Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Bragging Rights

Last night was the Sr. Awards Night at our High School. Dallin was awarded the$350.00 Hal Pfeiffer Memorial Scholarship (football), President's Education Awards program, High Honors Award, California Scholarship Federation, BYU Scholarship! CONGRATS Dallin!!!

This is his football coach awarding him with the scholarship.

This is one of the councilors presenting him with the President's Education Award. This was sent to him from the White House and has our President's signature. To earn this you have to have over a 3.8 GPA AND be in the top 10% scores in the nation on the ACT or SAT tests.

I was really bummed but the picture I took of him getting the Gold Cords to wear with his cap and gown tonight at graduation was blurred. To earn these cords you have to have over a 3.5 GPA. To be honest I was bummed that they didn't give a different cord to the students that had over a 4.0! Oh, well...

Here is Dallin being presented with the embroidered honor stole for the California Scholarship Federation. (again for grades)

They also announced his scholarship from BYU. Here are a few pics that we took after the Awards assembly...
Grandma & Grandpa Bergquist, thank you for coming! Obviously Grandma & Grandpa Measles couldn't come, but dad sent him one of his Bolo Ties to wear tonight at Graduation. In fact... Dallin and many of his friends are wearing BOOTS tonight for Grandpa!
These kids have been REALLY close all thru middle school and high school. They are all graduating together tonight!!! GOOD JOB GUYS!!! WE are so proud of you and wish you only the best in your college experiences!!! We love you!!!
Siuta made Dallin this beautiful lei!!! It is the prettiest one I have ever seen! THANK YOU Siuta!!!

Sorry if this came across as a little "braggy" but this is my journal!!!

I want to thank everyone that has helped mold Dallin into the man he has become... his grandparents, his siblings, his leaders and teachers (including seminary and church!!!), and his GOOD friends (they have been a wonderful group of kids that have helped support and encourage each other to be the good people that they are today!)

Congratulations, son! You truly are amazing! I love you!!! ~mom

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Emma Said...

"Strength isn't something you have. It is something that God helps you find, and usually, we have to find it one day at a time."

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

FuN wEeKeNd!

My cute daughters in law called last week and said that the boys are going to be working in Yuma for the weekend and was wondering if I was busy or if it would be okay for them to come a couple of days early and play... (Yuma is only about 3 hours away) HECK, are you kidding me??? IF my daughters in law are coming to town I would drop everything anyway, busy...??? NOT me! COME ON DOWN!!! It was so fun to see them! They are just darling! I get to play mom to GIRLS!!! FUN!!! They got here Friday afternoon and we had a great time. I think the thing that we enjoyed the most was going to get froyo (frozen yogurt) every day! Well, every day except Sunday of course. There is a new place here in town that has 14 different flavors of frozen yogurt and tons of toppings to choose from including lots of yummy fresh fruits and then cookies, candies, and cereals, etc. You build your own and weigh it to pay! It is delicious!!!!

On Saturday Brad and I had a sealing to go to.
The kids did a little photo shoot outside the temple while waiting for us... Peace and Love! Chad looks like he is the same heigth as Diana. WAIT. Let's measure them... NOPE. Not quite.
After the sealing we went to lunch and then had a little scare!
Sunday Dallin graduated from Seminary! I had to speak... Dallin was 1 of only 2 Seniors that had perfect attendance for ALL 4 years! They were given a gift certificate so that they could buy new leather bound scriptures! CONGRATULATIONS Dallin and Aimee! Br. Kerr was the kids teacher this year... he was awesome, THANK YOU BR. KERR!!!
Monday the girls went shopping and the boys played golf! THEN, we had carne asada for dinner! YUMMY! I failed to mention that Brittany and Chad made us some deLicious banana bread!
And, of course with 5 boys at home there HAS to be a LITTLE rough housing... It was WONDERFUL having ALL the kids home, even if it was only for a couple of short days! I love my family!!!

Okeedokee, Alanna is here... we are going out for a little froyo, did I mention... I think I am addicted! - LDS Church Apostle, his wife and 2 other couples attacked in Mozambique - LDS Church Apostle, his wife and 2 other couples attacked in Mozambique

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