Monday, April 19, 2010

Crazy, Fun Nieces!

A couple of weeks ago my cute niece, Adriana had a Birthday and her sweet hubby, Ryan decided to kidnap her and take her on a surprise trip to Cali (they live in Vegas)... so, when she was in the car on the freeway and realized where he was taking her, she decided she wanted a PAR.TAY. So, she got on her phone and called her sister Ariel and cousin Lexie and told them to get in the car and come too! They did! They quickly packed and grabbed the 2 younger sisters and came!!! We had SOOOOOOOOOOOOO much fun! I love these crazy girls!!!

The next morning Ryan made his awesome homemade pancakes (Ryan, I STILL need that recipe!!!) and Brad made his well-known scrambled eggs and fried potatoes! YUM!!!
Here is Ryan making the delish pancakes!!!

Breakfast outside, the weather was GREAT!

Then Ariel and Anjali decided to take a little trip out on the lake...

After an awesome breakfast we all headed to the orange county swap meet... and then to the beach... oh my gosh, you should have been with us at the beach!!! There was a family next to us from Vietnam, the grandpa was in his boxers... BACKWARDS! Yep, you heard me right... he was running around the beach in his backwards boxers! I guess he didn't want to give anyone a peep show, thank you very much!!! AND, he wanted to be our friend... we were laughing our heads off!!!! Below is one of the many pics we got of him! Vietnam, Lexie!!! HAHAHA

After having a great time at the beach we went to Wahoo's Fish Taco's to eat, I love that place! And did a little shopping there at Huntington Beach! After arriving home Lexie, Ariel and Ricky went to Walmart to get Adriana a gift... yep a fish! They are nuts! HAHAHA

Texas Sheet Cake and Ice Cream!!!

Well... we are not blaming any ONE person, I think several of us played a small role... but the next morning Ricky Bobby (the fish) was dead. So, we HAD to have a funeral!!!
To see THE FUNERAL PERFORMANCE click on... "the funeral performance" it was so dang funny... Lexie sang a solo!!! (I couldn't figure out how to post the video!!!)
Here is Ryan taking Ricky Bobby out to be buried at sea! HAHA

Everyone lined up by the fence singing "Amazing Grace"!!!

Can I just say I LOVE my nieces, they are so much fun to be around!!! COME BACK TO SEE ME!!! LOVE YOU, Aunt Shaila


arielswainston said...

girl i need your e mail address so i can send that video!!

Cherie said...

Ok I am SO laughing about the guy wearing his boxers backwards - Oh my gosh...Creepy! But you all handled it well!
Sounds like a super fun visit with lots of laughter and memories :D

Btw I spy a clock wall in the background of one of your pictures - I love that!!

tammy said...

I spied the clock wall too. Hee hee - I am always checking out everyone's decor in the background.

How funny was that guy? Oh my gosh. Dying.

You have such a crazy, fun family. Love it.

Joy For Your Journey said...

What fun!!! There is nothing more fun than having family all together--especially when it is unplanned and everyone is in a party mood!! And about the fish . . . well, maybe it was its time to go anyway, but what a blessing to be in your family. Would anyone else have sent it off with such a wonderful funeral? :-)

Cynthia said...

That looks like so much fun! I wanna be one of your nieces (except I'm WAY too old, LOL!)

rad6 said...

What a great party! Love it. Would have loved to have been with you at the beach and not just to see the vietnam guy and his fam, but the beach with a bunch of crazy fun people... oh is there anything better? Do you live on that lake? I don't think I knew that. It is beautiful.

Andre and Lexi said...

Oh I feel slightly embarassed for myself hahah. OH WELL!! It was an AMAZING trip! Cant wait for round 2!