Saturday, July 4, 2009

Graduation and A Birthday

I am way behind... Remember, this is my journal so it will be long... here goes!

Dallin graduated Wed. night (June 10th) and then on Thursday (Devin's Birthday) I headed out to Utah so I havent posted Graduation pics Or a HAPPY BIRTHDAY message to Devo, so sorry, but know that I love you guys!!!

Dallin's Graduation announcement, he designed them himself!

With dad so ill mom and dad were not able to come to Cali for Dallin's graduation... They were really sad to not be there WITH us but they picked out one of dad's Bolo ties and mailed it to Dallin. Dallin is dressed like a cowboy for Grandpa! Here he is ready to go... Filing in... That is him towards the left with the gold sash... On their way to the stage! Brennon, Dallin and Ricky! Getting the diploma! (You can totally see Grandpa's Bolo Tie!!!) HAHAHA, think Chad is bored? It is done! Filing out of the stadium... Dallin got tons of leis! Siuta, one of my former Seminary students made him several! The beautiful blue/purple one, and the a few candy ones, look at the starburt one!!! THANK YOU, Siuta!!! Oh, here is another one! Thank you, Kathy!!! Brothers! Grandma and Grandpa Bergquist Dallin and a fe of his friends wore there boots for Grandpa Measles! Tanner and Tony came to support the graduates! Dallin and Ricky. Ricky lives straight across the street from us... great friends forever! Mike and Dallin, I remember when his mom and I were both prego together! Again, great friends forever! Dallin and THE GIRLS Dallin and Kaitlin

Devin turned 24 on June 11th! HAPPY Belated BIRTHDAY Devo!!! LOVE YOU!!!
It was so cute, Diana, his darling wife gave him a 24 Birthday party! My boys are major Laker fans, and Kobe's number is, yep, you got it.... 24! Here are a few pictures of "The Party"!
And, yes, the Lakers gave him a wonderful gift... THEY WON!!! Devin is quite the Herper, go here to see some of his adventures, he and his cousin have started a Herping blog! Devin and Diana found this great museum too... Diana is such a good sport!
They are currently living in N.M. installing security systems, Love you and miss you both!!


Joy For Your Journey said...

Congratulations to your son on his graduation. I love the pictures! I also love the lei tradition. How fun is that! And leis and cowboy boots!!

Bren's Life said...

Cute pictures.. I didn't know lei's were the thing to give for graduating.. I never got one & have never seen anyone with them until this year..

Lisa said...

Love that your son wore his grandpa's tie for graduation. My son was drooling over the Laker cake. Gotta love Kobe's skills.

Kaci said...

What fun!! Looks like there is always fun at your place and your boys place!! Glad the Lakers won for such a great occasion. Could you imagine if they didn't? :)

Scrappy Girl said...

Congrats to Dallin and Happy Bday to Devin...loved all the pics. The leis are such a great idea. We don't do that here in the east.

Cherie said...

I know your dad has been very ill and I thought is was so special that he sent Dallin a bolo tie and he wore it! That is awesome!
Congrats to the graduate!
I had to laugh at the bored little brother picture. That is totally my youngest. They go to enough graduations and weddings that they know they have to sit and they have seen it all before!! ha ha
BTW you son is so tall! How tall is that boy?

wilma said...

I know you were happy to get home and in your own bed. No place like home but so glad you could be there for James and Shari.

Loved the Bolo...and boots and what a sweet thing to do leis. That is so fun.

Love to you all!

KC Mom said...

Whoa! Lots going on! That graduation looks like one of the best ones I've ever seen. How cool that you can go to a graduation outdoors! I'm impressed with the announcement Dallin designed too.
My Chloe will be in Chipman Hall this year!

Drake Family said...

I love the 24 B-day party. That is too cute!! Glad that you are home again although it is probably good to be home, it is probably hard being away from your mom and dad. My mom was glad she got to spend time with you there.

The Kooky Queen--Rachel said...

That cake is so stinkin' COOOOOOOOOOL!!! Love all the pics of the graduation too, looks like you've been busy!