Monday, March 14, 2011

Oh, What a Beautiful Morning... Oh, What a Beautiful Day...

I finally got a picture of Brittany with her little baby bump! Isn't she cute pregnant! She is 20 weeks, 1/2 way there! I can't wait to have a little grand-baby!

And, our cute little Diana is getting close to graduation! She graduates from Dental Hygiene school on April 14th! (She's the one on the left!)

I miss my children!!! I sure wish they all lived close!!!

But, after all that is going on around the world... especially in Japan, I feel like I need to count my blessings! It is sure beautiful outside! I love living in southern Cali! I love the warm weather... I am so excited for spring and summer! I walked outside this morning and just listened to the birds... and noticed all the blossoms and flowers... I just had to take a few pics!

This is our nectarine tree starting to bloom!

Speaking of missing my children... I ordered this vinyl saying to put over my kitchen table. It says, "Time spent together makes our house a home". Derek put it up for me while he was here for his Bday!
I don't know about you but we all tend to gather in the kitchen the most! I love spending time together! I think they all need to come visit soon! I am sure I hear the beach calling them!
One last thing... Dallin's visa papers are all in Brasil, we are just waiting for them to process them now! Keep praying!


Joy For Your Journey said...

Looks like like is going well for you! Good luck with Dallin's visa. I am sure it will come soon.

Lisa Loo said...

Way to tease those of us that are still waiting for spring to be sprung! Augh!

You sound SO homesick for your kids--hope they can gather soon--love your new vinyl.....

Cherie said...

Brittany looks so cute with her little baby bump! I am excited for you guys - there seems to be alot of little baby boys floating down from heaven these days :-D

The vinyl family saying is awesome!!