Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Hack Hack Hack..... and you thought hacking was only due to coughing

Shaila is at work.

I am at play....

I bet she wishes I would go JUST away......... (Or at least forget her passwords!)

Calling all, Shaila friends.. Lets help a girl out here. If we don't help her out, her stomach is going to sue her teeth for neglect!

As you know she is working now, getting off at 5. Its hard to come home and get dinner going.. SO. lets surprise her and send some quick recipes and meal ideas! If you don't have a quick dinner idea, then send her a little encouragement to her as she enters back in the work force...

I would help her out... BUT.... she didnt like my last idea for a BBQ

Well, its been over an hour and it still isnt showing up on google reader..... what fun is it to hack, if it wont post!!! ARGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG

Monday, July 27, 2009

Starting Work

It has been wonderful to be blessed enough that I have been able to stay home to raise my boys! But, with the economy the way it is Brad and I both thought it would be nice if I could find a part time job to help out with finances. I looked at a few places around Christmas time but no one was willing to let me have the Sabbath off, so I remained unemployed. A friend of mine who works for an optometrist part time called me a week or so ago and told me that the other gal she works with gave her 2 week notice, so Kathy was wondering if I would be interested. YES!!! I had to make a resume and go in for an interview. I was a little nervous because of my age and not having worked in years! I knew there were a couple of cute young gals interested too... Anyway, long story short, I got the job!!!

I started on Saturday. Kathy trained me... I greet the patient, make copies of their ID and Insurance card, enter the info on the computer and start them a file. I take them back and check their eyes on several different machines... (This is NOT our office, but this is what the machines look like) I then write the results from the machines and put it on their chart. I then take the patient into the exam room...

It was really fun. I need to go buy scrubs now!!!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Thought Question...

Are you trading what you want MOST for what you want in the moment?

Monday, July 20, 2009

Update on Daddy

I just called mom to check on things and mom was in tears. Dad has been REALLY nauseated for a week or so now. He is on "the strongest anti-nausea" meds, the next step would be IV (says the Dr.) He has been throwing up every day, he even threw up his ensure this morning. He can't lay flat, last night they stayed up till 12:30 with him propped up on the couch. My brother just came home from work and is taking them to the ER to get dad hydrated. It is so hard being so far away and feeling so helpless. I am SO grateful that my brother lives so close and has a wonderful job so that he can be there for them night and/or day! Thank you, Dirk, I love you!

Poor mom, they have come to the conclusion that it might be time to call in Hospice. He needs a hospital bed. They have not wanted to call Hospice for a couple of reasons...
1) They do not want to feel like they are giving up
2) They have my brother and his family close AND they have plenty of wonderful people that can and will help from church
3) Mom really doesn't like people that she doesn't know in and out of the house.

Say a prayer... pray for my sweet mom...
Thank you dear friends/family... LOVE YOU!

UPDATE ~ Utah time 3:55 pm
Just heard from Dirk, they are at the ER and they are giving him fluids and nausea meds thru IV, he is already feeling better! They are also going to do an Xray to make sure there is no blockage! They said they can give him nausea meds to take home that he can put under his tongue so that it will go right into the blood stream and he will not throw them up!

Dirk said that on the way to the ER dad saw Beto's (he loves their breakfast burritos) and he teased and said, "Hey, do you think we have time to stop at Beto's?" They knew he was teasing, he has been nauseated and cant keep anything down, but he is still his cute little joking self!!!

The ER in American Fork is wonderful... they are on top of things! THANK YOU!!!
PS A nurses aid just came in and asked him if there was anything they could get him... he said he would love a large chocolate shake. Guess who is now eating a large chocolate shake? He is too cute!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

