Friday, February 11, 2011

Family Group Pictures!

I am really late posting this but so much was happening at the time... anyway, I really want to document the pictures taking so here goes!

Thanksgiving weekend was Dallin's farewell and we had the whole family in town. We decided to do a family group picture since Dallin would be gone for the next two years. The guys do not enjoy taking pictures as much as girls do... and so when we finished the ones I HAD to have the girls and I decided to stick around and do some fun ones of them! They are quite the models! Kaitlin is a close friend to the family and she was so willing to these for us, THANK YOU KAITLIN!!!
This first one was just for fun, one of me and my girls!

Diana is such a tiny little thing, I thought this was so cute of her!

I like this one of Brittany, it should be on the cover of a country music CD!

My darling daughters in law, I just love them!

I LOVE this pic of the boys! It totally shows their personalities, always goofing off! It just makes me happy to look at!

Derek and Brittany!

Devin and Diana!

This is the family picture that we decided on... it hangs on a wall in the family room... even though my hair is blonde again and Devin has shaved his beard!

This is also on one of the walls in my family room. Blake had to leave early that day to go to a funeral, so we didn't get a pic of him. I really need to get one of him SOON!!

As the boys were taking all the props back to the car, I looked up to see Dallin carrying the suitcases, I quickly got Kaitlin's attention... it was so symbolic of why we were doing family pictures at this time... so symbolic of Dallin leaving to go to serve the Lord for two years... love this pic!


tammy said...

I love the pictures! Every single one of them.

Bren's Life said...

Absolutely Amazing pictures. You have such a beautiful family.

Letti said...

They are all beautiful. I love the colors you choose. You have a beautiful family.

Anonymous said...

I love you. You have raised great kids, and their cute too!! I hope to be like you one day.

Pancake said...

Great pictures! YOU ALL LOOK AWESOME! And that one of Brittany, really should be on a country music cover!

Lisa Loo said...

FABULOUS! You all look so happy and the colors are perfect--thanx for sharing--