Saturday, June 28, 2008

Icing on the cake!

I got home from girls camp yesterday. It was the BEST year ever!!! We had the BEST YCL's this year! CUTE, FUN, SWEET girls! Thank you, girls, I love you all!!!

I think I told you before our theme this year was ARK (as in Noah's... It stood for "Acts of Random Kindness"). The icing on the cake ~ one of the girls brought her guitar to camp... with the altitude and heat/coldness... during the day the (not sure what it is called) piece down by the "hole" that holds the strings broke off! It was SO sad. She was so so so bummed out!!! One of the girls in her cabin told her mom that she would like to give her HER guitar. She had one gotten one for her Bday about a year and a half earlier and never learned to played it. So she called her bishop and he brought it up on Thurs. and she gave it to the YW that night. It was soooooooooo tender! Tears were shed... very, very sweet. It truly was exactly what the theme was... an act of random service! The young lady played it during dinner that night... I wish I would have gotten a picture of that but I didn't have my camera with me, darn it!

Here are some fun random pictures from girls camp...

All dressed up and waiting on the buses of girls
In the lodge... waiting to find out which A frame they are in!

Noah! (skit)

Ready for the party! (We were the Flamingo's, hence the hot pink EVERYTHING!)
Skit... Grandma's in the cellar!

The last night of camp all the bishop, the YW presidents and all their spouses come up and we have a special night including dinner, program, and testimony meeting. The YCL2's all sing the 3 white dresses song... they all wear white tops and a skirt... this is a few of the YCL2's just before the program.

Saying good bye... here come the buses!
What a great year it was!!!


Mechelle said...

How fun. Love the guitar story. Wonderful. We had camp also this week. I went as the photographer. It was so fun! Loved the Ark theme. Maybe we will use it next year. Thanks for the post. M

The Veaters said...

That totally makes me miss Girl's Camp. Aww, it looks like you guys all had tons of fun there! I hope I'll get to go again someday as a leader.

Jan said...

Can you look like you are having anymore fun? No. You guys are some leaders. That is some great pictures of you all pinked out.

The smiles of the girls tell it all. Good job.

Amber said...

oh the memories... girl's camp is so much fun! i'm finally in yw again for the first time since i actually was one and i love it! i'm anxious to post pictures of our camp now:)

Anonymous said...

That looks like you & the girls had a BLAST!!!! I bet you made it so fun for everyone!!! I love your sparkley smile & the glint in your eyes!!!!! ha ha!!!

and...I love your hair! :) So pretty!!!

Drake Family said...

I always loved Girl's Camp! I bet you were such a fun leader to have too. I love all the pics...looks like a great time...I even love the pink shoes to complete it all!

brieanne. said...

oh you would be the FUNNEST person to be at camp with! maybe someday we'll get the chance to be the "crazy fun" leaders together .... i can dream right? you are so cute and i know you brought the spirit and a lot of F.U.N. with ya!

farryn said...

good thing i feel like crying now! geez shaila, i totally got the tears from you!! im going to miss girls camp so much! i love the picture of me and you, its super cute! i <3 you!