Monday, January 24, 2011

I'm gonna be a grandma!!!

We went up for Brittany's graduation from BYUI on Dec. 17th. We were just sitting in their cute little apartment when Derek said to Brittany, "Should we give the mom's part of their Christmas now?" I remember thinking, "You don't need to do that now, you are coming to our house for Christmas, just wait till then" Boy, am I glad they didn't!!! Derek got up and went to their bedroom and came out with 2 scrolls of paper tied up in a pretty red bow and he handed on to me and one to Brittany's mom. I opened it and it looked like a "graduation certificate", very fitting since that is why we were all there! Brittany was graduating! BUT, as I looked closer I saw a picture of a fetus!!! WAIT. NO. WAY. Is that our gift??? WHAT? I couldn't even read the words on the paper, I tried to calm down and read it but I was so excited I couldn't!!! Finally I looked up and yep, I could tell by the expression on Derek's face!!! He is going to be a daddy and I am going to be a grandma!!!!

Here is what our exciting news looked like!!!

And, here is the 1st picture of my grand baby!!!

Brittany was 8 weeks at the time and she wanted to make it to 12 weeks before she told everyone. She told us (mom's 1st).... well, actually, they were very kind and they told Dallin 1st! All of my boys LOVE babies and Dallin, having 2 of his brothers married was very excited to be an uncle!!! BUT, he left for his mission before becoming one! So, they told him 1st... they told him at Thanksgiving! And, he was a good uncle and kept a secret! THEN, they told us moms... and then they told the rest of the family. I had to be a good grandma for 4 weeks! It about killed me! I wanted to stand on the rooftops and tell it for the whole world to know! But, I was a good granny! My lips were sealed.
Guess what??!!!
♥♥ I AM GOING TO BE A GRANDMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!♥♥

For all my friends out there... do you go by Grandma? Granny? G-ma? WHAT??!!!

Sunday, January 23, 2011


It was nice to have all the kids home for Christmas! I hate having them live so far away!!! I found this saying the other day and I love it, I am going to have a friend make it out of vinyl to put above our kitchen table, "Time spent together makes our home a house"! LOVE IT, it is so true! the only bummer for the kids that came from Utah and Idaho was all the rain we got! It is usually sunny and warm and we always take a trip down to the beach... but not this year! Look at all the rain we got! This is our back yard!

The lemon tree probably loved it though...

Here are pics from a couple of our family traditions...

Dipping pretzels for our friends...

And, making tamales WITH our friends...

Then we come home and mess around...

We always open our ONE Christmas Eve gift, the girls got pajama bottoms and the boys got "Lakers" pillow cases. We always read Luke 2 before going to bed... We DO have to remember WHY we celebrate Christmas! How grateful we are to our elder brother, Jesus Christ, that came to earth to be an example and to atone for our sins!
Christmas Breakfast!

And opening gifts...
Mom (Grandma Measles) went to the Holy Land this year (2010) with a tour group and she brought back all the boys (including Brad) oil from the olive trees in Gethsemane.


The girls got rolling pins from Anthropologie!

Derek's new scarf...
Blake in his new Lakers hat

Hummmm... wonder what Chad got Devin? °Ü°

It seemed to be the year for shoes!

or boots! °Ü°

Chad got a new cell phone!

My mom got Brad and I this beautiful picture!

This is where I hung it... okay, fine, this is where I had it hung! °Ü°

And, our sweet children went in together and got Brad and I this fire pit! I love it! I have wanted one for a long time!

So, Derek built a fire in it for us!

And we got in the jacuzzi!

We had a a wonderful Christmas... (although we did miss Dallin.... a. lot.!)

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Brittany Graduates!

We drove up to take Dallin to the MTC and then the very next weekend we drove up to Brittany's graduation!!! CONGRATS to Brittany!!! We are very proud of you!

Her cute sister, Jenna, contacted me and said that they were all going to go in together and get Brittany a camera... so, I told her that we too would contribute! Here is a picture of us all at Derek and Brittany's apartment watching Brittany open up her graduation gift! Look at the expression on her face... and Dereks!

Then that evening we went to a very nice dinner that BYUI was putting on for the graduates and their families...

The next morning we took a few pics before the graduation...

This is not the best picture of Brad but he is sure proud of both of his "daughters"!!!
Brittany stole her brothers glasses to take a few "smart" pics!!! She is so fun!

Brittany and her mom...

and 2 of her siblings were able to go up for the graduation ceremony too!
Her college was the one that got Pres. Clarke
and Elder Jensen as speakers!!!

One last picture after the ceremony in the COLD, but BEAUTIFUL SNOW!!!
Congrats Brittany, we are VERY proud of you!!!! And love you tons and tons!