Thursday, June 5, 2008

Product, product, product!!!

I have seen some of my friends post some of their favorite products and so I thought I would do the same thing... It seems that every time I wear my hair curly someone asks me how I get it to curl up like that... so here it is, my TOP SECRET formula, LOL! And I DO swear by this! KMS Styling Gel. It really keeps my hair from being frizzy, and makes it curl up! LOVE this stuff!
And, I probably should say right here and now...."Thank you Kim, for the lovely HIGHLIGHTS!"
Now, if I could just find a wrinkle pill and a skinny pill I might be feeling YOUNG again!!!

And, I would like to let anyone out there that is currently shopping for a new CAMERA know that I DID go buy that Panasonic Lumin TX4 from Costco! Thank you, Kristine, for letting me know about the lens! Brad and the lady at the store told me the same thing! I LOVE this new camera. A lot of my friends suggested the Canon but I REALLY wanted the 10X optical zoom!!! This camera is perfect, I will keep it in my purse for... well... you know, for something fun to post on the old Blog!!!


COMcewens said...

I am SO jealous of your hair!!! But now I have the secret formula!
°Ü° However, I dont think I have quite enough curl to make it curl up like that, even if I applied the ENTIRE bottle in one setting!

Joneel said...

Hey, you have to fill me in on the info you got about a new camera.
PLEASE !!! Also, the curl formula
is a good tip. = )

da Bergs said...

Oh, Pam, you would be so surprised HOW much it CAN curl up! Ask Ann, she wore hers straight for YEARS... and now, curly EVERY day!

COMcewens said...

Alright, Ill try... Ill let you know if I can achieve the Shirley Temple look!

Or if I look more like that nerd from Napoleon Dynamite! I Better keep those moon boots handy just in case!

Jackson 3 said...

Oh good you found a camera!! I'm really curious to play around with it!! I was looking that one up online and it looks really cool!

Jackson 3 said...

P.S. for those "trying" the curly hair look. Keep in mind it gets curlier the more you do it that way! (well it did for me anyway)

Lindsay & Brady said...

why couldn't it have been my side of the family that got that gene?! I was left with the stringy, thin hair gene (don't tell my mom I feel that way). oh and tell Blake that with the way your boys are goin lately.. it won't be long til he's married too!

brieanne. said...

ok i wanna see it! and your hair looks GORGEOUS! I want your curls!

da Bergs said...

Lindsay, Blake is WAY WAY too young to even THINK marriage... AND, the Celtic's??? I THOUGHT you were raised in the west??!!! Maybe back in the day when Larry Bird played for them!
Joneel, this camera is awesome! I love it! It has a GREAT zoom!
Come on over Gina and play with it!
Brie, I am looking forward to seeing you soon! ...if only for a few min!

Cherie said...

Not sure how this comment thing my you've been busy. I don't think you've cleaned your house in a month, you've been writing on your BLOG. I still only have one picture on mine. Anyway about a camera, not sure if you got one yet, but I LOVE MINE. I got it at Best Buy, it's a Canon Power Shot A630, 8.0 mega pixels. It cost around $300.00 and I LOVE IT. It has a large view thingy and it pulls out and swivels all over the place. Anyway I love reading your STUFF. I should start mine, maybe after I get back from HAWAII. I can start with pictures from our trip. We had fun on Wednesday.....we need to get together more often.

How can I get into Derek's blog??

Love, Cherie

Our Own Family Adventures said...

Seriously..I LOVE YOUR HAIR!!!!