Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Okay, I'm joining the fun!

Okay, I am going to join the fun! I have loved looking at all my friends blogs and so I am giving in and making my own! I am not really sure where to start... feeling that I have to move forward once I start and can't go back in time, LOL. But, do I go back to when we got married? When I was born? hahaha! Not gonna go back THAT far in time! Yikes! So, I have decided to just start! I will probably be VERY random in the beginning, going back to some good times over the last few years, so bare with me! THEN I will/can move forward!

A little bit about "da Bergs"... Brad and I met at BYU and were married in the St. George temple!

We have been blessed with 5, yep, 5 wonderful sons!!! When I was in high school I said I wanted 5 sons so I would have my own basketball team... and the dream became a reality!!!

I have just recently been blessed with 2 wonderful daughters! YEAH!!!

Devin & Diana were married Aug. 25, 2007 in the San Diego temple!

It was a wonderful, beautiful day!!
We love Diana!!!
Welcome to the family!!!

I also want to take the time here to thank
Brie for her wonderful photography!!!
There are many many moregreat pics!!!
She is truly the best!
Thank you Brie, I love you!

Derek and Brittany were married on March 22, 2008 in the San Diego temple!
(I remember being in the yukon on the way home from San Diego after
Devin & Diana's weddingand Brittany saying... I wish it was us!
Well, 7 months later, IT WAS!!!)

Once again, THANK YOU Brie for the great pics! (the wedding was so recent that I had to copy these pics from her web site!) Dying to see more! You are awesome!!! Love you! (HOW did you put the black boarders around the pics???)

Brittany, LOVE YOU, welcome to the family!

It is sooooooooooooo fun having girls around!!!


Ann said...

Good job Shaila!! Welcome to the club!

Love ya,


Jackson 3 said...

Yahoo! Your first post! good job. With pictures and everything! Welcome!

da Bergs said...

oh my gosh, can I just tell you how weird I am??? I got home today and had to check... and YEP I had comments!!! OMG this is so fun!!! LOL... yep, I am weird! I can see why the kids love my space so much!!! yikes!!!

Allison said...

WOW! I am so impressed with you! Check out how darling your page is..you are going to have to help me now! I LOVE all the wedding pics. They are SO beautiful. The In-N-Out Burger pic. is too funny. Did you hear that we are getting one here? Crazy!

brieanne. said...

hooray! you did it! don't worry ... the addiction and thrill will start to wear off so you should be able to sleep without wondering if anyone commented soon :) love all the pics (hahaha) but seriously I forgot how much fun I had with Devin & Diana's. thanks for reminding me!love you!

bgb827 said...

Great job honey!Is chad your only child? Just kidding, no wonder I don't see you for hours on end. Very cool blog though.

Love Brad