Monday, November 10, 2008

I need your help!

I need your help! Seriously. I have been thinking about this for years, but, now I am serious. Bren has motivated me! I have been motivated before but I can't seem to stick with it! Now I am serious. HELP. Is there anyone out that that loves to eat? Even when you are not hungry? It is not ONLY that, but my eating habits are horrible. HORRIBLE. This morning for breakfast I had graham crackers with icing on them. I DID have a glass of milk with it... is that good?

Is there anyone out there that used to eat like I do and changed???? Someone that can give me tips on what to do???? to change???

I am getting older (I KNOW, some of you out there are thinking oldER? Lady you are PAST old!) and now I am starting to worry about my health. What if I become diabetic? And, I NEED to loose some weight! HELP!!! I WANT to eat better!!! HOW DO I START??!!! AND CONTINUE??!!!


Drake Family said...

Wish I could offer advice but I think I am in the same boat. I will be checking back for tips though. BTW I love the pics. you found for this post!!

Mechelle said...

I have soooooo been there. But I have made a turn. I eat what I want, but I have changed what I want.

I will think about some tips. Right now I am off to get my hair cut.

Thanks for your comment. I thought no one knew me over at Jans! Silly me. m

Grogan Clan said...

hahaha.ok so I am not the "size" I want to be..but it is coming off. I was a 16, and now I am almost a 12. Excersize is always a good idea. And after David was diagnosed as a diabetic...we changed everything! We do it together..but I am of course more free with my eating...but I try to stick close to him. I mean I won't be put in a diabetic coma if I eat a candy bar, but he will. We started writing things down and that made us not be emotional eaters.

Becky said...

Read "Write Yourself Right Size." It really got me thinking about what I eat and why.

It's an ongoing battle, though. One week I'll do great, and the next week, not so good. It's hard!

Drink lots of water. That helps, too.

Scrappy Girl said...

We are floatin' in the same boat...Mechelle is a great person to give advice on this topic! I love to eat! Good luck making a change...I always tell Dr. Hubby that I grocery shop like my parents are going out of town for the weekend...LOL

da Bergs said...

I DO drink lots of water. I am not a soda fan... I WILL have a sip of my hubby's now and then, but WATER for me! NOT a problem there.

Okay, so, Becky, I am going to go check this book out TO.DAY.!!! THANKS!

Yeah, Scrappy, you sound just like me... eat and shop like my parents are going to be out of town!!! JUNK FOOD!!! OH YEAH! Where are the cheeto's??!!

Okay, Mechell, I hope you get a good haircut and then you better be back with some sound advise!!! I am waiting...!!!

kitchenditcher said...

WHAT????? Graham crackers and icing AREN'T a good breakfast?!?


I am SO not the person to ask. I still have problems brushing my teeth............

Mother Goose said...

k, i'll be interested to read comments on this one! what?? graham crackers and icing is not good for breakfast??

Lindsay said...

The key is 1. Find an exercise routine you LOVE i.e. a fun aerobics class, pilates, walks with your hub 2. Bypass the junkfood isle at the grocery store
3. Allow yourself a junkfood night or something a long those lines, or if you have a really good week then you can have a naughty weekend. 4. Look up healthy recipes on the foodnetwork website, healthy can=delicious. And staying out of the hospital = REALLY delicious. Good luck!

Rebecca said...

I struggle with the same issue. I used to get (and still sometimes do) so hard on myself that back in High School I quit food all together and dropped down way past 100 lbs.

Now when I started eating again, the lbs packed on 10 x the speed.

Most important lesson I learned: Learn to Love myself

Tip #1: Don't set goals you don't know FOR SURE you can accomplish. Take small baby steps.

Tip #2: Don't tell yourself that you can't have sweets or you'll want them even more, and thus - you set yourself up for failure.

Tip #3: Make small goes to try and accomplish, like - 1 sweet a day.

Tip #4: Move around. Make challenges for yourself, like my '30 for 30' challenge.

This is such a struggle for me that I go to counseling regularly for it. I am seeing progress, and the BIGGEST change that made the most dramatic difference for me - is to learn to love myself and to speak to myself as I would my own daughter. You wouldn't tell your daughter that she's fat. You wouldn't speak to your daughter like : "oh my gosh, I can't believe you ate all that" .

LOVE yourself! :)

tammy said...

