Sunday, October 18, 2009


Chad is a very quiet boy but he is very active. He loves to run and jump and actually quite good at it. Blake is the one that is always doing back handsprings and flips on his snowboard, he and Devin did quite well at pole vaulting in high school, in fact, Devin held the school record for about 6 or 7 years. I tell you that because as high and as much as THEY jumped, Chad jumps more. Chad can run and jump upon the stage at the church without using his hands, he has done this for a couple of years now. Blake was shocked to see him do that, he told his dad, "I don't think I could do that until I was in high school." A few years ago Blake taught Chad how to do the Fosbury-flop, he does it quite well. I am sure in HS he will be able to do the high jump better than Blake. (Sorry, Blake, but YOU taught him!)

Yesterday Chad was at a merit badge fair earning his last merit badge before doing his Eagle Project. After he was all finished he was outside running and jumping with his friends. He misjudged a brick wall and did this....

I was at work when I got a text from Brad telling me that he was with Chad at the urgent care. The Dr. was concerned about his bone and his tendon. He cut it DEEP, yep, the Dr. showed Brad the bone and the tendon. He had Chad flex his foot up and down and then from side to side to check the tendon. Brad said the tendon looked like a ribbon and you could see it tightening etc as Chad moved his foot. YEAH, no damage to the tendon or bone. The bone was bruised but not chipped or anything! Here is a pic that Brad took when the Dr. was cleaning it up and getting ready to sew it up.

He cut the dead skin away and had to do THREE layers of stitches! Like I said, it as deep! Chad was quite the stud during all of this!

Here is the finished product. Oh, did I say this was his shin? Yep, it is swollen. We had a GREAT Dr. He wants me to take Chad in tomorrow and let him have a look at it. Chad is on antibiotics but we did not fill his pain pill prescription. He is doing okay with Tylenol.
Funny, thing to add... when Chad was in Kindergarten, he was climbing a fence and jumped off it, did I mention that Chad likes to jump? °Ü° Well, his shoelace got caught at the top of the fence and he fell to the cement below and broke both of his arms. YEP, not only did he break BOTH arms, but he broke 2 bones in one arm... so, yep, broke 3 bones! Yep, he had 2 casts on for awhile! What a little stud this guy is! Hang in there Chad, we love you!

Monday, October 12, 2009

The Viewing and The Funeral

My 2 oldest boys by my side...

There were 3 ribbons that said "Husband", "Daddy", and "Grandpa"

His grandchildren...

His brother, sisters, sister in law, brother in law, nieces and nephews from TEXAS!

Stacia and mom... Stacia was my very best friend growing up... they lived right next door to us! Her parents and my parents were best friends too! She always comes and supports me when times are hard... she flew in when I had seizures when Chad was born! Thank you, Stacia, I love you!!!

Dad has 7 grandsons, they were the pallbearers... very tender...

It was so cool, when we pulled up to the cemetery, the Navy was there!

He played Taps! (You can see him by the white flowers)

This was so cool! My brother in law taped it!

This is my dad's sisters and brother. They brought Texas soil for him to be buried in!

The Pallbearers

All but one of my daddy's nieces and nephews came! I love my cousins!!!

Dirk (my sweet brother), Stacia and me...

The grandsons in daddy's rose garden with the Texas flag at half mast...

My sweet cousins!!! THANK YOU ALL FOR COMING!!! It meant sooooooooooooo much! I love you all!!!
Brad, Dallin, Chad and I went to take Dallin up to BYU on Thurs, Aug. 27th (Brad's Birthday). Dad was not doing very well. He was very weak and was in bed. Mom had prepared me and yet I was surprised, we had seen him about 4 weeks before...
It was so wonderful (tender mercy of the Lord)... the timing. The older kids were also in Utah, they had finished working and had gotten there about the same time we did. We were able to spent 4 good days with him.
Daddy passed away on Sept. 1, 2009. It was his mother's Birthday! I am sure it was a wonderful birthday present for her to see her son again! Mom, Dirk and I were by his side when he left this mortal life. It was about 7:17 am. It was very sad and hard and yet.... it was very sweet and tender at the same time. Daddy was ready to meet his maker. He lived a good life and was a wonderful husband, father, grandfather and friend to many.
This is so hard for me to write. I have been meaning to write details of that weekend in my journal but every time I do I just sit here and cry. I really need to do it before all the details slip from my mind.
I am so grateful for Our Heavenly Father and the plan of salvation. I am so grateful for my knowledge that families can be together again. (Dad's children and grandchildren all sang "Families Can Be Together Forever" at the funeral). My parents were sealed in the Salt Lake Temple! WE WILL SEE HIM AGAIN!
But, in the meantime... I miss him.
I did the Life Sketch at the funeral. Here is a copy:
What an awesome responsibly it is to talk about someone such as dad… a servant of God, a Husband, a Father, a Daddy, Son, son in law, brother, brother in-law, Uncle, a friend and hero.

JG and Mary Measles had 5 children, 3 girls and 2 boys. Dad was the 2nd of 5. He was born in Olton Texas on Nov. 27, 1931. I am sure that his siblings could share with you many, many stories from those years… In fact, I am sure there are many stories that each of you can remember about good ‘ole James. We have put some cards in the foyer and we want to invite you to share those memories about dad so mom and can enjoy them later.

