Monday, July 21, 2008

Just curious...

.... as to the age and sex of your children! You do not have to give names if you dont feel comfortable... Here I will start...

I am a mother of 5 sons! AND, now, 2 daughters!

Derek, 25, married last March to Brittany! (BYUI)
Devin, 23, married last August to Diana! (BYUI)
Blake 21 (BYUI)
Dallin 17 (Sr.)
Chad 12 (7th grade)


Redhoodoos said...

Darren - 20 (Mission to Russia)
Elora - 18
Connor - 15
Larissa - 14

I can't believe you have a 25 year old!

Jan said...

Edward- almost 23 (AZ mission)
Rylie- 20
Mattie- 10

There you have it. It took us awhile to have kids. I was hoping by now I could list grandkids. Boo Hoo. I am so ready.

Anonymous said...

Jacob--5 (he will be 6 in September)

Libby-- 10 (she turned 10 in June)

Spencer--30 (He will be 31 in November) KNOW as well as I do that our HUSBANDS count as an EXTRA CHILD! ♥

kitchenditcher said...

Brittany - 22 married to Montana BYU Provo

Mason - 20 next month (Mission in Brazil)

Brooke - 20 in Nov BYU Provo
(single....VERY single!!)

It took us a while to have children too. Grandkids COULD be coming soon tho!!

Mother Goose said...

OK-here it goes. I am 38.
Warrior is 17 (senior this fall)
Beauty is 13 (8/16, she will be 14)
Sweetheart, 10
Dash, 7 He will turn 8 in 2 wks.

we had children 2 years after we were married and I pray we do not have grandchildren until much later!LOL

Mechelle said...

Kallen ~ closer to 15 than 14 but still says 14 because she is not in any hurry to grow up.

Corbin ~ 11 Great age! But then I love every age.

Holden ~ 6 How can my baby be six?

We are hoping for more kids but I get what I get and I don't throw a fit. M

The Motherboard said...

Thing1 = 13- 8th grade- beautiful smart girl.
Thing2 = 9 - 4th grade- handsome easy going boy
Thing3 = 5 - kindergarten- beautiful sassy girl
Moxie = 4 months- practically perfect in every way - little girl
Me 37 - girl - fun to be around (i hope) and loyal friend
Jefe - 37 boy - too smart for his own britches.

No grand-babies for this Momma anytime soon. I have my children convinced that they aren't allowed to get married until AFTER they graduate with their Masters degrees and have served missions. (like 30)

linda said...

Handsome son - just turned 23

Little Sis - will be 20 in August

Unfortunately, no weddings or grandchildren in our near future...darn it! I wanna be a grandmother in the worst way...but all in due time.

SwainstonFam said...

Lane - to be born in 6 wks. (obviously not on a mission yet, but hopefully some day)

Cant wait for my little man to come! Does Caleb count?

Frumpy Luv said...

Curious is one of my favorite words!!!!

Levi - 4.5
Ezrie - 3
Jaiden - 1

My sister has a 3 year old and an 18 month old and we traveled to SLC together today - man oh man did we get LOOKS! Once when she was in the bathroom a grandpa came up to me and said "you are a brave one!"

COMcewens said...

LOL I think you already know my answer.... did you want me to still answer it?

Josh 22 Engaged
Jason 20 On a mission in Mexico
Craig 16 He is 16, what more can I say

Scrappy Girl said...

3 daughters (12,3,2)
1 foster son (8)

da Bergs said...

This is fun!!! But, Jodi, Omigosh, I DO have the oldest child!!! Of course I was only 4 when I gave birth to him seeing that I am still only 29!!! °Ü° I cant believe I have one that OLD either!!!

I have learned that I have the oldest... Deb and I are the only ones with married kids... Pam is close behind with one engaged...

Frumpy has the youngest... (Cute story girlfriend... love the cute grandpa and his response!) With Melissa close behind, being due in about 6 weeks! FUN FUN

Yikes, I have the most... the average is 3.15 children! LOL

Combined we have 9 in college (if you count in laws, Deb I counted your son in law)... not sure about Jan's??? or Linda's???

Combined we have 7 preschoolers!

Jodi, when does Darren come home?
Jan, when does Edward come home?
Deb, when does Mason come home?
Pam, when does Jason come home?
I prob. should add that my boys served in Brasil and Argentina...
So, combined we have had (there might be others that didnt say???)
missionaries serve in Russia, Arizona, 2 in Brasil, Hawaii, Mexico, AND Argentina, cool, huh??? AND many more little missionaries growing up...

Jodi, where in Russia, I have a friend whose son over there too!
Jan, which mission in AZ? I have TWO friends with sons in AZ!!!

THANKS FOR PLAYING this was fun to look at!!!

COMcewens said...

Shaila I TAGGED you on my blog!

Kaime said...

Hey you! Do you remember me? I hope so if not this comment is for not. I lived in California and was in your stake. I guess i should comment for the blog i am on. My mom now has 14 kids. Yes the big Smethurst clan.

Drake Family said...

Halle - 9
Jagger - 3 days
Jaden - 2 1/2
Kennedi - 1