Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Brittany Graduates!

We drove up to take Dallin to the MTC and then the very next weekend we drove up to Brittany's graduation!!! CONGRATS to Brittany!!! We are very proud of you!

Her cute sister, Jenna, contacted me and said that they were all going to go in together and get Brittany a camera... so, I told her that we too would contribute! Here is a picture of us all at Derek and Brittany's apartment watching Brittany open up her graduation gift! Look at the expression on her face... and Dereks!

Then that evening we went to a very nice dinner that BYUI was putting on for the graduates and their families...

The next morning we took a few pics before the graduation...

This is not the best picture of Brad but he is sure proud of both of his "daughters"!!!
Brittany stole her brothers glasses to take a few "smart" pics!!! She is so fun!

Brittany and her mom...

and 2 of her siblings were able to go up for the graduation ceremony too!
Her college was the one that got Pres. Clarke
and Elder Jensen as speakers!!!

One last picture after the ceremony in the COLD, but BEAUTIFUL SNOW!!!
Congrats Brittany, we are VERY proud of you!!!! And love you tons and tons!


rad6 said...

ok, too funny. I just read my niece's post about her BYU-I graduation and her name is Brittany, then I clicked on your blog and saw this post... same pics, and same name, different people.
And Dallin in MTC.... how exciting.

Cynthia said...

Con-Graduations! So many great things happening for your family right now. I have to remind myself that it is happening for you because of the seeds you planted when your boys were young (like my kids). Every effort now will HOPEFULLY pay similar dividends for our family 15 years from now.

Brittany will ALWAYS be glad she has that degree, no matter how she choses to use it (even if it's simply in her future role as a Mom). I cannot count how many times I have used my own education for things I would never have imagined as a Mom.

Cherie said...

OK I don't know how I missed this post Shaila but I am just passing out!
My daughter Brittany and her husband Jaxon also just graduated from BYU-I and her college also got Pres. Clarke and Elder Jensen which means we were in the same room, watching the same graduation and we didn't even know it! Bummer!! I would have loved to have met you :-D
Congratulations to your Brittany!