Thursday, August 28, 2008

Quickie on Dad...

Okay, I have to run up to the high school to help out, we are doing an audit on the CUM's. BUT, many have asked about dad and so I am doing a quickie to let you know where we are. He went in on Monday to have a stent put in around the tumor so his liver could drain the bile. The scope didn't work, tried 2 scopes. They rescheduled for the same procedure yesterday at LDS hosptail in SLC. Didn't work. The surgeon said that he could not get the stent around the tumor in the duct. The tumor is hard, not plyable and he didn't want to disrupt the tumor and was afraid he might end up severing the duct if he kept trying. The duct is completely blocked and they HAVE to get that bile draining! He in in the hospital again this morning (LDS in SLC) and they are going to put in an external drain... They will biopsy it and give us more details... at least that is the PLAN. So, patience and more prayers... I will let you know what happens!

But, cute quick story. Tuesday my mom and dad were at Costco. My dad's recliner had died and they had gotten rid of it. They saw a nice love seat that is a recliner on each side... he said, lets buy that and we can sit by each other and hold hands! So, they did. I called that night and sure enough, there they sat on their new love seat holding hands. I wish I had a picture to post!!!!

As I was talking to Brad about this sweet thing... the love seat story... he said, well, you know how we mortals are... always taking the important things for granted... at times like this it really makes you sit back and think... WHAT ARE THE important things in your life??? I know I take the gospel for granted so often, just running around doing my daily chores etc... I am SO grateful for the knowledge we have been blessed with on our Savior and the atonement!!! WHAT A BLESSING!!!! Oh, how our Father loves us and wants us back! I know my take my sweet hubby for granted... he is the most giving person I have ever met, he has taught me so much! My children... how good and kind they are! I am going to strive to take one day at a time and like Mechelle says... take time to smell the flowers.

What do you take for granted?

Have a great day my sweet friends... I will "talk" to ya later today!
Thank you for your kindness, love and "hugs"


tammy said...

So cute about the love seat! I hope my hubby and I still want to cuddle and hold hands at that age.

They sound very sweet and I'm sorry they have to go through this.

Scrappy Girl said...

What a sweet romantic story. You have to take a picture of them!

nikkicrumpet said...

My hubby and I bought a two-seater recliner for the same reason...there is nothing nicer than relaxing in front of the TV holding hands...I can even steal a kiss...well during commercials if theres a game on...I'm not dopey enough to interrupt the game lol. I will keep your precious father in my prayers.

Bockholt Blurbs said...

Oh Shaila,
That is a wonderful story. I can see the two of them sitting there holding hands. Well continue to keep ya'll in our prayers.

Seeing all of your pictures of the kids in the stake at different things have made me melancholy for MV...I take for granted friends, we don't always realize the impact we have on each others lives. Rebekah is still grateful for the talk one year at camp - thanks! I have wonderful children because of wonderful friends and leaders!

Jan said...

I take to many things for granted. I am learning that everyday. When I read of all the things people go through, I am understanding more and more to appreciate the things we have and accept the things we don't. Everyone has a story.

I love solid relationships. They obviously have one. Love that. I hope all goes well for them and you guys. Thinking about you.

Mike & Jayne said...

You are in our thoughts and prayers. I love love love the love seat story. Maybe I will use that on Mike to get a new coutch:)I just love you.

Mechelle said...

What a blessing it must be to have parents that love each other. The love seat is a wonderful story. glad to see you have blogged it so it can be remembered forever.

We are planning on being in Disneyland Oct. 20th thru the 24th. Is that near you? I can travel if needs be. Would love to have lunch! FUN. m

Mechelle said...

ps thanks for the nod to my blog. You are so sweet. m

da Bergs said...

Okay, between my parents and Nikki, now I want a love seat recliner too! I prob WOULD be foolish enough to steal a kiss DURING the game! HAHAHA!

Tammy, you are darling... thank you!

Scrappy, I will do my very best to get a pic of them to post! Too cute, huh?

Kim, I wish I knew WHICH talk at camp Rebekah is "grateful" for.. you have wonderful children! What a blessing!!!! We miss you!

Oh, Jan, you are SO right... stories... and trials... we all have them... so, we help, support & love each other so that someday we will ALL be together!

Jayne, you are a doll, I love you too! Thanks for keeping in touch... I hope you are healing and getting around MUCH better!

Mechelle, cant wait to meet!

~The Robin's Nest~ said...

Hi Shaila,
I got your E mail and sent you another "stocking swap" confirmation E mail...If you don't get it check your junk/spam mail....This is where Mechelle found hers!?!

My "mountain man" husband holds my hand when we watch TV too...I think it's one of the most romantic things in the world. Your parents are blessed to have the relationship they have. Your Dad & Mom are in my prayers.

Have a great day!

Bockholt Blurbs said...

One of the years she was a Mia Maid and she was really struggling with the thoughts of if she really had a testimony. You took the time to come and chat with her and help her throught some of the thougths and feelings she was experiencing. Wish I knew which year or even the theme. Kim


W♥W! that was so sweet!!! you know i love all that mushy stuff!!!!♥

and i hope everything goes OK!!!!

McEwens said...

