Monday, February 22, 2010


My friend that I work with is in Hawaii with her kids visiting her mom, so I am working full time which gives me little time for journaling, I am WAY behind! So, I am attempting an update today... here goes!

My in laws were here a couple of weeks ago, it was nice to have them! They love the beach so we went to the beach on a Sunday afternoon and walked around... Here is grandpa, grandma, Chad and Brad!

Brad, me and Chad...

Brad & Chad... It was a beautiful afternoon!

Chad and Grandma playing rummikub...

Blake was here visiting last week... he is headed back to Provo today and will be looking for a job, anybody know of anything???

Blake and his friend brought the segway with them, here is Chad enjoying it...

Dallin and some of his friends from BYU took a road trip to AZ over President's weekend... one of the girl"s dad is the Mission Pres. there...

They went to the temple and did baptisms! They are a good group of kids!!! Also, I might add that Dallin made the Honor Roll at BYU!! Congrats Dallin, we are very proud of you!

Devin and Diana are working hard... school and work... here is a cute pic of Diana working on Devin's teeth! She is doing cleanings now and needs patients, it is only 5 bucks so if you are in the Provo area and need a cleaning, let me know!

Derek and Brittany (her blog is down right now, she is REALLY busy and trying to get it caught up) are really busy with school, Brittany has 21 units this semester, she will graduate in Aug!!! (and is working) Derek is working and doing his internship and will graduate in Dec... keep up the good work kids! We are proud of you all!!! Love you tons, mom & dad

Monday, February 8, 2010

Scout Sunday

Mr. Serious. Chad cracks me up... smile, son! He is a very quiet and serious boy! He is a great son and I am VERY proud of him! He LOVES to camp and hike, he loves the scouting program! Yesterday was "Scout Sunday" and the young men were to all wear their scout shirts to church. I am not big on sewing... haha, okay, that is an understatement! Anyway, a sweet friend of mine called the week before and wanted to know if I would like for her to sew on Chad's merit badges? HECK YES!!! THANK YOU, KIM!!!! So, Chad gathered all his merit badges and patches and we took them over to her with a plate of cookies (THAT I CAN do! HAHA) She brought them back to us on Tues all done! So, when he walked into my room on Sunday morning he looked so cute that I had to stop and take his picture! Chad is 14 and has 22 merit badges. You need 22 to earn the rank of Eagle! So, now we just need to do his Eagle Project!! When he gets his Eagle rank, we will be 5 for 5! ALL of his brothers are Eagles too! (Do NOT praise ME, it was them and their wonderful leaders! We have been blessed with great scout leaders over the years!!!) THANK YOU MEN! THANK YOU SONS!!!

They went to Camp Chawanakee several years and love that place!
After Chad gets his Eagle I am anxious to get a picture of all my boys in their uniforms! I am very proud of them all for earning this rank, it is NOT easy!!!
I love you,

Wednesday, February 3, 2010


The brakes on our car needed to be changed. It is quite expensive! So, my wonderful (and handsome) hubby decided to change the brakes himself! It saved us a lot of money! THANK YOU DEAR!

So, while hubby was busy I decided to go with a couple of friends to see a chick flick. Leap Year was at the cheap theater so off we went... it was very cute, romantic AND clean!!! It was so refreshing!!! I highly recommend it!

AND, I came across this cute blog today that I would recommend that you stop by and visit...

Have a good day....