I wish there were an easy solution. I'm trying to be better, too. I don't drink soda either, only water, so shouldn't that mean that we should already be skinnier than people that do?

Sher said...

I have terrible eating habits too. I have a very unhealthy relationship with food. That is why I exercise. But, I'm finding that it's starting to catch up to me.
Will you pass on any words of wisdom you get to me?

Miss Pickle said...

i love that picture of the LIPS! and shoooot.... i wish i ate better!!! i am definitely NOT the one to be giving any advice :(

sorry bout that....

but i'd love some tips! ♥

nikkicrumpet said...

If you find out the secret....let me know. I had a coke for breakfast and I won't even tell you what I ate the rest of the day! UGH I'm a mess.

Bren's Life said...

Oh your so sweet! So this morning at about 3:00 am I had the last chocolate chip cookie. Then I was dying at the store for a Dr. Pepper so I bought a Snickers bar instead...
I eat absolutely horrible. I love junk food & could sit & eat a dozen cookies in 1 sitting. I love chocolate chip cookies.
I am going to get that book too. And I love the advice you got. I made it through 2 days without any pop at all. But I didn't eat very good at all...
And I guess I didn't tell you this week, but man you are Beautiful! If I looked like you & had married children. I'd be So excited! But I got how I am by being an emaotional eater & night time eater..

Jan said...

Those are some sweeeeeet lips you've got there. I bet hubby loves kissing those lips :) We should make a sprinkle lip stick. Better not. We would attract every 5 year old around town.

These are women woes for sure. As the age creeps up, our metabolism creeps down. It's no fair. I wish you all the luck. Even though I see no where near a 40 pd. reduction needed. You beautiful lady. If you eat junk and look like you do, then you could probably just eat healthy for a week and be okay. Bren is so on us all huh. We are not the same after her little I am woman hear me roar myself fit. I so respect her. Go girls.

heather said...

I eat seriously every two hours. Thats what I average anyway. BUT that is what my body needs. The things I eat as snacks: apple slices, raisins, almonds, carrot sticks, whole wheat bread with peanut butter (the natural kind) and cinnamon, oranges, granola bars, frozen peas, sunflower seeds, peaches -those kinds of things.

IF you can get your body off of the sugar (which believe me is not easy but do-able!) you reach a point where it doesn't even look good to you or tempt you anymore. AND you have so much more energy!!

Jenn said...

Oh my gosh! You were me a year ago. There is beauty on the other side of the frosting tub!!!!!

I'm getting ready to do a series of posts on my journey to better eating.

McEwens said...

Nice new lipstick Shaila! I am sure Brad is loving that!

you are a size six..... be grateful

CoLiE-O said...

today is my first day back on weight watchers (say a prayer). it hit me the other day that every spring when its time to pull out the swimsuits and tighter clothes i wish i had started to lose weight back in nov/dec. i always regret it! i just tend to be a procrastinator but i am sick of it now. i have done weight watchers before i loved the fact i could eat what i want (however, that may consume a lot of points) but i was able to make that decision (i am a control freak).anyway- start with baby steps.. if you are a sugar addict, limit (not abolish) your candy intake.

Tanja said...

I am the wrong person to ask, I love food! I am a huge snacker too, let me know if you come up with the perfect solution!

kitchenditcher said...

Hey Shaila!

Whaddya have for breakfast THIS morning?

Cocoa Pebbles for me!! lol

da Bergs said...

Dang, Deb, you did NOT just ask!!! I started out with a pear... I was going to be good. BUT. THEN. I caved. I had 3 Chocolate chip cookies warmed up in the microwave with a glass of milk! SEE. I can't do it! HELP!

AND, BTW, Pam is WAY wrong, I would LOVE to be in a size 6 again!

Redhoodoos said...

Good for you for taking charge. I've fallen off the wagon since I went back to work. I need to get back on track.

mama K said...

