditional time to set a new goal) but I am making a new commitment to better study my scriptures...

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day!

(Check out the boots! And the belt buckle!)

One of my favorite stories about my Father...
My dad was serving as Branch Pres. in Plainview Texas at the time, I was about 16 and you know how 16 year olds are! Well, my friend was having a pool party on Sunday and I HAD to go! EVERYONE was going to be there! I asked if I could go and of course my Father told me NO. I mean, it was the Sabbath... BUT... I was 16. Everyone was going to be there! I could not miss out! So, I tried again, "Dad, I won't wear a swim suit, I wont get in the water!" Again, the answer was a firm no. NO swim parties on the Sabbath. ...I would NOT let it go, one more try. Dad, PLEEEEASSSEEE!!!!! He said, "Okay, I will make you a deal. You can go to the swim party if I can go out behind the barn and have ONE cigarette." !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HAD HE LOST HIS MIND????? uh, needless to say... that was it. It was over. He made his point.

My dad has always been a hard worker. He is a great man and a wonderful example to me. I am who I am today because of him. He always supported me, always. THANK YOU DAD, I LOVE YOU!

A-Atkins! “Where are the duck eggs?”
T-Texan! (thru and thru!)
H- Helpful!
E-Eternal Companion to My Mother!

I also want to say THANK YOU to my handsome, darling, wonderful hubby who is a GREAT father to MY children!!! Thank you Brad! The boys LOVE you, they all want to grow up to be JUST like you! You are awesome!

And, last but certainly not least, I would like to THANK my Father in law who raised a wonderful son! (my cute hubby!) You, too, are an example of what a righteous Priesthood holder is! THANK YOU!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Party at the Grocery Store!

I hope you got YOUR invitation.
It just cracks me up! It seems that very Saturday night I have to run to the grocery store for something for Sunday. Sure enough, tonight I needed a few last minute things for our big Father’s Day dinner. As I head thru the veggie department I run into someone from the ward! Hi! We visit for a few minutes and then head our separate ways. I turn the corner to go get some milk and guess what? Yep, someone else from the ward! Hey, how’s it goin’? I go to get the cool whip and once again, there is, yep, you got it… Someone else from the ward! We start to laugh and joke about how every Saturday night there is a Mormon Party at the local grocery store!! Maybe I will run into YOU next Saturday night!

Friday, June 13, 2008

Count down to Father's Day...

Well, with Father's Day only TWO days away I was wondering what YOU are getting for YOUR father? I was just thinking we could SHARE IDEAS... bring it on, what are you giving your father for Father's Day??? (or your cute hubby... the father of your children!!!)

Thursday, June 12, 2008

The US Open!

Brad got tickets to the US Open! (for those of you who don't know, that is the ultimate of all golf tournaments!) Dallin took two of his finals early so he could go... so... yesterday Brad, Dallin, and Chad got up early in the morning... and I am talking EARLY! 4 am! They got ready and drove down to San Diego. They were able to see IN PERSON Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson, Adam Scott, and many others! They had a great day! Although, poor Chad didn't feel well most of the day... he actually laid down on the grass and napped on and off, I felt so bad for him. Here is a picture of them after they got home, I think the sun did them in, don't they look tired??!!! Party On!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Happy Birthday Devin!!!

I can NOT believe that 23 years ago TODAY I gave birth to you! Devin, I want you to know you are such a wonderful blessing... I don't know what we did to deserve to have YOU in our family! I count my blessings every day! You have always been such a sweet young man... always helping out the underdog! I remember when you were young sitting by the side of my grandmother for the longest time and just holding her hand! THANK YOU FOR BEING YOU!!! I LOVE YOU WITH ALL MY HEART!!!

Just a little recap of a few of the important things in your life...

You were born in Las Vegas, Nevada...
You were baptized in the Cub River at the Family Reunion...
You lived a worthy life and served a mission to the Argentina, Rosario mission... (and you still have Argentine's calling you! You served and loved them well!)
You were blessed to meet a WONDERFUL, DARLING, young lady at BYUI and you were married in the San Diego temple to Diana Bergquist (we love you)!

