Sunday, August 31, 2008

This is for you girls!

A few of the cute laurels in our ward brought me cookies tonight! (Farryn, Kaitlin & Aimee) They are so darling! I just love these girls!!! THANK YOU... you are the best!!!

Friday, August 29, 2008

Talk about Talent!!!

Last weekend when we were at my Nephew's wedding reception, I saw this...

I have ALWAYS LOVED QUILTS!!!! I think a homemade quilt is my favorite thing on earth... well, CLOSE to it! My mother makes beautiful quilts and so do TWO of my sisters in law! I WANT TO LEARN TO QUILT! I helped my mom cut the fabric for one of my son & DIL's quilts that she made them for their wedding but that is the closest I have come to quilting. I wish they lived closer, I would make them TEACH me how!

I just loved how this quilt was "made for the couple"! The bride's mom made it. Here are a few more "close up" pictures... As you can see, she embroidered some cute sayings on it!

Isn't is fun??? I WANT TO LEARN TO QUILT!!!
Do YOU quilt???

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Quickie on Dad...

Okay, I have to run up to the high school to help out, we are doing an audit on the CUM's. BUT, many have asked about dad and so I am doing a quickie to let you know where we are. He went in on Monday to have a stent put in around the tumor so his liver could drain the bile. The scope didn't work, tried 2 scopes. They rescheduled for the same procedure yesterday at LDS hosptail in SLC. Didn't work. The surgeon said that he could not get the stent around the tumor in the duct. The tumor is hard, not plyable and he didn't want to disrupt the tumor and was afraid he might end up severing the duct if he kept trying. The duct is completely blocked and they HAVE to get that bile draining! He in in the hospital again this morning (LDS in SLC) and they are going to put in an external drain... They will biopsy it and give us more details... at least that is the PLAN. So, patience and more prayers... I will let you know what happens!

But, cute quick story. Tuesday my mom and dad were at Costco. My dad's recliner had died and they had gotten rid of it. They saw a nice love seat that is a recliner on each side... he said, lets buy that and we can sit by each other and hold hands! So, they did. I called that night and sure enough, there they sat on their new love seat holding hands. I wish I had a picture to post!!!!

As I was talking to Brad about this sweet thing... the love seat story... he said, well, you know how we mortals are... always taking the important things for granted... at times like this it really makes you sit back and think... WHAT ARE THE important things in your life??? I know I take the gospel for granted so often, just running around doing my daily chores etc... I am SO grateful for the knowledge we have been blessed with on our Savior and the atonement!!! WHAT A BLESSING!!!! Oh, how our Father loves us and wants us back! I know my take my sweet hubby for granted... he is the most giving person I have ever met, he has taught me so much! My children... how good and kind they are! I am going to strive to take one day at a time and like Mechelle says... take time to smell the flowers.

What do you take for granted?

Have a great day my sweet friends... I will "talk" to ya later today!
Thank you for your kindness, love and "hugs"

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Happy Birthday to my SWEET Hubby!

Today was Bradly Boy's B-day! We went with another couple down to San Diego near the beach and had lunch at a WAY yummy Mexican food restaurant! Brad wanted Uno's Pizza but when we got there it was closed down, he was bummed! But, we had a delicious lunch anyway! Then, tonight just as mutual was ending Blake, Chad and I took Texas Sheet Cake over to the YW Pres's house. Brad is the YM Pres and they were having a Priest/Laurel activity... here are a few pics!

Honey, you are the best! I am SO blessed! Seriously, you ALWAYS support me in anything I attempt to do ~ when I stress you have faith in me! You are such a wonderful example to our boys in how to live a good live and honor their Priesthood. I am so grateful for that! I don't know what we would do without you! You still rock my world!!! I love you!!! You are da man! Your not getting older, your getting BETTER!!!
Happy Happy Birthday!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Happy Anniversary!

A year ago TODAY Devin & Diana were married in the San Diego Temple!!! We LOVE the cute, fun addition to our family!!! I remember the 1st time you came to our house... a road trip... you and Kendall and the boys!

They met at BYU-I. Diana graduated high school in upstate New York. Devin had been home from his mission to Argentina for about 2-3 months when they started dating. It seems like yesterday when he was trying to pick out a ring and decide on how to ask her... too cute! He was so excited!

She is darling! Brad always teases her... when she can't do something she always says, "I'm just little" and that she is!!! This past weekend Brad was teasing her about getting her jeans in the little girls dept and she said, "These are adult jeans" LOL!!! She just cracks us up! WE LOVE YOU DIANA!!! (Your whole little self!)
Here are a couple of engagement pics...

