Sunday, June 7, 2009

Emma Said...

"Strength isn't something you have. It is something that God helps you find, and usually, we have to find it one day at a time."


Cynthia said...

That is so true. We're all called to bear things that are way beyond that which we believe ourselves capable of doing.

That said, I never want the 'trials of Job' style challenges she faced. Teaching RS the last 18 months has given me ample opportunity to see into her life more deeply. What an amazing, STRONG woman.

tammy said...

So true. I love when you post these quotes.

Kaci said...

Wise beyond her years.

rad6 said...

I love your love for Emma. I share that love! Have you read "Judge Me, Dear Reader" ? that was one of the first times I realized how amazing she is.
Love this quote.

On another note... it feels like forever since I have visited your blog. I was not on the computer much the last couple weeks of seminary, and the last few times I tried to pull your blog up I got an error message. So bizarre.

Missed You!

Beth at Aunties said...

She was so wise. Someday I hope to live so I can meet this grand lady in sit in that circle.
I cannot believe the things she was called upon to bear and bore them so well.
Continue to share her quotes with us.
Prayers are with you, your family, your precious dad and mom.