Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Okay, just doing some journaling... some catch up... LOTS of pics (so if you are not interested, lol, that is totally fine!)

Derek & Brittany, Devin & Diana, and Blake are all in Tucson for the summer. The boys are installing security systems and the girls are working at a BBQ restaurant. Here are a few pictures I have snagged from their blogs and their face book accounts. I guess I should tell you that my son Devin is WAY into herps! He and Jeff are the original herpers! They just started a blog with pictures of the herps they catch this summer. Dallin does a little herping too! A boy on the golf course last week saw a snake and freaked, he yelled SNAKE! Dallin went RUNNING over there and saw that it was just a garter snake, picked it up and carried it off into the brush and let it go. The boys were all freaking out, asking how he knew it was not poisonous and stuff, LOL... but if Devin is your brother, you know these things! Devin, the herper and his cute assistant, Diana!
Yep, that is a rattlesnake! Here is a pic of Devin "catching it"
Then they caught a gila monster, and yes they too are poisionous!
Everyone deserves a little ice cream, after all, Arizona IS hot! AND, she IS a great assistant! (And a great sport!)
They also went to the fair!

Dallin was invited to the Cheer Banquet... waiting for his ride... and TELLING me I do not need to take pictures ALL the time... one day they WILL thank me! °Ü° Dallin and Farryn
Dallin and Kaitlin
"THE GROUP" These 5 kids have done everything together since middle school... it is actually going to be hard seeing them graduate and head off in different directions! I love you all! You are like my own! Ricky, Farryn, Aimee, Kaitlin, Dallin

Now... a little golf! Dallin's team took league again this year, Congratulations guys! Adding up the score...
Dallin and his dad!
So, now I have to tell you a funny story. (Although, it is one of those, "You had to be there" stories!) THANK goodness Dallin did NOT see this happen!!! Anyway, Kaitlin came to watch the match and so THREE of us were squeezed into the cart. I was driving (I LOVE to drive the cart, and yeah... so, sometimes I go up and down the hills at a NOT SO GOOD ANGLE) Well, you might have guessed by now... we were going (at a bad angle and a little TOO fast) down a hill, I got nervous and instead of using the brake to slow down I turned up the hill well, yeah, I fell OUT of the cart and rolled down the hill!!! WHEN I stopped rolling, I turned to look up at the cart and Kaitlin was rolling down the hill!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! We were laughing our heads off!!! We couldn't even get up, we just laid there LAUGHING! (Brad, being the guy that he is... was a tad bit embarrassed and just slid over, took the wheel, and continued on to watch the match!!!) SO, while Kaitlin and I laid there on the ground laughing our heads off, one of the coaches came over and asked us if we were okay!!! LOL!!! He said he didn’t see the whole thing, but when he looked over he just saw hair going everywhere, LOL!!! We had a fun, fun day!!!

Here is a cute picture of our little Chad boy... gotta love this sweet guy!

BLAKE. We need pictures of you!!! Miss you... Love you...


Letti said...

I wish I would of seen you guys in the golf cart that would have been so funny. I am so glad taht nobody was hurt. You sure do have a beautiful family.

Cherie said...

The golf cart story is too funny! Love it! My husband and boys are AVID and when I say AVID I mean (sun and snow) golfers too. You have to find some way to entertain yourself - hee hee.
I cannot believe your boys catch those poisonous things ick!! I just remember those Gila Monsters from the movie "Holes".
I know what you mean about the group of kids growing up together and then moving on. It is such a great thing for them to have in their youth, and so fun for us as parents. Every once in awhile I will see one of my adopted sons or daughters who comes home from a mission or shows me their new baby. It is so good!
Love all your pictures - You have a really fun family :D

Shauna said...

What a fun post! Thanks for sharing :)

KC Mom said...

It's so fun to catch up on your lives! What I wouldn't give for a little bit of that sun here! We have shocking green coming out here but oh do we pay for it in the way of non-stop rain!
I love to drive the golf cart too...I've been known to take a couple of sharp corners on hills myself :)
Let us know how the dorm thing goes for Dallin!

Lisa said...

Too scary about those poisonous animals. What a cute picture of your son reading a church magazine.

Beth at Aunties said...

You have a beuatiful family...your sons and mine could be peas in a pod as far as many things, and family.

What a great and funny bonding moment. Leave the driving to Brad or watch the speen and angles!

They look like they know how to have fun!

Beth at Aunties said...

You have a beuatiful family...your sons and mine could be peas in a pod as far as many things, and family.

What a great and funny bonding moment. Leave the driving to Brad or watch the speen and angles!

They look like they know how to have fun!

Jan the crazy lady said...

ROGL- roll on ground laughing. Oh my gosh that is so funny Shaila. I can so picture that :) Hope you can still walk.

I hate snakes though. Eww... Cute pics always.

tammy said...

Funny story!

I hope you warned them that is going to get a lot hotter than it is now!

Dev and Di said...

Aww the pic of Chad is so cute! haha I love that you posted thoes pics from our facebook lol! Check out my blog, I posted about that trip!

Pancake said...

The kids all look great! You are right, you need some pictures of Blake!

The golf cart story!!! Still laughing my head off!

Anonymous said...

What a funny story and I may have rolled a cart a time or two myself!

Bekah B said...

o my!! hahaha....that made me laugh too hard!!!!

KaitlinMarie Photography said...

that was probably the funniest thing that has ever happened to me!

It makes me happy our story made it to your famous blog haha im honored!!!

Anonymous said...


Lisa Loo said...

You and me--we've had that golf cart convo!! It made me laugh that you fell out but what made me roll on the floor was that
1-your husband just drove off without you and
2-you guys just laid there and luaghed!!
oh and the instructor who just saw "hair everywhere"-HA!!

Now I've forgotten what else I wanted to say--oh yeah

I had to re-read that herp thing a couple of times girl! I couln't get the word herpies out of my head and those sentences were freaking me out!! Not to mention the snakes---you are a really good boy mom. Love that his wife is his assistant--

Cute pic of your baby!

Thanx for updating us!

Nancy said...

Okay, you are a better mom than I am! I would freak if I knew that my son was picking up a rattlesnake!

Loved the pictures and the golf cart story! I'll bet that was a good laugh, makes me smile just to think about it.

The Kooky Queen--Rachel said...

Oh my goodness, they're INSANE for catching that rattlesnake!!!!!!!!!! Oh my goodness, YIKES!

heather said...

I seriously hope those guys know what they're doing with the snakes and gila monsters. Medical expenses for a rattlesnake bite are in the neighborhood of $70,000 or so I saw on one of those shows where they take cameras into real emergency rooms.

I know Gila monsters can be pretty brutal too. Yikes!

Mother Goose said...

roflrofl, too funny!!! I love the pictures and your family is so beautiful.

Scrappy Girl said...

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! That is why God gave me 3 girls...I would have totally freaked out about that snake and lizardy thing...ew. Great pics.

Bren's Life said...

Ok- I am crying from laughing so hard... Oh my Goodness! I would of paid to of been there & seen that. I can't stop laughing just at the thought of it. Seriously- I can't stop laughing...
Man- I am so glad I met you. You are so fun & incredible. Your boys are so lucky to have you..