Sunday, January 11, 2009

Catching up...

Till we meet again...

One of my favorite talks is "The Play and the Plan" by Pres. Boyd K. Packer. He likens the Plan of Salvation to a three act play, with the pre-existence being Act 1. We enter Act 2 with no knowledge of Act 1. (hence the veil) Act 2 is full of trials... He says that "Happily Ever After" happens in Act 3. It is a great talk! You can go HERE to read it.

The death of a child is especially poignant, or that of a young person, or of a needed father or mother. We do miss those who die. No matter how many friends or family members one has, the loss of one beloved person is difficult.

One great difference for us is our added knowledge that death is not permanent, that families can be forever. The understanding we have of the reality of the resurrection makes the waiting endurable and purposeful. Indeed, "sweet is the peace the gospel brings". (Joy F. Evans Ensign, Nov. 1987, p. 93)

We love you Gabe... until we meet again!

At the end of the football season there was a football banquet to give out awards. We had a nice dinner and then the awards were handed out. Just before the football season started our head coach lost his father. His father had played football, coached football and was helping as an assistant coach for our team the last couple of years. With his passing our booster club thought it would be nice to do a scholarship in his name, they asked our head coach and he was very pleased with the idea. No one on the team knew that they were going to do this. At the end of the night, after the MVP etc had been announce the coach told about this new award. He then had his mother stand and tell about how strongly his father felt about each of the players and about how he wanted them to all get their education and told that they had decided to give out a scholarship in her husbands name. The coach then stood and announced that Dallin would be the recipient of this scholarship! We were shocked and thrilled! Congrats Dallin!
On New Year's Eve Dallin and some friends went to the dollar store and played like little boys... they crack me up! Notice the play guns, swords, and horns!
Tanner, Dal was so glad to have you home! Good luck during baseball season! We will miss you!

Dallin had his 18th Birthday!
Happy Birthday Dallin, you are a wonderful son, we are so proud of you!!! I love you
Jan. 4th we headed to Utah to see my parents and Derek and Brittany. Here is a picture of Derek cutting grandpa's hair!
It was nice to see everyone!

While Chad and I were in Utah Dallin had a couple of soccer games. In the 1st one he got a concussion and then he played again 2 days later... important game, ya know... and he broke his nose! I was driving on my way home Friday evening when I got a call from one of his friends who happened to be at the game. At first I thought, yeah, right... so it is bleeding... but broken??!!! Uh, yeah, it was! The trainer asked him if he was 18 (Brad was on route to the game but not there yet, yep, happened at the VERY beginning of the game!) Yep, Dallin was 18 years and 6 days old, LOL. So, the trainer told him that he could give him permission to set it. He did and he did. When Brad arrived they were icing it... the trainer did a nice job! It is bruised but it is straight! The trainer told Brad that it had looked like J... yikes! Sorry no pics of the bloody nose, I wasn't there! You KNOW I would have taken pics IF I were!
Kaitlin, thanks for these great pics! Love ya!

TODAY is Blake's 22nd Birthday! Happy Birthday bubba! It was so nice having you home for a few weeks during the holidays! I miss you already! I love you!


Mechelle said...

You have such a good looking family! I am sorry for the passing of your friend. I love that talk. It is one of my favorite. Act 2 is where all the hardship happens. I am looking forward to happily~ever~after. But that is a long time away for me.

Congratz to Dallin for the scholarship. m

brieanne. said...

what a post! i love that you took pictures at the funeral ... most people think it's weird but I loved taking them. you have such insight ... you are a true spiritual beacon. That is awesome about Dallin's scholarship! Where is he going to go to school? I love those b/w pics of him. you should blow the first up poster size! how is your dad doing? i just need to call you .... this comment could go on forever we have that much to catch up on! miss you!

Cynthia said...

So much going on for you all. Again, I'm so sorry to hear of Gabe's passing. My sister has buried a child and it's just not how things are supposed to be. His poor family.

Congrats to your son on the scholarship and to YOU for surviving sons. I'm so not ready for the teen years. Good thing I've got awhile.

tammy said...

I've been meaning to email you to see how the funeral went and how your son was doing with it.

Love all the pics. You've been busy! Your boys are so handsome. Those ones of Dallin and the soccer ball look like they should be an ad for something. And yay on the scholarship! That is fantastic!

Good to hear from you!

McEwens said...

Hey your dads color looks pretty good! How is he doing? Holding food down at night now?


Dals poor nose! Is it still pretty bruised? How many games is he out?

Happy birthdays to both Blake and Dal!

glad you are home! Missed ya!

nikkicrumpet said...

Wow you've been so busy with so much happening. congrats to Dallin on the Scholarship! And Happy Birthday. You sure do have beautiful people in your family!

Kaci said...

Thanks for the update!! WTG on the scholorship!! =>

Anonymous said...

I feel totally in the loop now! Wow, you've been busy.

