Thursday, February 19, 2009

All Because Two People Fell in Love

Hello, blog hacker here. I wanted to wish and have you ALL join with me in wishing

Shaila and Brad HAPPY 27th ANNIVERSARY!

Well. lets have some fun in learning about the happy couple, shall we? I mean I never know how long we have this post up before she gets up and sees what we have done! Notice I said WE cause if you are reading this, you are now part of hacking this blog. Come on, don't get all goody two shoes keep on reading! You know you want to!

It all started 27 years ago, in the St George Temple.

Actually it started long before that, in a disco, called the STAR PLACE...

.. but I am going to get back to that... That is ONE COOL Story!

Ever wonder what Shaila and Brad looked like 27 years ago.....

This is a picture of their wedding announcement. Aren't they just too cute! Don't you think Brad looks like Blake? (Look on the side bar to see what Blake looks like)

So lets play a game getting to know the Happy Couple....Pick a topic about Brad and Shaila and ask her in the comments to tell you about this particular moment! (Each topic has to do with their courtship)

Here are the topics to choose from.....

PAVER arms.....

A DISCO..... (Star Palace) In case you are wondering, that's not Shaila in the picture below. That's her roommate, Lucy, yeah I'll go with that story. WORK IT GIRL!

A hairy MAN (Yeah- OK -no pictures of that, isn't just saying a hairy man enough? Geeze what more do you people want)

A pizza place (Brick Oven) Just how many at this table?

A Basket Ball court

A car.... wait, better not ask that one!

I will stop there ............. In your comments, ask Shaila to tell any or ALL of these stories! I am sure come Friday she will be more than happy to dish it out ..

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to a couple that really demonstrates what marriage is all about. You are his queen and he is your prince! May your dreams come true!

PS thanks for NOT changing your password!! Love you Both!



KC Mom said...

Wow! Happy 27th! That is awesome!
You got up early for this post!
I'd be happy to hear any of those stories..
but I'd really like a sip of that yummy drink you have there too!

Kaylynn said...

Happy Anniversary. Brick Oven would be a great story. Who is the hacker?

McEwens said...

Happy Anniversary!!! Oh I think I want to hear about the Brick oven and the Star Palace!!! HEE HEE HEE

Have a great day! Hopefully you arent working at the school today!

Let me know how your dads surgery goes!

tammy said...

Happy Anniversary Shaila!

You are such a beautiful couple.

And I want to hear ALL the stories. LOL.

Scrappy Girl said...

Happy guys are so cute together! I want to hear ALL those stories too!

Drake Family said...

Ok this is just too funny! What a great friend (maybe you're not thinking that at the moment lol) for knowing you so well. Happy Anniversary and since all those subjects were listed, I think you are going to have a lot of readers wanting to know about all of them! I know you got my curiousity level up!!
P.S. The last pic. of you is a cute one!!

::Jan:: said...

Pancake, you are so awesome.

This is a lovely tale of 2 wonderful people for sure. Happy Anniversary you two. You look happy and fun and together forever. You are truly examples to many.

I have been married longer than you and have no married kids? I am so jealous right now.

Love you guys.

Kaci-Ellyphant said...

Awhhh congrats guys!!! I wanna hear all about those stories!! => XOXO

Julie said...

As a friend of "the Hacker" I wanted to wish you a very happy 27th anniversary! What a great tribute from a wonderful....friend??? Gotta love her....and change passwords often! haha!

Rachel said...

Awwww...if only all blog hackers could be this nice!!! Happy 27th, you guys are amazing!!! What I wish that most marriages become! I wanna know who the hacker is too and of course all these crazy stories!!! Looks like lots of fun blog posts to come!!!

wonder woman said...

I want to hear about PAVER ARMS!!! You'd better dish, Shaila!

Cynthia said...

Happy anniversary! The years have obviously treated you well because you both look pretty darn fab. Enjoy!

Mechelle said...

After all these years and your hair still looks great! Yours too Shaila! Happiest of anniversaries to both of you. m

Jackson 3 said...


Beth at Aunties said...

Happy Anniversary!!!!! Don't you just love it when your blog is hacked into by those who love you the most?
I love the Brick Oven! What is your story?

I also love cars...?????? Hello!

You both are beautiful people ~ inside and out!

Anonymous said...

Happy anniversary to you both!

I love the idea of whoever hacked into your blog, they must love you!!

Personally, I would love to hear all of the stories!

Have a spectacular anniversary date!

Pedaling said...

to the cutest couple, still, after 27 years and obviously fabulously in love.
all the stories, please.

Bren's Life said...

Shaila if you really wanted to talk about yourself & life. All you had to do is type away. We'll all listen.. You don't need to pretend to not be you! Because we know Pam would never hack into your computer..
Happy Anniversary- hope your having a great day.
And please tell me your secret to being so Beautiful & skinny? You look so good.

The B's said...

Happy Anniversary Brad and Shaila! I want to know ALL the stories!

Dev and Di said...

Happy Anniversary!!!!!!!!!! :)

nikkicrumpet said...

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY YOU GUYS. You were adorable then and are still beautiful! I really want to hear about the "hairy man"

Melissa said...

Wow 27 years! Happy Anniversary! I want to hear about all of these stories too!

brieanne. said...

HAPPY HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!! You two truly are an inspiration as to what a marriage should be ... I love you both & hope that your anniversary was great!

kitchenditcher said...

Happy Anniversary a little late! 27 for you and 29 for us (Feb 7) How did that go by so fast?!?

Beautiful pics, a beautiful you and a beautiful family!!

Do ya just feel so dang blessed??

Love you Shaila!

Mother Goose said...

i love it happy anniversary