Sunday, June 22, 2008


So, my cute southern friend, Merrianne tagged me! This time the tag is to post a picture of my Motherboard... so, here ya go! This is where I sit and write the posts for my blog!

So, now I tag Diana, Brittany, Brieanne, Lindsay, Allie, Jodi, Jessica, Gina, Ann, Pam, Debby and anyone else that wants to!!!


Jan said...

Loved it. It is all decked out and fancy. Mine is so plain Jane.

Way to blog in style Miss Da Bergs.
I love this tag. It is nice to have a visual of where people are at while typing a comment. It is fun.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE IT!!! That computer chair looks COMFY & I love that armchair beside the desk!! Fancy Schmancy!! :) ha ha!! And your background on your screen is the same one as your Blog Header picture! That is way cute!! :) the can not POSSIBLY me a lot older than me and even if so...My Friends have NO age limits :) and yes..I agree--I think we really ARE kindred Spirits!!!

Thanks for doin the tag :)


craigandlissa said...

Shaila, your blog is so darling! I'm impressed. I am way behind on mine, but my girls are current so I just tell people to go look at theirs! Your family is so gorgeous and grown up! Love ya!

da Bergs said...

Jan & Merrianne, you 2 are too cute... NOT fancy at all! Got the chair at Sam's Club (the map one) just loved it when I saw it and had to have it!

OH. TRUST. I AM older... I have 5 sons, the oldest is 25! YIKES! But, I ACT young, lol, does that count??!!!

Mechelle said...

da Bergs~Love your command post! I just posted mine. Want to trade? ;0) m

The Motherboard said...

This tag is great! Its so fun to see where everyone is sitting... typing away. Now I can visualize you in your swanky red room!
Yum. I love red!

The Veaters said...

I really like the desk! It's so pretty and WOW, so well organized! My desk is small and kind of a mess. I'd be embarrassed to post a picture of it. :)