Monday, February 9, 2009


Well, there is not a lot new going on here. It has been raining off and on for THREE days! Here is a pic out the back, I am surprised the lake isn't overflowing yet... One year we had it up in our yard and fish were swimming in and out between the fence!As you can see here it is not up over the edge yet... oh, and look. The Christmas lights are still on the fence. NICE.

Here is a pic looking out my kitchen window, look at those big drops of rain!


I painted my laundry room like I said I was going to... It is a fun bright green... looks like an apple green to me but the color is called "asparagus", it is by Behr paint. There are not really any decorations in there yet. Brad did get the 2 shelves hung for me but that is it for now.

You can see that my washer and dryer do not match. My washer broke a few years ago when we were washing and packing to go to a family reunion. We had to go buy a washer but couldn't afford a dryer too, LOL... That poor black shelf looks lonely, huh?


Brad is at Dallin's soccer game right now, I am SAD to be missing it but Chad and I are working on putting his Science Project board together, it is due tomorrow and we have FHE (Family Home Evening) with the YSA's (Young Single Adults) tonight. Last week after the lesson we played LDS Jeopardy. Chad was the only one that knew the first answer it was funny! Tonight after the lesson they are playing dodge ball. Anyway, Kaitlin is texting me about the soccer game. I sure hope they win! They have today's game and Wednesday's game to see what place they take this year and if they get to go on to CIF!


My friend Kari spoke in church yesterday and did a GREAT job. You can go HERE if you would like to read it. I would like to mention something that Dallin Oak's said from her talk...

The Savior confirmed the importance of being converted, even for those already with a testimony of truth, during the Last Supper when he told Simon Peter, "I have prayed for thee, that thy faith fail not: and when thou art converted, strengthen thy brethren." (Luke 22:32) This truly amazes me and really puts things into perspective. Think about this for a while: In order to strengthen his brethren - to nourish and lead the flock of God - this man who had followed Jesus for three years, who had been given the authority of the holy apostleship, who had been a valiant teacher and testifier of the Christian gospel, and whose testimony had caused the Master to declare him blessed - still had to be "converted".

When then can this conversion take place? Now! Now is the time. But what about the days when we're not ready to be shaped by the potter's hand? You know, those days when we are not ready to stop being offended about something, not ready to forgive someone, still determined to give someone the silent treatment, and so on. What we are really saying is "Hold on! I don't feel like becoming like the Savior Today".


These are the days when we need to fall down on our knees and pray the hardest.
My friend Jodi is having a give away... go HERE to sign up to win! She is the purple QUEEN!
We are waiting to hear if Dallin got accepted to BYU...
BTW, since Brad and I are over the YSA's now we are in charge of their Sunday School class too. Brad taught on Sunday. It was the first time I have EVER heard him teach, weird, huh? I have heard him give many, many talks but not teach. He is a great teacher! The kids loved it, they kept talking about it. We were going to have THEM take turns teaching but I think Brad will teach every other week and then have one of them teach every other week. They want him to teach every week but we feel that they need the opportunity to teach too, it always helps one to grow so much!
Just got a text... it is half time. We are behind by 1. The refs are against us as always, why does that happen? Our team has 2 yellow cards and they got an offsides kick in the 1st half. GREAT. (can you hear the sarcasm?)

Well, I better get back to that Science Project.... have a great week!

OMG, just got another text, we scored! It is tied!!!! Party On! (although, it is NOT over! YIKES)


KC Mom said...

How strange that you and I are on similar tracks.
We're still waiting to hear from BYU for Chloe although we did get an email saying they would start notifying today.
I just painted my laundry room today too! It's a blue color...I need to post it tomorrow.
I've been thinking a lot about Peter and his conversion. If he can do it so well, so can I.

KC Mom said...

I'm a total geek too...I checked my email several times today as well.
I'm studying Romans now...just started and I don't like it very well. I know that's a terrible attitude but I really believe it's a very doctrinal book and I have a very short attention span. I also think it's one of those books that has a lot of truth missing so there's more research to do. Weeks like this make me think I'm not cut out for this job!

Kaylynn said...

I love the laundry room!

::Jan:: said...

Your laundry room is to love to fold and wash clothes. Great job.

Our ward conference was on being converted. Was that the theme yesterday? I learned how much I need to do yet to really heed my conversion.

Hope the game goes well. Yoo Hoo..

Mechelle said...

Love the laundry room. So cute. I spend most of my life doing laundry, I can see why you would want it so cute.

I am hoping Dallin got into BYU. I went there and got a great education.

I love the rain. The bigger the drops the better.

