Friday, April 10, 2009

Quotes from Emma Smith

My friend gave me a list of quotes from Emma Smith yesterday.I am only going to only post one a day. I have found that if we read too many good quotes we don't remember them, and they are worth pondering.

"Lilacs won't last very long... the best things never do and that makes them all the sweeter."
Makes me want to plant some... so I will remember and appreciate the sweet things in life! Have a "sweet" life, my friends!


Tink said...

Oh what a true quote! I have four lilac bushes ready to bloom in my backyard! I can't wait because they draw such beautiful butterflies (that my dogs like to chase away *sigh*). Have a wonderful Easter weekend.

tammy said...

Great thought. Can't wait to read them each day.

Makes me miss the lilacs in UT. When they're in bloom of course.

Cherie said...

Love the quote and I think it will be fun to read each one.

We don't have many lilacs here in Idaho. They are beautiful.

Have a very Happy Easter with your family!



Mother Goose said...

i love lilacs they remind me of home. We have tons and tons of lilac trees back home. I can smell them already.

Mechelle said...

All the sweeter. m