Sunday, May 2, 2010

Summer Begins!

Chad is still in school... until June 11th! Poor kid! Although, I DO like our modified school year... we get a week off at Thanksgiving, 3 weeks off at Christmas and 2 weeks off for Spring Break... but, that means we go a little longer, sorry Chadman!

Blake is living and working in Provo.... (Bubba, I really need you to send me some new pics!)

Derek and Brittany are in Minneapolis Minnesota this summer. Derek is installing security systems again.

On their way they stopped and spent the night at Mount Rushmore!

Dallin came home and brought some cute, fun friends with him! They had a good time showing them So. Cali and playing!

We had a fun breakfast one morning!

Diana is in Dental Hygiene school and it is year round but she got a break between semesters and they came to visit!

We went to the beach... and saw a mama duck and her babies...

and some dolphins!

Devin was only here for about 24 hours and then he and his cousin flew to Florida to go herping! They love reptiles and have caught, photographed and released sooooooooooooooooo many that I cant keep track, but they sure can! When they were in H.S. they made a graph listing all the reptiles and marking when they actually caught one...

While Devin was on his herping trip (more pics to come) Diana stayed with me and we just played!

One day we went to the beach and then had Wahoo Fish Taco's, then we went to Sprinkles... I had a red velvet cupcake which was to die for!

It was a busy week while she was here, we had to laugh... it seems that almost EVERY night we had something to do hence... I didn't HAVE TIME TO COOK, we just HAD TO EAT OUT! LOL...
Last week:
Monday - FHE
Tuesday - Institute
Wednesday - Dallin's best friend went through the temple for the 1st time!
Thursday - Baptisms at the temple with the young single adults!
Friday - a break! So, we went to the movie with some other girlfriends!
Saturday - Picked Devin and Jeff up from the airport!
The week went WAY too fast!!!
And, so.... Summer Begins!


Lisa said...

Cute pics. I have one staying in Provo too.

Joy For Your Journey said...

Sounds like everyone is super busy--but also doing fun things. And about Dallin--I noticed a lot of those "friends" are girls. What a lucky guy!:-)

Jess said...

you are the cutest! so glad i got to meet you-that breakfast was delicious. thanks again :) hopefully i'll see you soon!!

The Kooky Queen--Rachel said...

I love your posts! And I'm totally envious of that school year, that sounds like heaven!

Bren's Life said...

You are such a good mom! I admire you so much! Thanks for all your advise over the year. And I love catching up on you. Love your pictures...

rad6 said...

Oh how fun... how fun to see Jess on your blog. Looks like they all had a blast!
Your title made me sigh a little. I am ready for summer.
16 more days of seminary and HS and then a few more for the little kids...
but who is counting??? I AM!!!!!
:) The Lake is calling my name!