You have SO much more to look forward to! Continue to be the wonderful man that you are! You are such an example to so many! And we all thank you!


Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Studying for Finals???

Well... that is what they CLAIM they are doing... do you agree??? (2 more days of school and these cute kids will be Sr's!!! Then... BYU here they come!)

Friday, June 6, 2008

Pres. Hinckley

The night that Pres. Hinckey passed away we were at the Stake Center having a camp meeting with our YCL's (youth camp leaders). Everyone kept getting texts, we weren't sure what was going on until one girl told us... we all knelt and had a prayer, closed the meeting and all went home to be with our families. So tonight at our pre-camp party we made these.... Aren't they the cutest things? (they are just the picture of Pres. Hinckley and the mats that they made... no frames yet...)

My little garden...

Okay, so mom and Pam both asked about my little garden was coming along so I thought I would post pics and let you see how much it is growing (check post below entitled "Ah, the little things in life..."). So, here is how my tomato plant is looking, my squash plant and my lemon tree... It has been so fun and the tomatoes are YUMMY! ...can't wait till the squash are big enough, they are so cute though! And, aahhhh, the smell of the lemon blossoms!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Product, product, product!!!

I have seen some of my friends post some of their favorite products and so I thought I would do the same thing... It seems that every time I wear my hair curly someone asks me how I get it to curl up like that... so here it is, my TOP SECRET formula, LOL! And I DO swear by this! KMS Styling Gel. It really keeps my hair from being frizzy, and makes it curl up! LOVE this stuff!
And, I probably should say right here and now...."Thank you Kim, for the lovely HIGHLIGHTS!"
Now, if I could just find a wrinkle pill and a skinny pill I might be feeling YOUNG again!!!

And, I would like to let anyone out there that is currently shopping for a new CAMERA know that I DID go buy that Panasonic Lumin TX4 from Costco! Thank you, Kristine, for letting me know about the lens! Brad and the lady at the store told me the same thing! I LOVE this new camera. A lot of my friends suggested the Canon but I REALLY wanted the 10X optical zoom!!! This camera is perfect, I will keep it in my purse for... well... you know, for something fun to post on the old Blog!!!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008


I love to read.
Sometimes I like a good EASY read where I don't have to think (a good non thinking and entertaining book would be the Twilight series!) but SOMETIMES I like a good book where I DO have to think, lol... I LOVE this book! It is definitely a "thinking" book, so get your scriptures, a pen, and a red pencil. It is called, "Earth, In the Beginning", it is by Eric N. Skousen, Ph.D. It is GREAT! ENJOY!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Camera help...??!!!

I am wanting a new camera!!!
I would like to buy it this week but I thought I would ask for any advise you might have for me first! So PLEASE tell me what you have and if you like it... OR if there is one out there that you have been looking at that you really like....
Have you done some research on digital cameras and have some information for me??!!! Help! I want advise before purchasing!!! THANK YOU! (PS I really don't want to spend $1000 bucks... Costco has a coupon this week for $70.00 off the Panasonic Lumix TX4 with 10X Optical Zoom. Do you happen to know anything about THIS camera??!!!)

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Abby's Bridesmaids???

Omigosh... What are the chances???!!! Okay, so. I walk into the chapel and SEVERAL people are whisper/yelling "Shaila!, Shaila!, Your dress!, Your dress!" as they were laughing!!! We had JUST arrived in Vegas, ran into Brad's dad's house, quickly changed clothes and headed out to the church... all I could think as everyone was yelling (okay, well, in my mind they were yelling!) was that I didn't have it on right! OH, no! Then someone pointed to Adrianna and Karen... Yep! We ALL THREE had on the SAME dress!!! Okay, well, not the SAME dress... we all had on our own dress but it was the same dress!!! YIKES! So... we decided to just tell everyone that WE were Abby's Bridesmaids! LOL... here are a couple of pics of "her Bridesmaids" at the wedding, LOL! (BTW, if you click on the 1st pic, you can see Abby - the Bride - in the background)