Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Look at what Dallin found on the golf course today!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Father's Day!

I was really worried that Father's Day would be tough this year... I had a really rough day a few days before, but I was at peace yesterday. I DID wear my daddy's "Texas" ring on a chain all day.... I was blessed with a wonderful daddy, he was always involved in our lives! He always knew what was best for me and listened to the still small voice.... he was/is a wonderful man! I can't wait to see him again! I love you daddy!!!!
I was also blessed with a wonderful father in law! He is such a good man... we had a big scare this past week, he fell and hurt his wrist and hip. He finally went in and had x-rays. There is a "hole" in his hip (not the one he hurt, he other one) They did an MRI and then were a bit worried so they did a full body scan and we just got the results back today, ALL is well!!!! The Dr. called him at home and told him, no cancer!!! They have no idea why the hole... he could have been born with it, but he is healthy and strong, they will see him next year.... YEAH! What a blessing! Love you, Gordon!

The boys and I decided to get Brad a new BBQ grill for Father's Day! Derek was really excited, he did a lot of research on line for us... I also called Brad's brother Bryce who is a really good BBQ'er! (Is that a word?) He was also really excited and a great help! Thank you! So, Dallin and I went shopping.... Chad was at his high adventure camp in Catalina.... and this is what we found...

We bought it and took it to our friends house and Dallin put the whole thing together... then on Sunday right after church I took Dallin over to our friends house and we loaded it in a truck and brought it home and snuck it around into the back yard! It was fun to see Brad's face when he came around the corner and saw it sitting out there!

I thought about buying steaks to grill for dinner but thought it might not be very nice to say, "Happy Father's Day, now cook us dinner!" HAHA... so I made a roast...
Making sure it works... it does! Good job Dallin at putting it together!
Brad seemed happy.... now... steaks tonight??!!!!
Happy Father's Day, Bradly dear... I love you! You are a wonderful husband and father! The boys love you so very much, they all want to be JUST like you when they grow up... and I hope they will!!! °Ü°

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Another Door Closes...

It is so weird. My baby just had his promotion this morning! (I didn't have time to finish this post the other day. He promoted on Thurs. June 10th) I will never ever have another child in middle school. I will never ever have to help with a History Day Project or a Science Fair!! YEAH!!! Although at the same time it is a little bit sad that my baby is growing up! I can't believe that he will be in High School next year! Here are a few pics from his 8th grade promotion...

Here is a pic of him with a couple of his friends from our ward that came to his promotion, Kelsey and Madison...

Mr. Rex, a favorite teacher from Vista Heights! Dallin and David visiting with him after promotion... He is LDS too... he came to Dallin's Eagle Court of Honor! GREAT teacher, great man.... Thank you Mr. Rex!
Chad and Nick, a good friend...
Brothers. ALWAYS wrestling... brotherly love.
After the promotion we went out for breakfast at Bob's Big Boy... Dallin, Chad and Brad in the parking lot
Kelsey and Chad at Bob's Big Boy!

Congrats you 2.... Good luck in High School! Love you!