Here are a couple of pics from the temple...

At the beach...

Click HERE to go look at some of the pictures from the reception!
Happy Anniversary Devin & Diana! I hope you have a very fun day!!! (Sorry about the cake)
Love you both!!! ~mom

Wedding in Oakland...

We were able to go to my nephew's wedding this past weekend in the Oakland Temple! Larry (nephew) married Kendall (DIL's former roommate and good friend!) How fun is that?!!! So, now Kendall is not only a dear friend but now a cousin to the girls!!! Kendall was a bridesmaid to Diana and met Larry there... at Devin and Diana's wedding last Aug. Who would have guessed they would get married THIS Aug??!!! Too fun!! Anyway, here are some pics from this past weekend!

The Bride and Groom... Mr. & Mrs..... Larry & Kendall

Grandpa B, the sealer (he also sealed Derek & Brittany!)

At the temple...
Derek & Brittany
(he didn't want his sunglasses off, but Britt wanted them off, they crack me up!)

Devin & Diana...

After the luncheon and before the reception we jumped on the BART and ran into San Francisco! Waiting for and on the BART...

Pier 39...

At the reception that night...

Back to the hotel...

Sunday, August 24, 2008

A little more info...

Pam, thank you once again for hacking into my blog. And, yes, I think I will let you keep my password. For NOW. But, you ARE on probation! °Ü° Seriously, all of your sweet notes were SO nice to come home to! It is so wonderful to have friends!!!! I am so very grateful for the support, prayers and love. I can't thank you all enough!!!

Friday, my dad went in to have his CT scan. If you remember, we thought all was okay, the radiologist had commented on just HOW MANY gallstones were in his gallbladder. We thought that that (a gallstone) was what was blocking his duct, causing the bile build up in his body. So, we weren't too worried when he went in for his CT scan.

The radiologist, who performed the CT scan at the hospital, told them (my parents) that he would send the results to the Dr. office and they would probably call them on Monday to let them know of the results. My parents left the hospital and went to lunch. Before they got home the Dr. was calling and wanted them to come in and see him. NOT. A. GOOD. SIGN. My mom, freaking out, called my brother to hurry home from work and to meet them at the Dr. office. He called me on route and told me what was up... and that he would call me as soon as he knew more. THAT WAS THE LONGEST HOUR AND TEN MINUTES OF MY LIFE.

He called back.

My dad was diagnosed with Cholangiocarcinoma, Klatskin tumors. It is a cancer of the bile duct. You can click HERE to read more about it. (Scroll to the bottom where it talks about Klatskin tumors).

When my brother arrived at the Dr. office my parents were just pulling out of the parking lot. My mom TRIED to tell him what she could remember but she was sobbing and could hardly talk (or remember what his Dr. had told them) so my dad and brother went back into the Dr. office. My family LOVES his Dr. He cried and hugged each of them... He gave them a print out about this type of cancer. Dirk (my brother) basically told me that the Dr. said that this type of cancer is very rare. It is an ugly cancer. It does not respond to chemo or radiation. The tumor is blocking the duct and so tomorrow they are going to go in and put in a stent so that the bile can get through. They will also do a biopsy to see if it is in the liver, etc.

So, we wait... patiently... for more info...

The Dr. did say that if they cut out the tumor it WILL grow back.

But, wouldn't it would give him more time?!! ...not sure how fast it would grow back etc... Anyway, we are fasting and praying tomorrow that it has not spread and that it is operable! THANK YOU once again for all your kind words and prayers!!! You are the best!!! (I feel bad, I know that MANY of you are also struggling with health issues... whether it is your or your family... you are in our prayers too!!!) Life is short and we don't know what each day holds. Hug your family... hug your friends... tell them you love them!

THANK YOU ONCE AGAIN!!! Every word of kindness means SO very much!

P.S. I am SURE NO one from my parents ward reads my blog, LOL, but... I would like to add a THANK YOU to them anyway!!!!! A member of the RS Presidency came by and brought my mom a "hospital survival bag" tonight. In it was a blanket, chocolate, books, cards to write to family or friends, water bottles and more chocolate. VERY cute. VERY thoughtful. It just made me cry. It is hard being 10 hours away at this time. I will go but not sure when yet... once again, waiting for more info... anyway, my mom said, "We have a wonderful ward family, there were many hugs at church today and many dropped by after church to tell them of their love and prayers." This reminds me of the wonderful quote by Pres. Spencer W. Kimball. I am sure most of you have heard it, but it is a good reminder to us all... Spencer W. Kimball said, "God does notice us, and he watches over us. But it is usually through another person that he meets our needs." THANK YOU to my parents ward family!!!

