Monday, July 26, 2010


Chad had Youth Conference a couple of weeks ago. This year they went on "The Pioneer Trek". Chad's favorite parts were shooting muskets and throwing tomahawks. He also said it was really cool when "Joseph Smith", "Porter Rockwell" and "Brigham Young" came to visit them each day!

Chad & Paige

A group from our ward...

The boys cousin Adam has been here in So Cal the last couple of weeks... he had surgery at UCI Medical Center. We have been up to visit him a few times, this was Sunday afternoon...

After we all got home from the hospital we cooked hamburgers and Polish Sausages on the grill... yum!

Saturday night Dallin and a couple of friends went out herping... he is following in his brother's footsteps... so, Sunday night he had to scare his aunt and grandma a bit by bringing out the King Snake that they had caught...

Here is a pic of a RATTLESNAKE that they caught! Look at their faces, think they were excited?

AND, lastly, Dallin's friend, Kaitlin took this pic... I LOVE it... Thanks, Kaitlin!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Visiting Mom & The Family Reunion

We went to visit mom over the 4th. Here is a picture of her on her porch with her flowers...
Several years ago mom and I went to some home shows and we decided that she needed new lights for the outside of her home. Well, Brad wasn't with me on the trip so they got put in the garage and forgotten about!!! OOPS. We noticed them this trip and the boys hung them for her, they look SO nice, I really like them!!!

The light that was on her house when they bought it...

And... the NEW lights! MUCH nicer, huh??

Mom and I both love flowers... one of our favorites are hydrangeas... so we bought a couple and put them in her front flower bed, thanks for digging the holes Dallin!

Beautiful, huh?

The Bergquist's have a BIG Family Reunion every year up in Idaho at Willow Flats... I am not huge on camping, in fact, I always kid around and say, IF he would have told me that we had to CAMP EVERY year for the rest of our life I am not sure I would have said yes... but seriously the boys LOVE it... it has been a great bonding time for them and their cousins over the years... it really is beautiful up there! We do lots of fun traditions.... polar bear contest, golf tourney, target shooting, horseshoe throwing contest, kids games.... in fact one year Devin, who is now 25, was baptized up there in the Cub River! I am sure this reunion has a lot to do with who my boys have become...

Hanging out at the main camp waiting for prayer and FOOD!


Watching horseshoes...

Playing... Here is Devin, he was paired with Brandon, a cousins (they took 2nd)

Dallin was paired with Brad... they won! Can you see the horseshoe???

Brandon and Brad in the final game...

Brad was SO kind to get a pic of me... and YES, we won! I was paired with Crystal, my niece!
I didn't get a pic of cute Diana since I was playing... Devin sent me one and for some dumb reason I can't get it to load! This was her 1st year to play... she was paired with Jenny (a cousin's wife) When I was teaching her we played a practice round and she beat me 11-1!!!! (It takes me a while to warm up, LOL) IF you look close you can see the horseshoe in mid air!

Sitting around in the afternoon visiting... shortly after this the boys went shooting and we visited a bit more till it started pouring!!!

So we ran to the tents and played a really fun card came, "It Came To Pass"...
Here is a pic of Diana looking out asking Brent to please make sure their "windows" in THEIR tent were all closed!

WE had a great time... I always love being with family... I am bummed I didn't take MORE pics!!! My only regret is ALL my kids couldn't make it this year... Blake had to work and Derek and Brittany are working in TN!!! Check out her blog HERE to read about their drive down from MN, they got to go to Nauvoo and Carthage!!! Great memories for them!!! Here is one cute sneak pic of them....

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Family and The Hole

We had family in town over the weekend! Brent and Melodie and their kids, Larson, Holden, Sierra and Savannah came to see us! We loved having them here! They came last Thurs night and unfortunately I had to work on Friday and Saturday but they took Chad to the beach with them both days! Here are a few pics from when they were here!

Saturday night our friend Mike had tickets for us to all go to the Angel's game! We love the Angels and go at every opportunity! Thank you Mike!

We didnt get a very good pic of Brad and I... oh, well, next time!
Brad broke out the new grill and we had burgers and hot dogs!

A little relaxation after dinner...

Cute Sierra at the tide pools, she loved the Hermit Crabs!

The boys looking for sea life...

Larson turning over rocks...

And, then they found a squirrel, haha

It was eating berries right out of their hands!

And, then we had a seal entertain us!

He came into really shallow water, I was so surprised!

He really danced and flipped around for us!

The guys played a little "catch" on the beach...

And, then they dug a hole.

Brent taking it easy while the boys worked! haha

All done! (notice the shelf for the soda's)

Notice the back side, just in case the tide comes in...

3 cute guys! Holden, Larson and Chad

Holden & Chad