Sunday, January 1, 2012

The Blessing of another grandson!

I haven't written in a while... I don't know when and why life has gotten so busy! As most of you know we were blessed with our 1st grandbaby in July! The previous post was the 1st time we got to see him... he was about 16 days old then. He is now 5 months old! Wow, how time flies! Here are a couple of current pics of baby Weston...
Here he is helping his mommy wash the dishes...
We think he might be teething, he loves chewing on anything, lol...
He always has a big smile!!! (Not sure if the wash clothe made his face so read or what)
In his Laker jersey that the O'Connors gave him!
Always smilin'...
As you can tell most of those pictures came from Christmas!


Devin and Diana asked me a few months ago if I would like to come up for the birth of Krew... YES!!!! Of course I would LOVE to!!!


I looked for a cheap flight up to SLC... had to GUESS when Krew would make his grand entrance into mortality... booked it and headed to spend some time with Devin and Diana!

This is the last picture I got of Diana pregnant...
I got there really late on Wed. Dec. 7th. We had a lot of fun just hanging out and running around. Devin and Diana were really excited and a little impatient for Krew to come... Devin would bug Diana by making her do all kinds of things including jumping jacks hoping it would put her into labor. But, Krew had his own little agenda...

Finally on Dec. 14th around 5 am Devin came into my room and said, "It's time! We're going to the hospital!" We were all really excited!
We got her all checked in... and she was already dilated to a 5 so she was able to get her epidural right away...
It was pretty awesome and a little emotional...

Mom, Dad, and baby meeting...
measuring, weighing, 1st bath, foot prints...
One happy daddy!
We brought the new mommy and baby home on the 16th...
Derek and Brittany made a Welcome home sign!
Under the Christmas tree..
Well, THAT AND talking to our missionary!!!
I love my new little grandsons... I just hate not living closer... I would love to hug and kiss them EVERY day!!!
And, I know some others that just love holding them too!
And, this was just the cutest... I wish you could have seen this in person... Chad has Christmas music coming from the phone, Brad is feeding Krew and they are SINGING to him!!! TOO CUTE!
Anyone who knows the Bergquist family knows that the guys are a little obsessed with the Lakers... Our dear friends, the O'Connors, bought the babies Laker's gear!
I loved that Krew fit in Devin's stocking...
We had a wonderful Christmas! And, hope you did too!


Letti said...

Ahh they are both so cute! I love the name Krew! If Paisley would have been a boy that was going to be the name. I have missed you. I hope we can meet soon friend!

tammy said...

How neat that you got to be there for the birth!

One thing's for sure....your family knows how to make cute boys!

Cynthia said...

They're both gorgeous! Congratulations on the beautiful new additions. My Mom says it was totally worth being a Mom just so she could be a Grandma!

heather said...


How fun is that!?

Joy For Your Journey said...

It seems like life is really good right now, don't you think? Congrats on the new baby!! So cute!

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