How did he sleep last night (I am guessing you read this in the morning) What did the Dr say???

Mother Goose said...

I take my time with my children for granted sometimes. I try to do everything for them and make moments happen but there is still more I could do.

Jodi said...

I want one of those chairs now too! But then not sure I would ever want to get out of it!
You really do need to get a photo of them and post it! That would be so sweet!
Still in my prayers...

Ashley said...

It's so easy to take our families for granted. I have a constant goal to not take my hubby for granted, but sometimes it's harder than it should be! This post is such a great reminder to be grateful for all the wonderful people in our lives!

Jennifer H said...

I love that story! Yea for love seats. But one that reclines...sublime!

Prayer are on their way to heaven for your dad and your family.

da Bergs said...

Robin, got the email, thank you!!!

Oh, Kim... that makes my day! A little pay day! I LOVE working with the youth! Rebekah is beautiful, inside and out!

Merrianne, yes, we know you love the mush too, you are too cute! Thank you!

Pam, thanks for all the calls... he was in tons of pain after the surgery yesterday and last night. He kept throwing up his pain pills. BUT he feels better this morning, got UP and ate!!! They are calling the oncologist today to make an apt to meet with him. With the longe weekend, it will probably be on Tues???? I will keep ya posted! THANKS

Oh, Mother Goose! With the posts about all the time you are all spending with your children, I need to work harder on this!!!

Jodi, my SIL promised to get a pic as soon as dad is feeling a little better and YES I will post it!! THANK YOU for your prayers

Ashley, Jennifer... THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!

kitchenditcher said...

Thank you so much for the update. Your family has been in my prayers.

Hubby and I hold hands almost every night while watching tv.

Love you Shaila!

Anonymous said...

I couldn't help but comment on your is very touching! I share similar stories in regards to your father’s cancer. I can actually say with complete honesty that I have great empathy towards what you and your family is going through. I wanted to reference you on one of your earlier blogs where you had stated that you fathers cancer might have been caused by medication that he once took while having a brain tumor. I am sure that you have diligently done your research and homework, but I figure that this information could possibly explore further details into your theory

(,18852-1+cancer+bile+duct+chemicals+1930&hl=en&ct=clnk&cd=1&gl=us ).

You see my father has had bile duct cancer for nearly 2 years and your story sounds so familiar that it truly brings me back to a time when I remember finding out when my father was told the news it was Christmas Eve in 2006. It has been 2 long years and until recently the past month he was completely fine with it. The jaundice was the start of things and then the removal of the gall bladder. Then off to the biopsy, only to find out that he had bile duct cancer. My father was also diagnosed with cirrhosis of the liver ( He was not a drinker; which tends to be the assumption of most everybody including doctors that don't know my fathers condition) it was caused by high liver enzymes in his blood (Hemochromatosis; which is hereditary).

Ever since I was a young child I remember my father taking itching pill medicine...only to find out that 20 some odd years later that it was cirrhosis of the liver that was causing that but the doctors weren't able to tell because the symptoms at that time were so mild and this type of cancer is so rare that nobody ever thought twice because of it. The itching pills worked great for over 20 years...but now his liver is 90% bad and the only way to receive a liver transplant is to have a full liver transplant is not eligible for a partial.

You are very fortunate in the sense that your father is and I am sure that you will have a lot of family willing to help. I can tell just by looking through your blog that your family is very close and strong! I am sorry if I sound like I am venting but having gone thought this experience for the past two years all I can do is let others going through the same scenario know what lies ahead. As long as your father tries to stay as active and as positive as possible he will be able to fight this off longer than if he lets the fatigue get to me I know it’s hard and easier said than done, but it really helps.

I also noticed that you referenced a website from the University of Southern California, USC (that is my Alma Mater). As much as I love that school our cross town rival UCLA has one of the best liver transplant facilities in the country if not the world!!! It is really something that one might want to check into. My father is very lucky to have come across the doctors that he did there. The main Doctor for liver transplants is Dr. Dr. Busuttil. ( ) ( )He is great. I drive my dad up there several times every week about 50 miles each way for appointments and is not easy but I am confident that he will prevail and beat the cancer. Just last week he was officially placed on a liver transplant list. It can usually take some time and most healthcare providers will try to fight with you trying to get it approved, being that a vital organ surgery is one of the most expensive surgeries to have done. You might even have to go as far as threatening the healthcare provider that if they refuse any treatment or try to delay any treatment that should be covered that you will consult with your family attorney about filing negligence and malpractice. The healthcare providers even went as far as telling my fathers physician to have my father get a second opinion from a general practitioner and not an Oncology specialist...what is up with that...
Well I am sorry for venting but I really was intrigued by the fact that your father bout a reclining love seat for your mom and him to hold hands...that is something my father would do. My parents have also been married a very long time just last week there reached 33 years.
Well best of luck to you and I will pray for your family as I know this can be a very difficult time. If you care to respond you can email me at
It truly was a pleasure reading your story!


FPaulMiranda said...

PS. You might have to cut and paste the links or comment into MS Word and cut and paste them to view...for some reason they did noot show up in their entirety but if you cut and paste they will...
God Bless.