A trip to Utah

I am way behind on posts... but I really NEED to get some pictures posted from my little trip to visit mom and dad. I drove up there the day after graduation with my mother in law, June 11 (Devin's Bday) and was able to stay thru Father's Day!!! Here are a few fun pics from the trip... My cute daddy sitting on the couch Okay, time for a rest... While I was there my sister in law and my cute neices worked in mom and dad's back yard. We dug around all the fruit trees and put some cement rounds and nice dirt and some bark around them. It will make it much easier for my sweet nephew to mow and it will be better for the trees too! Here are a couple of pics that mom took of us... Here is dad, coming out to see what we had done! While I was there dad was scheduled to have his biliary tube replaced. He has this done about every 3 months. Here is a picture of him in the recovery room. Also while I was there Brad, Dallin and Chad went up to the Bergquist's family reunion. They didnt take many pictures, but here are a few. All of my boys love little babies! Their oldest cousin had twins and this was the first time that the had seen them! Here is a picture of the group that was there this year... a pretty small group this year! After the reunion, Brad and the boys came back down to my parents house for a few days. Here are some pics of my brother's oldest son, Jack. Dallin and Grandpa My parents have a huge tree on their side yard and we all enjoy going and sitting out under it... My brother's youngest... she is darling, and boy does she have a personality! Then for FHE on Monday evening we had a BBQ. Brad got dad's grill out and guess what??!!! THERE WERE TONS OF WASPS NESTS in it!!! YIKES! I took a few pics of Bradly boy getting rid of the nests and wasps, it was actually fun to watch him swing the fly swatter and jump so not to get stung, lol... glad he didnt get stung, that might not have been so funny! Chad shucking the corn... Taking a break... WHERE'S THE BEEF??? Oh, yummy, almost done! I do have to say, Bradly boy makes the BEST burgers around, he seems to season them just right! Opps, something funny! Right out the nose! Derek and Devin have been giving grandpa his hair cuts but unfortunately they werent there! So, Brad stepped up to the plate... Grandma noticed little trees growing in the rain gutter, so Dallin got a ladder and got them out! LOL, this is the funniest site ever... the rest of the crew watching "the show"! Of course Brad and the boys always find time to play a little golf! And a little bike ride... A very tender picture ~ grandpa doing his home teaching. Yep, his companion AND the people he teaches comes over so he can fulfill his calling! There is some really wonderful people in their ward! Dallin, Grandpa, and Chad It was a very fun trip up to visit family! We had some good times! I plan on going back next month! I love you mom and dad... see ya soon!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Just a quickie

Dallin got his AP test scores in the mail today! Can you read them? He got a 4 on his English Language Test, and a 5 of his Statistics test! CONGRATS Dallin!!!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Graduation and A Birthday

I am way behind... Remember, this is my journal so it will be long... here goes!

Dallin graduated Wed. night (June 10th) and then on Thursday (Devin's Birthday) I headed out to Utah so I havent posted Graduation pics Or a HAPPY BIRTHDAY message to Devo, so sorry, but know that I love you guys!!!

Dallin's Graduation announcement, he designed them himself!

With dad so ill mom and dad were not able to come to Cali for Dallin's graduation... They were really sad to not be there WITH us but they picked out one of dad's Bolo ties and mailed it to Dallin. Dallin is dressed like a cowboy for Grandpa! Here he is ready to go... Filing in... That is him towards the left with the gold sash... On their way to the stage! Brennon, Dallin and Ricky! Getting the diploma! (You can totally see Grandpa's Bolo Tie!!!) HAHAHA, think Chad is bored? It is done! Filing out of the stadium... Dallin got tons of leis! Siuta, one of my former Seminary students made him several! The beautiful blue/purple one, and the a few candy ones, look at the starburt one!!! THANK YOU, Siuta!!! Oh, here is another one! Thank you, Kathy!!! Brothers! Grandma and Grandpa Bergquist Dallin and a fe of his friends wore there boots for Grandpa Measles! Tanner and Tony came to support the graduates! Dallin and Ricky. Ricky lives straight across the street from us... great friends forever! Mike and Dallin, I remember when his mom and I were both prego together! Again, great friends forever! Dallin and THE GIRLS Dallin and Kaitlin

Devin turned 24 on June 11th! HAPPY Belated BIRTHDAY Devo!!! LOVE YOU!!!
It was so cute, Diana, his darling wife gave him a 24 Birthday party! My boys are major Laker fans, and Kobe's number is, yep, you got it.... 24! Here are a few pictures of "The Party"!
And, yes, the Lakers gave him a wonderful gift... THEY WON!!! Devin is quite the Herper, go here to see some of his adventures, he and his cousin have started a Herping blog! Devin and Diana found this great museum too... Diana is such a good sport!
They are currently living in N.M. installing security systems, Love you and miss you both!!