Dad graduated from Olton high school and he wasn’t too sure what to do after that, he asked his dad for council and papa told him that if he joined the Navy he would always have a hot meal and a warm bed so that is exactly what dad did. One of our favorite pictures of dad is the navy picture that mama had hanging on her wall forever. After serving in the Navy for 4 years and returning to Plainview he met the love of his life. They were dragging the gut in Plainview when they met, the friend that was with dad in his new blue, 2 tone, 2 door, hard top Pontiac Catalina was George Washington and just to be funny dad told mom that his name was Jerry Ferguson. Of course she thought George was teasing and believed dad! She was so excited to introduce her friends to this new cute guy she had met…“Jerry Ferguson” and just few nights later they were all out dragging the gut again and she saw him! She got really excited and was pointing him out to her friends; they all laughed and told her he was James Measles! Oh, yeah, that was James alright, quite the jokester! Mom and dad were married on Oct. 19, 1956 at daddy’s parent’s house.

Dad went to school at Draughns Business College, and later graduated from Wayland Baptist University.

Dad was prepared to hear the gospel before the missionaries knocked on their door that day. 6 months before he was listening to the radio and heard how bad smoking was and so he quit smoking that very day, saying no kid of mine will ever see me smoke. My grandmother Watts used to take Dirk and I to church every Sunday, one day dad was talking about some bible story and I said, “How do you know daddy? You don’t go to church.” That cut dad to the very core.

Mom had the question in her mind, what happened to my little brother when he died? So, that day that the missionaries knocked on the door, that was her very 1st question and as you know they shared the plan of salvation and Mom wanted to hear more. Once mom and dad were baptized they were committed, never wavering. I am so very grateful for a father who was not tooooo stubborn that he would listen, feel, and be baptized. Mom and dad were sealed for time and ALL eternity on Sept. 28, 1965 in the Salt Lake temple.

Dad was diagnosed with a brain tumor in 1960, he had his 1st hospital visit when mom was pregnant with me. I can remember in high school being called down to the office and Dirk and I would head to the hospital to meet mom and dad. He was very ill for oh so much of his life. But again, dad was a fighter, always positive and his faith helped him through. He actually asked the Lord to bless him that he might be able to live to raise his children. Dec. 10, 1985 mom and dad went to Boston and he had laser surgery at Harvard with the machine that cut the 1st atom. One of the side effects from that surgery was seizures. He was able to control that with meds and lived a long great life. We were so very blessed to have him in our lives for so long. Heavenly Father answered his pray and then some…. He was not only able to raise his children but he was around to be such an example to each of his grandchildren. We are VERY aware of this blessing and very grateful!

Daddy was always “teaching a lesson”… I know all of you think daddy was sweet and nice, but I will never forget the day he wouldn’t let me go to the swim party. Dad was serving as Branch President at the time. There was to be a fun swim party with EVERY body there on Sunday afternoon. When I asked if I could go he told me no, we do not swim on the Sabbath. I begged and begged, but daddy, I wont swim, I wont get in the water, I wont even wear my swim suit… every body is going to be there daddy! Again, No, Shaila, we don’t do that kind of thing on the Sabbath. I would not give up that easily…. Please, daddy, please… he finally said, “Okay, I will make a deal with you… You can go if I can go back behind the barn and smoke just one cigarette.” Are you kidding me??? Dad, you can’t do that!!! Well, there ya go. He won. I am sure he had NO intention of smoking that cigarette but he won, he got his way and there ya go…. He taught a lesson to me. Again.

Brad said, “Everyone needs someone in their life to set them straight.”

Even though dad’s dark skin was more like an Indian, he insisted on being dressed like a cowboy. He made sure he bought my boys their 1st pair of boots. I loved being raised by a good ‘ole cowboy and having a horse! There were great times on the farm riding…

We had a great family vacation EVERY year going to see something new, he hit 44 or 46 states; mom couldn’t remember if we went to north and South Dakota!

I loved dad’s dancing eyes; they were full of mischief and love…

Even during his lowest time in his life when he was diagnosed with cancer and very weak I can remember he telling me to grab some bags and we went into the back yard and picked peaches and then walked around and gave them out to some of his friends. He could barely carry them, but that was daddy… still serving. Ironically the scripture that makes me think of daddy is in James. James 1:22, “But be ye doers of the word, and not hearers only”

When dad was diagnosed with Cancer last year, he was told he had 3-6 months to live. Poor daddy, he would not believe this, every time we would take him to a Dr. visit up at the Huntsman cancer he would ask the Dr. when she was going to make him well. He was going to beat this. And yet in quite moments of reflection he thought of anyone he might have offended and he would immediate get on the phone and call and apologize.

Lana can remember calling the house and asking “Can I talk to Shaila?” and daddy would say, “I don’t know, can you?”

When I would call and ask dad, “Hey, what’s up?” He would always answer, “Rent and taxes”.

Every time anyone would ask how he felt, he would…. Fingers…. Say, “With my fingers”

He never lost his personality, the day before he passed away Mike, his hospice nurse was here and he asked dad, “James, do you know who I am?” Dad said, “sure, Clem Kadiddlehoppe”

Dad had a lot of one liners!
Our family will miss him oh so very much. Teaching us a lesson… how to be a hard worker… how to serve… I know the grandsons will miss being called “a girl” or being thumped on the head with grandpa’s Texas ring… I know his family meant the world to him. I know he will be watching over us.

He had a great love for the Book of Mormon and applied it in his life.
He loved his Savior and knew of his tender mercies,
Dad’s testimony to me was Quiet and his actions were BOLD
He will always be our Hero…

I am grateful for my knowledge that families can be together forever.