Wednesday, June 29, 2011

I haven't posted in a while...

I love when any of my kids come to visit! Devin and Diana came about a month ago (see I told you I am behind in posting! yikes) The guys played 36 holes of golf and we went to the beach on Friday!

Then on Saturday the guys played in 2 church softball games...

Chad has been enjoying some shooting and climbing this summer...

Oh, and getting birds out of the house!

We had a wedding in our back yard for 2 of our YSA's! They have a goal to go to the temple next year and then we will have a REALLY big reception for them then!

Chad finished up his Freshman year in high school. He was on the track team. He did the pole vault, triple jump and high jump. He also did his 1st year of seminary. They studied The Doctrine and Covenants this year. He had perfect attendance all year!

Institute ended for the year... it is nice to have a break in the summer, but boy do I miss these kids! They are such a great group!!! I hope most of them are still here in the fall!!!

They even gave me flowers! SOOOOOOOOOOO sweet!!!

Brad has only been serving as bishop for about 3 months and he has already performed a civil wedding (waiting for a pic of this to post) and unfortunately he conducted and spoke at a funeral on Monday. Our Stake Pres. called him on Friday and said, "Bishop Bergquist it has come to my attention, that a young man who just graduated from high school committed suicide earlier this week. I spoke briefly to the mother she has looked all over for a place to hold his funeral and has been turned away each and every time. I'm giving her the okay to hold a funeral at the stake center, here's her name and number would you please take care of it." It turned out to be a very nice service, I hope it gave them some peace. The met in the back grassy area of our chapel and let off balloons after the funeral and then they brought in food and fed about 400 people! We both went up the last night of girls camp and he spoke and conducted the testimony meeting. The testimonies that the girls bore were really sweet and sincere... I know it has been hard and yet wonderful all at the same time for Brad... I have grown to love him even more as I see him being so kind and loving to others... and walking in on him at all hours of the day on his knees...

I love summer! When I walked out in the back yard this morning I saw this cool bird, I don't know what it is.... but it is about a foot and 1/2 tall!

I have baby oranges and lemons...

I already have an orange tomato! Yummm... there is nothing like a home grown tomato! The ones in the stores have NO flavor!

This doesn't really do it justice... it is so bright...

This is my hydrangea plant, it is doing great this year!

Elder Bergquist is doing great on the mission... you can go HERE to read more...

Brittany is getting close to the end... only 25 more days if Weston decides to actually come on his due date! You can go HERE to read more about their nursery that they are fixing up!

Monday, June 13, 2011


I am sooooooooooooooo excited!!! I am going to have TWO grandbabies this year!!! Derek and Brittany are due July 24th (SOON!!!) AND Devin and Diana are due Dec 17th!!!!!! How exciting!!!

When a child is born, so are grandmothers. ~Judith Levy

Friday, June 10, 2011

Brittany's visit!

Brittany came to visit the beginning of May! It was so much fun to have her here! She looks SO cute prego! The 1st day she was here we just did some shopping... she got a new swim suit and of course on Friday we went to the beach! We had a great time there, it was a beautiful day!

It was so funny... we decided to take a pic of Brittany with the human statues... but as soon as I clicked the pic they moved and make this funny pic! I laughed and laughed! (They were SO serious before!)

While Brittany was here my sweet friends decided that they should throw her a shower! THANK YOU!!!

She got some very nice gifts!

My VERY talented friend, Karen, made these great bibs and burp cloths for Weston! THANK YOU KAREN!!!

She got some gift cards and we went to Toys R Us, and Kathy made up the difference (a BIG thank you to Kathy!!!) and she was able to purchase her travel system (car seat/stroller combo) Here it is in the car, all ready to go!

The car seat will snap right into the stroller...

Haha, Jackson! BOYS! Britt, this is what you have to look forward to! ...little climbers!

Thank you everyone for coming... you are so kind! I have such great friends!!! LOVE YOU ALL!!!

After the shower we all decided to go get a pedi!

Kaitlin, a very dear friend of ours took some great pics of Brittany and baby Weston!

Here she is... the photographer! THANK YOU KAITLIN!!!