Saturday, August 2, 2008

Trip to Utah!

Well, I fly out EARLY tomorrow morning to go play!
I fly into SLC... my mom & dad will pick me up at the airport and then we will go to church (they have church in the afternoon). My aunt and cousin from Texas fly in on Monday!!! They have NEVER been to Utah! So... my question for you is... WHAT would you take them to see and do??? (They are not LDS) I am so excited!!! We will have tons of fun!


Anonymous said...

i have no earthly idea...i have never been to Utah!! :) But i am sure there are lots of fun things to do there!!! I want to go one day!!!! even possible live there....or Idaho! :)

Have fun...i know you will!!!♥

Nancy said...

Would they enjoy Temple Square? It is fun to go on top of the Conference Center and see the valley. We love to go up in the mountains too. When there is a full moon you can go up the ski lifts in Sundance, it is way cool. They also have outdoor movies at sundance which are fun. There are outdoor concerts all over the place, look them up on line....shoppng at Crossroads Plaza...Point of the Mountain has some fun stuff....there is Pioneer Park or Webber Farm...look up any festivals or fairs...rodeos...Have fun!

Mechelle said...

I love going up the canyon. Your mom and dad most likely know where to go. I also agree with Nancy; I would take them to some of the ski areas. Have a great time. I will be looking for you. I think we will be on Temple Square on Wednesday. M

COMcewens said...

Cafe Rio.... LOL I KNOW you will go there, the real question is HOW MANY times!

linda said...

I've never been to Utah either so I'm no help at all. Whatever your plans though, I know you'll have a wonderful time with your family.

Ok, I'm truly loving your new blog look. It is easy to do? I'd love to spruce up mine.

Mandy said...

Crossroads Mall is gone. They are re-vamping it for a more fantastic mall. You'll have to go to The Gateway Mall. Temple Square is a must. Maybe go up to Park City. Go on a hike through Big or Little Cottonwood Canyons.
Pioneer Park is a druggie park... don't go there. 'Wheeler' Farm is fun and free. Lagoon is a fun little amuzement park. (not nearly as fun as six flags or anything). Anyway, I'm sure your parents will have a list of things to do.

da Bergs said...

Oh my gosh, Mechelle, wouldnt that be crazy to meet up???!!! TOO fun! I don't think I would recognize you though... IF you see ME, say hi!!!

Linda, SO easy!!! Just click on the "cutest blog on the blog" link at the top left of mine... and go to the free backgrounds!!!

Thank you everyone for your suggestions... and YES, Pam, I will be hitting Cafe Rio... think once a day is too often??? °Ü°

I will miss you all... dont post too much without me! LOL

The Motherboard said...

You should take them to eat at the top of the Joseph Smith Memorial building. It has great views of the valley-- and the food is fab. At both restaurants! The church plaza is a must as well... its beautiful and they will enjoy the scenery.

Gateway is a must. Thanksgiving point gardens is great too. The restaurants there are good.

Good food? Well, Rio Grande cafe has great mexican food, as does Cafe Pierpont. Ruth Chris is an excellent steak house. Cafe Molise is wonderful Itallian.

You should totally take them up to Park City. Do the whole mainstreet thing, then go ride the alpine slide (its right up the side of the mountain and just dang fun) then take a gander over to the olympic park-- the ski jumpers train every day and you get to see them do amazing tricks. For free.

Anyone who has never been to Utah should go to Park City!

Have fun. I will wave at you when I see you around. :>)

Jan said...

I haven't been to Utah much for touring, but I did enjoy the history center. There was so much information there that I had not known before.

I know there is a little Mill of some sort for shopping that is fun too. I loved eating lunch at the old Brigham house cafe.

Have a great time and you will enjoy yourselves no matter what.

tammy said...

Well...I can tell you all the fun places to shop, since that is what I do whenever I go back home! If you or your aunt likes home decor, go to Taipan Trading & Rodworks.

Park City is always fun, and Thanksgiving Point in Lehi. Ruth's Diner up Emigration Canyon is fun, and there are a couple other restaurants up there too.

Hike up to Timpanogas Cave.

You could catch a play at the Hale Theatre in West Vally or Orem - we love to go there.

Have fun!

tammy said...

Ohh....Gardner Village! That's where you need to take them. I think that's the mill Jan was referring to. How could I forget that? It's full of fun little shops in old houses. There's an old mill too, and a restaurant, pond, very fun atmosphere!

Jodi said...

Not sure how I found your blog...but I love it! I also have FIVE SONS! Mother's of boys unite!

Hope you have a great trip. Be sure and take them to the Gateway and maybe a ride on the new Front Runner train. And of course tour Temple Square. The food at the Lion House is to die for!

Stop by my blog when you get back!

Scrappy Girl said...

Never been to Utah! Have fun. I bet you packed Breaking Dawn!?

Mother Goose said...

there is so much to do! go to Park City, show them where the olympics took place. There is some great shopping up there. Take them to the coppermine. That was fun and very interesting to see. You should definitely have dinner at night in the city so you can show them how beautiful temple square is lit up. There are so many themed restraunts that they are always fun to go to as well.
Thanksgiving point it costs but it isn't bad. Show them the salt lake.
If you go to Lehi, you could take them by the barn or building that FOOTLOOSE was filmed in. Basically, all of these things can be seen if you stick to one road and keep on going.

Redhoodoos said...

Definitely Big Cottonwood Canyon for hiking at the ski resorts. Cafe Rio - no explanation needed there! And Park City!! Definitely. It's cooler and it's beautiful and there are fun things to do. Good luck and have fun!

Anonymous said...

I have no idea. Cafe Rio for sure.

Ashley said...

You have gotten lots of great suggestions! I totally agree with Park City, it's my very favorite town in Utah, so cute! You should also go for pizza at The Pie, it's STILL the best pizza I've ever had in my life! I'm the only person in the world I think who doesn't like Cafe Rio. Weird, huh?

kitchenditcher said...

Ditto on Cafe Rio, The Lion House (gotta have some rolls!) and Park City. Another kinda cool restaurant in Provo is Tucano's. They bring tons of different meat and carve at your table. Oh and the Sportz Comedy show is pretty fun!!

Frumpy Luv said...

Looks like you have lots of great ideas - i am drooling over cafe rio - hope your trip has gone well with no craziness!!! Have so very much fun -

Annie said...

I've always been curious about that Blue Iguana place. Every time I have been to SLC, there is a ton of people standing outside. Is the food really that good?

Rebecca said...

Oh man! Temple Square for sure, go and see the Joseph Smith Movie at the Joseph Smith Memorial Building, Go eat at the Restaurant that's on the top of that building (SO GOOD!)

Take lots of pictures!

da Bergs said...

I am home!!! And, I missed you all soooooooooooo much!!!

Okay, so you all know we DID go to Cafe Rio TWICE!!! NO, not in one day... LOL

AND, yes, we went to Park City, temple square, Thanksgiving point... I will blog all about it tomorrow, you all had such fun ideas!!! THANK YOU!!!

Oh, and did I mention that I missed ya'll??!!!! °Ü°