Sunday, January 24, 2010

Saddest Thing EVER.

SADDEST THING EVER. Devin didn't get on the ship. He had his passport and his sea pass to get on in a Ziploc bag in the outside zipper of his luggage.... He had forgotten about it due to helping us get all the luggage out of the truck... and then being worried about his hanging bag that had a broken zipper.... I told him don't worry about it, just carry it on. I took the hanging bag from him for a min and as soon as I did he realized his hands were EMPTY. And, he had left his passport and sea pass in his luggage!!!!! By then the porter had taken all the luggage away... he ran after the porter but the luggage was gone. The porter told him not to worry, send us on to the room and the luggage would be there before 2 hours was up. It was 1 pm and the ship was not due to leave till 5. So, we went on the ship to wait for the luggage. After an hour of waiting we began to stress so I went down to customer service and got a manager to look for it. Devin had also reported it and they were looking for it from that end too! NOTHING. finally by 3:30 ALL of our luggage had shown up EXCEPT for DEVIN'S!!!!!!! Dallin snuck into the luggage room on the bottom floor of the ship and was looking for it... got chased out of there... Derek and Britt were going up and down our hallway looking....At about 10 till 4 a call came in from 2 floors down, they had it!!!! WRONG ROOM. It was delivered to the WRONG room!!!!! The manager, Brad and Dallin went running to that room to get the passport and sea pass out!!! I waited by the customer service desk.... by the time Brad and Dallin reached the "wrong room" they had already sent it down... they ran to get it... got it back to the customer service desk to have taken out to Devin so he could get on the ship.... NOPE. TOO LATE. The ship doors were LOCKED. NOTHING gets on or off the ship at that point. Needless to say, we begged.... pleaded.... I just stood there sobbing.... nothing. NOT only could Devin NOT get on the ship but they could NOT give him his luggage or passport.... so, he could not fly to Cabo to meet up with us. NO PASSPORT.

from Diana's blog....
So now Devin is in LA with a dying cell phone, with no luggage, and no car to get back to his parents house. Do you think the nice people working for the cruise ship let him wait inside till he found a ride? ... Of Course Not!! they handed him a paper thin plastic poncho and threw him out in the rain. Luckily, Devin found some nice people from Poland who gave him a ride back to his house. Since he had school this week he drove all the way back up here on Monday... still luggage-less and without a refund... But OF COURSE he cant just make it home peacefully... apparently one of our headlights was out, so he got pulled over for that, and then got a ticket for our window tint being too dark.... I mean Seriously?! Come on NOW!!

Last night the manager called brad up to the desk, took him to the back room and refunded the money for Devin!!!! THANK GOODNESS.... BUTT. it does NOT make up for not having Devin with us on our family cruise! :(


Susie from Bienvenue said...

Bless his heart!!! Ugh...darn ship!

Cherie said...

Oh my gosh! I seriously would have been sobbing - What a nightmare! Poor Devin - That just all totally stinks!!
Was Diana on the Cruise? Did she have to cruise without him??

Oh my I cannot even believe that it's like something out of a bad movie.

Jenny said...

Yes, that may be the saddest thing ever!!! I'm so sorry. I hope you were still able to enjoy it a little bit after a horrible beginning.

Pedaling said...

you have got to be kidding me!

that is the worse story i have heard, and run of bad luck, in a very long time.

oh, my.
so sorry. ugggh.

was there still fun to be had, though?
or did it ruin the whole thing?

Lisa said...

How horrible. What a way to start off a family trip. I'm so sorry for you guys. How was the remainder of the cruise? Was it smooth sailing or where there some more bumps along the way?

rad6 said...

Holy Smokes... that is HORRID!!! I cannot believe all that had to go wrong for that to happen. What a crazy horrible turn of events. It is almost unbelievable... I was kind of waiting for a punch line or something.
UGH... that is so sad. I hope you somehow got to enjoy a little of the cruise that you paid for and spent with the rest of your family.
Just remember Larry Johnson's saying... Crisis + time = humor. Someday you will all have a good laugh about this I suppose!!!
(BTW: do you know Larry Johnson - Long Beach state intsitute?)

I hope you all recover. Did the cruise offer to do ANYTHING?????

linda said...

This just makes me want to cry now, heck I am crying! I could just picture you pleading for them let your son join in on the family vacation, like he intended! I would have done the exact same thing you did, pleading, and crying the whole time! I'm sooo sorry your family trip didn't turn out as planned!

SwainstonFam said...

Diana was at our house while all this was going on... so stressful and I felt bad for Devin. I am happy to hear that the refund was given back... there must of been a good reason he wasn't suppose to be on that ship. You never know.

Joneel said...

That is the most pathetic thing I've ever heard about. That would have devastated me. MAN