Monday, July 25, 2011

I can't believe it!!! I'm a Grandma!!!

It wasn't that long ago that the happy couple was doing this...

But, a week ago today they went to the hospital to actually do the real thing... the thing they had been practicing for!!!
Beautiful mommy all ready to deliver!


Last Tuesday, July 19th I was at work. (I apologize now to Dr. Q, I was quite preoccupied!!!) Derek would give me updates... I chatted with baby Weston's other grandma... anticipation.... waiting and waiting... praying and praying... (there was one point that they thought they would have to do a C-section) but eventually (with no pain meds) our beautiful new grandbaby was born!!!

Bradly Weston Bergquist
7 lb 10 oz
20 inches tall

Our brand new baby!!

Mommy and her new baby!

I love this little pic even though he had a little cone head.... you know 1st babies and the long labor and delivery... but mom was a trooper! NO meds!!

SO sweet...

At home!

LOVE this pic of the little guy!

My baby holding his baby! (I adore this pic!!!)

In the car...

At the store...

They ran into one of my dear friend's new grandbaby, Luke Hardy! Derek and the Hardy boys grew up together and now they are having babies together!
Weston and Luke

Yesterday... the little guy sleeping... so sweet!

I love that every morning daddy Derek sends me a new pic! I feel like the little guy changes every day! The 1st pic I got today was just after his bath! This little towel he is wrapped in was made by my dear friend Karen! Thank you Karen!

All clean...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE being a grandma!!! I can't wait to hold this little guy... to rock him and kiss him and love him!!!

Baby Weston, Grammy LOVES you!!!

**Brittany just posted about the birth... it had some GREAT pics that I just saw for the FIRST time... go HERE to see!!!