It sounds like happy and sad all mixed into one week for you.

wilma said...

glad you made it home. James looks pretty good. Who is the barber??? Your son? I may have to report that. Congrats on the scholarship and sorry about the nose. Some days the sun shines...sometimes it rains. I need to call you. Love ya, Aunt Willie Wonka

::Jan:: said...

So very much going on in your life. Good, sad and good. I was glad to see some pictures. I have missed you terribly. Take care Shaila.

SwainstonFam said...

You did have a lot to catch up on! I love that talk by Pres. Packer also.
Tell Dallin congrats for getting the scholarship from all of us! That is soo cool!

Joneel said...

Wow, so you've been busy too. There was Christmas for me, that got passed over kind of, because we were looking forward to Michelle's wedding on the 27th. We had Melissa (daughter) and family here for the wedding and my whole family. Whew. Then I went to Utah to take up all the gifts and a bed. It's time to take a breather now. ha ha.

wonder woman said...

Good to see you again! You've got a great looking family - great picture of you and Dallin. It's so hard when a life is suddenly taken. Our stake president lost his son last week -- he was only 22. And it was another member of our stake who was the driver. (Everyone slid on some ice.) Within 24 hours, our stake prez. was calling the man who hit his son, to comfort and offer forgiveness.

I suppose I didn't need to share that, but it's really fresh in my mind. Our knowledge of the afterlife is a great comfort, but it's still hard to make sense of at times.

Lisa Loo said...

Missed you! Mothers outliving children is a toughie. Its all tough--what am I saying??! I too--loved that you took photos. Thanx for the link to the talk and an uplift to my day!

Your sons are so handsome! I agee with everyone else that those black and whites belong on an ad for something. So I need to go back and find that post with your family picture so I can place everyone. Sounds like you have been busy and your life is full---good times--good memorie--glad you are back!

Susie Harris said...

Your house looks like mine... always full of boys. Wouldnt want it any other way, smile~

Redhoodoos said...

Your family is gorgeous!! Wow - you've had a busy busy couple of weeks. Glad you're back!

beth at aunties said...

You have a good looking family;) And what a whirlwind these past few weeks! Highs and lows. I am glad you posted the Plan of Salavation. It is so important for me to keep the BIG picture of Eternity forefront!

With having three sons of my own close in age, I remember with great fondness the crazy fun which happens when they and their friends all get together:) Their wifes sometimes freak out! lol

I am glad that Dallin got his nose popped back fast. Does he still need surgery? Congratulate him on his scholarship! Will he play for the Y?
Well, Happy Birthday to Blake and Dallin and also congratulations to Dallin. Again heartfelt sympathy at the passing of Gabe.

Glad you are back!

Tink said...

Wow! You HAVE been busy! How sad when a young one passes away. The talk sounds By Elder Packer sounds like a great one to read. How neat to also do a scholarship in the head coach's father's name! What a special thing you did. Oh, and Happy birthday Dallin! He's one hunk of a kid. I bet you've had girls knocking down your doors! Congrats!

Sher said...

I so sorry about Dallin's friend. That's got to be so hard.
That's great about his scholarship, though.
Tell him congrats!

Anonymous said...

I know I have been absent in commenting for a little while due to all the craziness at this time of year. I am sorry to have happened upon this post and want you to know that you and your family are in my thoughts.

You're family is beautiful and congrats to your son on the scholorship, that is too cool!

Scrappy Girl said...

You ARE playing catch! Congrats to Dallin on getting that scholarship!

Bren's Life said...

What a Great post.. I love all your pictures & I felt like I was right there with ya through some of it. With the great details. Thanks!
I'm glad to see your dad is doing better. Glad to know your sons nose was able to be fixed to. Those are great pictures of him.
Sorry about Gabe's passing. Didn't even know him but it's hard to see all those boys hurting. I love that talk. It's awesome.
Glad things are going better for your hubby & the office.. What does he do? Guess you guys aren't hiring huh? :)

Anonymous said...

It is, I think, our greatest comfort that we know we will see our loved ones again. It still hurts beyond belief. I STILL think of things I want to tell Shalyn, especially at Christmas. Knowing we'll see them again for eternity doesn't help as much as we'd like to be sure, but it makes all the difference. That said, I cannot imagine losing a child. His parents are in my prayers.

That said, I'll never forget the look on your face when we were standing at PaPa's coffin and you said he didn't look "right". And I said, "That's because he isn't pinching us!"

Uncle James letting the grandkid give him a hair cut. I so wish we had pictures of him dying Aunt Shari's hair. It's burned into my brain! Then we'd sit at the kitchen table and chat. THAT would have been priceless!!! *lol*

Levi says not to worry about Dal's concussion and broken nose, because having had concussion experience, Levi thinks Dal won't remember. *lol* Not so sure on the nose thing, but Levi thinks there is a two day rule.

And what's up with the injuries in the sports without pads? Levi is beat to pieces in basketball this week, Dal in soccer. Can we request helmets?

Also, Happy Birthday Blake!

Love ya sweetie,