Friday, August 22, 2008

Some not so great news.....

Well, as you are all well aware- Shaila is out of town.... and yes the resident hacker is back on. I debated all day on posting. I talked to Shaila earlier today.. the scan results came back for her dad and things arent good. (She can tell you how much or how little she cares too when she returns)

I only post to ask that you pray for my dear friend Shaila. Pray for her mom -Shari Measles and her Dad, James and brother Dirk. I dont know how many of you know her parents, but, simply stated -they are the salt of the earth. Giving caring people. ALWAYS welcoming.

I know she is hurting today. I got an email from her mom today as well... a wonderful family could use some prayers ..... they could use the strength that can come from many united in prayer.... thank you for listening, and mostly for your prayers in their behalf.... its going to be tough focusing on Institute. Maybe, if you are in her ward you could volunteer to be a sub at a moments notice? Maybe you could send her a card in the mail? Or just an extra tight hug the next time you see her.....

Shaila, forgive me for posting on your blog, yet again..... and maybe you should consider changing your password one of these days! Love you my friend, and I am praying for you all!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Answered Prayers!!!

First of all I want to thank you ALL for your SWEET SWEET comments! You are the best!
Today my dad had the ultrasound... he has about a million gallstones! The Dr. was amazed by the amount! It looks like there are so many that they are blocking the duct to the liver therefore he is very jaundice etc! He said that he has had a build of gallstones for years! There ARE 2 spots on his liver that they are going to check out via a CT scan tomorrow morning at 10. Then they will do surgery and remove the gallbladder and biopsy the liver while they are in there. We are so RELIEVED, my mom sounded like a new person when she called this afternoon, bless her heart! Anyway, I just wanted to share the WONDERFUL news and thank you ALL for all the prayers!

I am leaving EARLY tomorrow morning to drive up to Oakland to my nephews wedding... so I will post any other info that we get on Sunday night late or Monday... Again, that you for all your love, support and prayers!!!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Out of Right Field...

It is kind of ironic that I would post yesterday about our faith being on trail.
Today started out like any other normal day...
went to the high school and volunteered...
ran a couple of errands...
ran into a friend and went to lunch with her...
while I was out to lunch with my cute friend, my brother called me...
I didn't answer it... thinking I would call him back after lunch so we could chat and not to be rude to my friend.

My dad has liver failure.

Yep, that came out of right field.

My sweet dad has had a rough life, health wise. He is a great man and has been so blessed in many ways but his health has been HIS big trial. Although, if you asked him, he would tell you it was not a trial, he is healthy. I called him today to check on him... I asked him how he was feeling and he gave me the SAME answer he has for years and year... "With my fingers."

Now, it HAS been a trial to my dear mother... about 48 years ago or so he was diagnosed with a brain tumor, actually a venous malformation in the brain. At the time, there was really nothing that they could do about it. No surgery due to location, etc. The Dr's told my parents they could not say how long he might live with this. They described "the tumor" to my parents like it was a hand... with fingers (veins) extending. Once in a while a "finger" would rupture and he would be hospitalized. It would cause blood to run down his spine, they would give him vit. K to clot the blood and then they would do a spinal tap to check for blood in the spinal fluid. He would be in horrible pain and they would have to give him pain meds to help. I recall the pain meds causing him to hallucinate. But, he did quite well with it over the years... yes, he was in and out of the hospital... yes, he had to change jobs... yes, he was told not to do anything too strenuous, etc... but he was able to work and support our family, and THAT he did!

Continued from yesterday....

In about 1986 my father went to Harvard and had Lazar surgery, cauterizing the tumor so not to have any more bleeds. He hasn't had any problems with the tumor since then BUT he had serious side effects... seizures. So they put him on seizure meds. HEAVY duty ones for years. With time they have changed the meds and/or reduced the amount but... nevertheless, he has been on heavy meds for years. I am guessing that that is what has caused the liver failure. (I must add that even with the seizures, the meds have controlled them for the most part and he has been able to continue to drive etc. I also would like to add that he served 2 missions, back to back at the cannery, he loved it! Dang, while I am at it, I must also tell that he helped 2 young girls - twins - to join the church, save their money and serve missions for the church! I could go on and on about all the good he has and will continue to do... You are awesome dad! Actually, you can go HERE to read more about my great dad!)