I am so far from perfect, from where I want to be, but my plan is:
1. I am poor and have committed all money to pay bills to exist and so I budgeted $50 a month for food. That is $12.50 a week. A budget makes a great diet plan!
2.I live alone so I don't have to cook for others. Others don't tempt me. I keep busy and don't think about food a lot.
3.I do not want diabetes or other health problems, and I know that how I treat my body now will show up 10, 20 years from now.
4.I think I look bad in pants and am tired of feeling self conscious so I have committed to having a "perfect week", which will lead into a "perfect month"...meaning daily brisk walking for one hour, eating healthy, etc. I gave up all soda after learning what all it does to your insides.
5.My friend Carole introduced me to NuPlus, Calli, etc. and using those products (which is live food and not dead food) makes a huge difference. I don't have cravings and I know I am putting extremely healthy nutrients into my body. My goal is to use those products strictly for one month.
6.My daughters have committed with me to run the St. George marathon in Oct.09, and I am so out of shape for running, but given a year, I think I could pull it off...even with walking and running. Will return and report!

Elizabeth G. said...

Yeah, I've been there. I would say to start with exercise. Exercise, especially aerobic, sends chemicals to your brain that cut down your appetite (really! My husband was in sports science/exercise physiology and he studied this). This helps to regulate appetite and eating. Then, I would make small changes to your existing diet...Add some whole grains, fruit, during the day, and/or a salad to whatever else your eat at lunch. Continue to exercise. As you keep moving, it WILL alter your appetite and cravings. Continue to add small changes to your diet towards one that will have you eating lots of fruits, veggies,and whole grains. Drink lots of water! Add weight-bearing exercises, perhaps with hand-held weights. As you increase you muscle-mass, you will rev up your metabolism.

My one word of caution is starving oneself, overnight drastic changes, and killer workouts don't usually last. You have to slowly build better healthy habits. This way you have a better chance of making permanent changes.

Good luck!

The Bergquists said...

I find the healthier I eat, the more I crave healthier things. I also try and keep myself busy so that I only eat when I am actually hungary.... idk if these are much help, I'm not very good at the diet part... I find it easier to workout and then not really worry about what I eat!!

TCanada said...

I was at a similiar place in 2001. Since I was thin I could eat anything I wanted (and not gain weight - I know I am lucky and unusual) I also didn't exercise since I didn't want to lose weight. I started listening to a doctor who explained how food effects our health and it finally clicked. I kind of went cold turkey and became somewhat of a health nut. I have assumed I would get cancer someday since my mother died of cancer at a young age. I no longer have that fear since I now believe there are many things I can do to prevent that and keep my immune system strong so it can fight degenerative diseases. You have to make lifestyle changes and give your body what it needs to stay strong.
If you think you have an addiction to a particular food (Dr. Pepper, Butterfingers, etc) I'd recommend checking out EFT (

Start cutting back on refined sugar and artificial sweetners which have chemicals that are worse than the refined sugar (try honey, xylitol, agave, rapadura, etc for sweetners) Use whole grain instead of white flour products. Start avoiding processed food and eat the food as God made it before man tried to improve on it!

Take the products you don't want to be tempted with OUT OF THE HOUSE. Have a plan of weekly menus and have those ingredients in your house ready to prepare those meals. If you want titles of books or websites, let me know what specifically you are interested in. I'd say my favorite book and one of the first ones I read was, What the Bible Says About Healthy Living, by Rex Russell.

Anonymous said...


Same thing happened to me 10 years ago and I finally came to at least 2 conclusions. (There could be more, these are just the most important so far! *g*)

I am not going to give up eating the things I like, so the solution (in part) is exercise is an absolute must and I don't have to eat everything I want every day or even ALL day.

So you had cookies for breakfast? Have a salad or healthy sub for lunch. Start slow is the best advice and Tonya is so right about substituting healthy things for non-healthy things. Again, start slow, just a few things at a time and exercise 4-5 days a week.

Shop with a mind toward what you will crave and if it is sweets have healthy alternatives in the fridge. Have sugar free jello already made and top it off with a tablespoon of cool whip. Have sweet fruit ready to go. Or, have one of those 100 calorie bags of cookies on the shelf and promise yourself to indulge in one and then back away from the pantry.

Don't deprive yourself, think of it as everything in moderation.

I'm just getting all of this put into action this year as I'd gained 40 lbs. in the last 10 years and finally saw some pictures that made me freak out!!

I was doing really well just exercising and treating myself to treats in small doses earlier in the year, down almost 20 lbs, and then I broke my kneecap and indulged in the worst of comfort food moment while lying around feeling sorry for myself. Back up 10 lbs., BUT, I'm back to the gym this Monday.

Maybe we could start a support group?? *LOL*

Love ya!