Sunday, January 3, 2010

Dallin's Birthday!

Today is Dallin's Birthday!

He turned 19 today! It seems like just yesterday that I was headed to the hospital to give birth to this wonderful son of mine! He is the ONLY one that I went into labor without all on my own, I was induced with all the other boys. Dallin's birth came fast, 33 minutes after we arrived at the hospital! No time for any pain meds... He was ready to get here! And I must say well prepared. I know he must have really "listened" in his premortal life when he was being taught how to live here on Earth. He is such a good boy... so, quiet (well, USED to be, hahaha), so obedient, so independent... honestly with 3 older brothers I sometimes felt that i neglected him. He should have just YELLED, "MOM!" like the other boys... but he didn't need me.

He is a GREAT student, did it all on his own. I can't take any credit for it... He is a sweet young man, always willing to help someone else... I have walked in on him praying and/or reading his scriptures... like I said, well prepared before he came to Earth. I am SO very grateful that he came into our family, we are so blessed to have him in our lives! He will be turning in his mission papers soon. He is up at BYU for another semester. I miss him, and will miss him so much more when he is gone for a solid 2 years...

Dallin, I love you. I am SO proud of you... so honored to call you son.



heather said...

Happy Birthday!!

KC Mom said...

Well Happy Birthday Dallin! I hope he has a great first day back at classes today! I know I'm keeping my fingers crossed for Chloe! Congrats on getting ready for a mission too! You are one blessed mama!

Scrappy Girl said...

Happy Birthday Dallin!

Cherie said...

Happy Birthday Dallin!
He is one good looking guy!!

Exciting that you will have another missionary soon!!! Woot!

3 Docs and A Diva said...

Happy Birthday to Dallin! As you described this wonderful were describing my #4th child, our third son.
I know Heavenly Father knew I needed an easy child who constantly taught us much more than we could ever teach him.
Congratulations on raising such a wonderful family!
Hope you are doing well and loving the YSA. We have an awesome year all planned out both for our stake and region activities. Everything from scuba diving to renting Soldier Hollow again.
Hey do you think Dallin and his buddies would like to meet us at Soldier Hollow for a night of free tubing and good food on the 15th? It is usually twenty something for each person for a lift ticket. we rented the whole lodge and are amking yummy sandwiches, hot soup and much more. We would love to have them! Just let me know...

Beth at Aunties said...

opps I wrote that before signing out of our private family blog!

Joneel said...

If we lived in India, I think that we would arrange the marriage of our children, because they sound so similar. Just a joy all the way around, huh?

~The Robin's Nest~ said...

Hi Shaila,
It was so nice to see you on my blog today!

I see your handsome boys are really growing up!

I hope you and your beautiful family have a very happy New Year!


rad6 said...

ok, what sweet post. I was going to comment about the cruise, but this post gets all my attention. I love reading how you feel about him. it is tender and lifting for any mom to read. I love that you notice his prepared spirit from the get go... I wonder if like here on earth, our heavenly father sends us when he thinks we are ready. Some keep it, and some don't. Hmmm.... I love Dallin and I don't even know him... what's not to love?

Bren's Life said...

What a Great example he must be to all his friends & family. He sure is a handsome young man. Takes after his Mamma.. Hope he had a great birthday.