Tuesday, March 2, 2010

THE Surprise!

As most of you know I have been working full time for the past 2 weeks covering for my friend (it is GREAT to work with a good friend, we can cover for each other when we want or need to! Thank you Kathy!) Anyway, last week I was really in the zone working all day and very busy every evening... Monday night we do FHE (Family Home Evening) for the stake YSA's (Young Single Adults) Tuesday night I teach Institute, I did have Wed night off, and then on Thurs night we took the YSA's to the temple and Friday night we had the YSA dance... busy busy busy... anyway, Thursday I got home from work, ate a quick bite and was up in my room changing to get ready to take the YSA's to the temple when in walked Dallin! Yep, Dallin!!! I know, that's what I thought... "you are supposed to be in Provo at BYU!!!!" I was confused to say the least! I just sat there staring for a minute and then said, "What are you doing HERE? How did you get here?" I knew that Kaitlin's parents had flown here home to pick up her truck to take back up but she came home on Wed... it was Thurs... so, my next statement was, "Have you been here since yesterday??? WHERE did you sleep? IF you have been home for 24 hours and are JUST now showing up at home, you are dead" HAHAHA.... I was soooooooooooooo confused!!! THEN, I finally jumped up and hugged him!!! It was so fun to see him!!! He told his friends that I was mad he was home! I was NOT mad... just VERY confused!!!

Monday Dallin and Kaitlin were studying when Kaitlin's mom called her and told her that they had gotten tickets to go see American Idol! Kaitlin half kidding said, "You should fly me home so I can go with you!" Well, sure enough mom gave in and flew her home! They decided to let her take her truck up to school.... but, they didn't want her to drive up alone so they decided to fly Dallin home to help her drive back up! He was SO excited! Anyway, Kaitlin flew home on Wed and then on Thurs morning she called Ricky and Mike and told them that she had a friend that was bringing them a package from her but that they needed to go out and meet her but to stay on the phone coz she wanted to hear their reaction when they got the package ~ YEP, she was standing there when they came out... They were SO excited to see her, then she told them that that was only 1/2 of the surprise. She told them to get their board shorts and towels... they all headed towards the beach but on the way she pulled into the Long Beach Airport with the 2nd part of the surprise (Dallin) waiting for them! Again, they were SO excited!!! They were all hugging and yelling and stuff when up walked Aimee!!! It was so fun because NO ONE knew she was coming ~ Kaitlin got a surprise herself!!! Dallin had gotten a ride up to Salt Lake City on Thurs morning and he and Aimee were eating breakfast (she was to take him to the airport in a couple of hours) Aimee said, "I wanna go too!!!" About that time her brother happened to walk up and told her to go pack, he would pay for her to go!!!! So, Aimee was able to get her shift covered for work and packed! They got on line to book her flight but it was so soon she couldn't book it on line! They hurried to the airport and Andrew bought her ticket and she got on the flight with Dallin!!! I have to tell you that these 6 kids have been Besties (Yeah, the boys would prob die that I used that word, but it is soooooooooooo true!!!) since middle school!!! They have been a great group of kids and a great support to each other!!!

Anyway, that was our FUN FUN FUN surprise this weekend!!!

It was fun as they got to go with us to the temple... here are some fun pics...
This is the group after coming out.... GREAT group of kids!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE this calling!!!

The girls!

One of Dallin's very best friends is on his mission in Brasil (Tanner)... This is his older brother, Tyson, GREAT kid, love him! And, this is Lianna with them, she just left today to go to the MTC!!! Love her!

Cupcakes in the parking lot... this is our YSA advisers from the Canyon Springs ward, Br and Sis Leach, they are a great help to us, thank you both... you are wonderful!!!

Dallin, Farryn, Aimee, Kaitlin, Ricky!

Dallin making fun of the girls...

Group hug!

My cute Dallin (yeah, I know I am partial, he IS my son)

At the beach after the BIG SURPRISE!

Don't ask me what he is doing.... being silly as always!
Kailin, thank you for ALL the pics... the only bummer is... you are not in them!!! :(

Ricky, Dallin and Mike
Ricky has him mission call, he is going to Tegucigalpa Honduras, he reports on May 26th. Mike has his call, he is going to Tampa Florida speaking Haitian Creole! Dallin is finishing up this semester at BYU then we will be finding out where he will be serving!!! I am so proud of you boys, you are great young men!!!

After church getting ready to head back up to BYU... Dallin and Kaitlin are at BYU, Aimee is at LDS Business College, Ricky, Mike and Farryn are home working earning money for the mission!

As they were hugging, I reminded Kaitlin and Aimee that this would be the last time they could hug Mike for 2 years... and when they see him again they MIGHT be married and pregnant! HAHA.... yes, there were tears shed... As Dallin said... this is the last time we will ALL be together for 2+ years... and you know as well as I do... things change... and yes, the girls MIGHT be married!!! Best of luck to all of you, you will be so blessed for being the kids you are!


tammy said...

What a great surprise. You are so cute. I love that you were asking him all those questions before even giving him a hug.

(Oh, and we both have the same skirt. Funny.)

Cherie said...

That is an awesome surprise when your kids come home just to come home - And Dallin is such a cutie!

I spy Ruby's! We just spent 3 days at Huntington Beach :D

Beth at Aunties said...

What a fabulous fun surprise. I loved how it snowballed so they could all be together!
I agree the YSA is so fun to be associated with and brings so much joy!

Joy For Your Journey said...

What fun!! And What a wonderful surprise. Congrats to all the boys leaving on their missions. How nice they were able to spend this time together. I feel a bit bad for the girls though. My daughter has pretty much all of her friends gone now and she said life is pretty lonely without them. But as they say . . . there will be boys coming home from their missions to comfort them. :-)