My washer and dryer did not match for about 17 years. The funny thing about that was that the clothes so got cleaned anyway. Weird huh?

KC Mom
Romans has 2 of my favorite scripture in it. I will post them on Sunday. If I remember. If I don't, remind me. PLEASE. M

Cynthia said...

I love your laundry room! The color is perfect with the white cabinets.

Sounds like you are busy, busy, busy as always. I hope you get good news about the 'Y'. I have some VERY cute neices that are living down by the Y (though they got to UVU). Blonde twins.

I just loved college. I hope he has the same kind of wonderful experience I did.

SwainstonFam said...

I LOVE your laundry room! It looks awesome!!!
So, did they win the game?!?

tammy said...

The paint turned out great! That looks like the shade in the photo I was going to scan you, so it's funny that the sample wasn't the right shade. I can't decide if I'm doing white cabinets, or black distressed. I like how yours looks with the white.

We've been getting some rain too. Funny about the lake ending up in your yard sometimes. Sometimes we get so much that our pool starts to overflow, and the golf course turns into a lake.

I love random posts like this too.

McEwens said...

Hey you! LOVE the laundry room! I can see why the black and white towels would look so great there!

SO how did the game end up? Are they in first now>? Going to go to CIF??

Debbie said...

Your laundry room looks great! I love the color you chose.

heather said...

Your laundry room is beautiful. I love that shade of green contrasted with the white. Gorgeous~

Letti said...

I love the color in your laundry room. I have the hardest time choosing paint colors but your taste is amazing. I am so thankful for the rain but I am ready to see the sun. It looks like I got my wish today. I know what you mean when it comes to refs. A frined of the family who is a soccer referee said taht their are certain schools that they talk about at their meetings and one of tehm is Colton High School. Nobody wants to do their games because they are afraid. This makes me laugh because I attended this school along with all 5 of my brotehrs and sisters. My sister just gradualted last year and none of us ever felt afraid at any point.

Scrappy Girl said...

I love the color of green you chose for your laundry pretty!

Lisa Loo said...

Who knew I could actually ever like asparagus??! Lovely on your walls--not so much on my plate.

I miss our family's soccer days.

Sounds like you guys are every stake or wards YSA DREAM team!

Loved your thoughts on Peter.

I think Australia would like to trade weather with you right about now!

Cherie said...

I keep seeing your blog listed on blogs that I am on and so I decided to come check it out :)
I hope you don't mind me visiting I like to find other LDS mom's to blog with.
Looks like we have alot in common -I have 1 married, 2 at BYU and my Senior was just accepted to BYU Hawaii and is over the moon. Good luck to your son and I hope you hear soon.
Totally love the color of you laundry room! It looks beautiful:)
Hope you don't mind me checking your blog it is really fun!
Happy Day:)

Derek & Brittany said...

i just love reading your blog. Period.

KC Mom said...

I thought I'd let you know that several kids we know in this area heard back from BYU today...all denials of admittance.
We haven't heard maybe that's good news???

wonder woman said...

Love the laundry room! I think that shelf need a jar of soap. :) That's funny that in so many years you've never heard your husband teach. I can imagine he'd be pretty good since he's married to you! I LOVE hearing my husband teach. That's a great idea about having the youth teach. You're right -- you learn so much when you teach.

nikkicrumpet said...

Love the paint's the perfect happy color for the laundry room. Lord knows something happy should be in that room and it ain't doing the laundry lol.

The Bergquists said...

Um im Love your Laundary room! And boy oh boy do you guys sounds buisy!

Kaci said...

I'm so glad it's raining instead of snowing! YUCK! :) Laundry room looks fab!

Barb said...

I dropped by to thank you for entering my ugly quilt giveaway. You have an awesome blog. Your family looks so perfect, I am glad there are families like yours that are moving in the right direction...

Sher said...

I'll trade you. I'll take rain any day over this wretched snow!
Your laundry room looks awesome!
Between you and Motherboard, I' starting to get the itch to paint again. I haven't done anything to my house in about 1 year and half.
It's probably time.

Jodi said...

Your laundry room is amazing! I think it would make doing laundry actually fun!

Thanks for the shout out! I checked out your daughter in laws blog too and she is also a purple queen!! She is adorable!!!!

THANKS AGAIN! Hope you win too!

janeen said...

wow, i haven't seen that lake in a long time!! and i love the color you picked for the laundry room, very cute!

Mother Goose said...

i love that color and I love how the white is your accent. It makes the color really pop! it was kewl to hear about soccer in real time! woohoo!

Tink said...

Wow! You got a LOT of rain! Did you go swimming cuz that sure looked like a swimming pool in your backyard ;).