Saturday, August 1, 2009

Help with a talk???

I was asked to speak at Youth Conference. The Scripture that is the theme for this year is 1 Timothy 4:12, " thou an example of the believers in word and conversation....." The topic I have been given is, "Using your electronic communications to be an example of the believers".

I feel that the electronic communications that our youth use the MOST, are...
1) their phones (TEXTING)...
2.) Facebook/My Space... 3.) Twitter... So, my question for you is this... how would you address this topic in a talk for youth conference??!!!

"Using Your electronic communications to be an example of the believers"
I would LOVE any suggestions!!!


Bren's Life said...

Holy Moly! You are asking us!! I just got texting on my phone set up but I have NO CLUE how to do it. I'm going to need to hire a teen to teach me...
I really have no clue. I'll think about it. I know you'll do great..

Jan said...

I think that if they include their everyday talk with what they are involved in church is such an easy and natural way to do it.

Text - I can't go with you guys tonight because I have Young Women's at 6. Or Family Home Evening is tonight, maybe another night.

The other day I got a call from a lady that has been trying to share the Gospel with a friend and the friend hasn't been interested. The other day she was talking about something she saw on my blog (shocked that she even knew I had a blog - we never know) and she started asking questions about something I had shared. It wasn't necessarily Gospel doctrine either.

It was the time I said I crave a temple date with my husband (he is inactive) Evidently, that one little sentence had stayed with her and she asked about it.

So just by talking about your life and your thoughts may spark that desire in someone.

Good luck.

Cynthia said...

Well the obvious one is what you SHOULDN'T be doing. Here in Utah we've had a huge issue with kids sending/recieving pornographic pictures of themselves/other kids. It seems like a no brainer to tell them that once it's out there in writing or online in photos, it's always out there.

The chronicaling of lives via the written word means that, more than ever, they will have to be accountable for everything they 'say'. There is no room for plausible deniability when proof of what you said exists in writing. I'd encourage them to NEVER text, Facebook or Twitter ANYTHING they wouldn't say if the person were standing directly in front of them.

The whole 'keyboard courage' thing can cause kids to behave stupidly (and cause adults to behave ridiculously too).

My name is Ann said...
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My name is Ann said...

EPHESIANS 4:29 - Let no corrupt acommunication proceed out of your mouth (or keyboard), but that which is good to the use of edifying, that it may minister grace unto the hearers.

I think I'll have to email you my thoughts because it was too long to put on here.

Cherie said...

Wow that is a great topic but huge!

The things that come to mind are:
- Talk about church activities
- Don't participate in lewd talk, jokes or conduct
- Don't Gossip
- Don't say anything you wouldn't say in person
- Don't use electronic gadgets at church (reverence, respect)

lance n sarah said...

I use texting to remind people about park days, enrichment night, ward parties etc... I get so many people that come up to me and say thank you for reminding us. We wouldn't be here if we weren't reminded. I do it every week. There is a lady in my ward who is kind of inactive. Some how she got on my texting list and she responds alot but never shows up to anything. I know my job is to continue to text her and one day she will be there.

rad6 said...

ok, need to hook you up. will get link today. Just found out about a friend of a friend who took Elder Ballard's counsel about using modern technology for good. This guy posts fun Utube videos about B of M and then subtley teaches the gospel through random comments. He counters the negatvie out there. He posts on facebook. Anyway, a guy who was totally against the church in Florida just asked him to fly out to baptize him, b/c his conversion came b/c of the conversation after these videos.
Anyway, I will find the info and get it to you asap.
I know that is not cell phones, but it definitely relates to your topic.

The Kooky Queen--Rachel said...

WOW!!! That's deep! I'm in a stake YW presidency and we met with the General YW's presidency a few months ago and this actually came up. They talked about ways to be an example in using it such as NOT using it in church, not relying on electronic communication as your ONLY communication (you lose emotion) and also keeping it clean. Text clean and steer clear of bad images that can come through. But did you read that article in the ensign (July 2008) by Elder Ballard that talked about "Sharing the Gospel using the internet"? What a great talk too! You could speak on the do's and don'ts. Good luck!!! I know you'll do awesome!

mother goose said...

i think this is a great way to fill the gap or build the bridge. It's just the teens mode of electronics.

In my parents day is was the phone. Heck, who AM I trying to KID it was the phone for me. If I talked and talked and talked on the phone all day, how could I give someone else the chance to talk to me.

Much like our father in Heaven. If we had talked and talked and busied ourselves or myself with others and didn't leave that phone line open for communication with him, how can we expect him to answer us when the phone line is always busy! This could be used in my day but with our children they have call waiting and 3 way conference calls etc, texts that can come in while you are actually talking.

I am a mother of teens. I think I may blog this, myself. They love their phones and they text so much that we have gotten unlimited texting. I am not going to bridle them or make the choice for them. I am going to guide them and direct them and help them make good choices. Many parents just don't give phones or buy texts. it may solve a problem but it doesnt TEACH how to deal with it.

texting and cell phones and FB have become a way of life. LIMITS and TIME LIMITS,
ex. for good :: dh and i will face book each other sitting in the same room. Brothers and sisters, friends can FB by reminding to go out to mutual or fellowshipping. Always being mindful what is put out for others to read, they could even put out small words of encouragement.
TEXTING: only positive up lifting things. it shouldn't be an avenue to spread gossip or other things. If something is forwarded to them they should delete and text back please do not send that type of info to me.

NOw how can I relate texting or the use of a cell phone to HF. I will have to think on that one.

But, if they understood that their light can cross oceans, and land, countries and future generations, they might text differently.
They think they are only texting their friend. ONE person. A simple easy conversation. But, with each text you set an example, you are a friend and you hold your light up. a Cell phone light it may be, LOL, but you hold your light up for all to see, (quote scripture of not hiding your light) Your words are building future mothers and fathers of eternal spirits.
I want my daughter and son to know that not so much the texts that they put out, but with each text they receive they are opening the gap or closing the gap for their future eternal family. Spirits are held in the heavens for them, for when they are ready.
And simple texting is so much more.
It's not just what did you do last night, hey want to go to the movies, It has deep consequences with each eternal choice and decision.
Yeah, lets c this movie, not its R, hey I wore this, yeah it was a little short. See, are you opening the gap, by choosing not to watch an R movie or our you closing it by wearing clothes a bit risky. These are just random thoughts but they are things that I have thought about for my own children and trying to
relate scriptures and examples of the past to their day and age.
LET us know what you come up with

Jan said...

Too bad I saw this too late...but I wanted to share anyway. One Sunday during testimony meeting I guess I was feeling the spirit and wished that I could share with my kids my testimony. Most of them live in different states and also most of them are not active in the church. I decided that while I was thinking about it I should act on it so I took out my phone and texted my testimony to them. I was a little nervous that the one's that aren't active would be offended but I didn't need to be... I got back sweet thank you's from them. One daughter was even getting her little girl ready to go to church. (she's not active but occasionaly goes to church with her little girl).

I was able to say things to them that I couldn't if I was speaking to them.

Well that's my 2 cents! I'm sure your talk was great!

...just a side note...One day I was thinking of something I might use for a talk to the youth...I haven't really formulated the idea yet but was thinking of relating texting to prayers...and making sure that our prayers aren't like text or tweats on twitter....where you only have so many characters and want to get them done in a hurry...something like that....