Anyway, he has not been feeling well... he is quite yellow (jaundice) and is really itching. When I was there just a few weeks ago his HANDS were REALLY itching but we thought it was because he has husked the corn for us a couple of different nights. (He is allergic to corn) Since I have been home the itching has increased and a few other symptoms have occurred. So, they took him to the Dr. yesterday. His sweet Dr. gave my mom a hug and told her he was sorry. They did blood work yesterday and they are doing a scan tomorrow. They hope to be able to tell us more as soon as they get all the results. The Dr. did say it could be the "C" word or they might have to put him on a transplant list. Yes, I have done a lot of reading the last couple of days... IF the need for a liver transplant occurs he should be a candidate for a "living" organ... meaning IF we have the same blood type we can give him a part of ours. He has most of the symptoms for Cirrhosis of the liver... no, he does not drink... again, I think it is all of the toxic meds he has been on for YEARS.... but I guess we will "put our faith on trial" and be patient and wait for results... We are praying it is a blockage and it can be repaired!

Here is my most recent picture of me with my dad

I know that MANY of you are going through this same kind of thing... either you, or a loved one... I am just thinking... and praying... I am not asking for your sympathy... only your prayers!

Thank you...

I love you daddy!

Monday, August 18, 2008

on Trial...

I have been reading a lot trying to get ready for institute. One book that was recommended to me is called, " Powerful Tips for Powerful Teachers". I just want to share something that I read...

Moroni talks about faith being "on trial"... Ether 12:6 "And now, I, Moroni, would speak somewhat concerning these things; I would show unto the world that faith is things which are hoped for and not see; wherefore, dispute the trial of your faith.
In a real court case there is a judge and a defendant. Oftentimes there is evidence, and sometimes there is a jury. The defendant has been placed on trial to assess his activities on some level, in some arena. Once the trial is finished, the judge and/or jury make a decision as to whether the defendant is innocent or guilty.
Have you ever thought of your faith being on trail in this manner, as Moroni describes it? What evidence would there be to support a claim that your faith exists?
This really made me stop and think. I think that normally when we read this verse in Ether we think of WHAT faith is... but to stop and think about OUR Faith... and it being on trial. Isn't that part of why we are here? How much faith do we REALLY have? Will it carry us through the trials that we have? ...just thinking... and sharing....

Friday, August 15, 2008


Dallin, Blake, Brad, Layton, Landon, Bobby, and I all stayed up till like 1:15 am watching the gymnastics last night (or should I say, this MORNING??!!!)

I have always loved watching gymnastics, they are so talented! The boys all adore Shawn! She is darling, but have to say, I fell in love with Nastia! I loved watching her and her father hug and seeing him so proud of his daughter, he was a bit emotional... I even teared up! I can't believe her mom wasn't there!!! I thought it was SO cool when she got on the phone to call her mom! I wanted to watch her tell her, "Mom, I won the GOLD!!!" But the TV went to a commercial, I was bummed!

I was SO happy to see them take the gold and silver!!! GO USA!!! We are so proud of you!!!

Thursday, August 14, 2008


I volunteer at the high school two days a week in the guidance office (councilors). I usually volunteer on Tues & Thurs but since yesterday was the first day of school I went in yesterday and today. It is always hectic the 1st couple of weeks of school as students are wanting to change schedules etc... but, can I just say I am SO sick of RUDE parents! Good grief. It is like they think THEIR child is the ONLY child in the school! "MY child is a Sr. so they get priority.... MY child this, MY child that..." yeah, yeah, yeah, get in line! LOL.... Why can't people just be nice?!!! Okay, that's all. I am through.
HAHAHAHA! I just got this picture off of Jodi's blog... cracks me up! (go look at her blog, she is too cute!)

How to deal with the difficult people in your life...

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Bergquist Family Reunion

The Bergquist family reunion... (We rent a cabin in southern Utah)
It was a weird year due to many of the "older" cousins not being there. (WE MISSED YOU GUYS!!!!) There was one fun surprise though... my son, Blake, was there! Derek, Devin and their cute wives and Blake have been up in the Seattle area installing security systems. I shouldn't be TOO surprised to find Blake at the family reunion, they ALL love going to the reunions!!! Our family is quite close! Here are a few fun pics... The 1st pic is of Dallin (17) and Blake (21)... aren't my boys cute??? °Ü°

Tess loves Blake... and Blake loves Tess!

We had a few motorcycle accidents this year... Here are pics of a couple...
Adam was hurt pretty bad... and Dallin got a good "road rash"...

Bryce's Scones! A family tradition... (You know Bryce... proactive! He had Brent shave his head BEFORE the hair starts to FALL out. He goes in for his 2nd round of Chemo tomorrow) Bryce we are thinking of you... we love you!

Holden and my Chad man...

The Sisters in law... me, Karen, Jenn, & Melodie! Love you guys!