Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Tomorrow my darling sister in law, Jennifer, flies in!!! I am SO excited! What are we going to do this trip Jen??? Here is a fun pic from from another time she was here... yeah, no kidding, whose ever seen a shopping cart in a mall??? LOL Too fun! Good times! Jen, bring your biggest checkbook!

I have a great blog that you guys should go check out! HERE it is.... My cute nephew (Jeff) is in China... he is an EXCELLENT writer! He needs to do this for a living although I am sure he would rather be a herpetologist! So, IF you have the time go read a few of his entertaining posts!!!
Pray for Adam & Bryce!!! ♥♥♥
Okay, so, yeah... on Sunday Pres. S came up to me just before Sac. Mtg. and said he would like to meet with Brad and I after the 3 hour block. LONG. THREE. HOURS.
So, we went into his office and he asked me to be the new Institute teacher!!!! YEP! I am REALLY excited!!!! But, a tad bit nervous too!!! I have worked with some of these kids in YW, girls camp, or taught them seminary over the past years so that part is fun!! I do know quite a few of them! We will be meeting on Tues. at 7 pm. We will be studying the New Testament!!! YEAH!!! ALL about our Savior and His teachings!!! Did I mention that I am excited??!!! I am headed out to get this book! Ya gotta love the Parry brothers!


Mother Goose said...

Now, that is what I call power shopping! Congrats on your calling. I know you will be wonderful. ok, for the link thing. Type your post and then highlight the name or word that you want your readers to click on. Then click the green thing at the top, (I think it looks like a worm)It is the icon next to the italic. My browser at the top always populates a yellow bar and I have to put temporarily accept,etc. Then go back to the green link and type the url address, it will then be a link in your post.

Good luck, I'm not good at giving directions. But, I am good at giving orders!

The Motherboard said...

That photo of you is huh-LAR-ious!

Anonymous said...


and i love that picture of y'all & your shopping carts FILLED UP! ♥

now that is what I CALL SHOPPING!!!

looks like Mother Goose already told you about the LINK thing :)

but in case here it is again:

1. go to NEW POST or EDIT POST

2. then HIGHLIGHT the WORD you want people to be able to click on to get to a web page by CLICKING & DRAGGING.

3. Click on the little CHAIN LINK looking icon at the place where you can change the color of your fonts & size...etc...

4. A little wondow will POP UP with --http://

5. Then you type in the WEB ADDRESS.

6. Make sure you do not have HTTP:// on there twice, though. That will mess things up. :)

7. Then VIOLA! Click publish Post and You are Through! ♥

da Bergs said...

Omighosh, how exciting is that??!!! I did it!!! Thank you Mother Goose & Merrianne!!! COOL!!!!

Frumpy Luv said...

Love randomness!!! Something I really miss about Australia is that in the shopping malls, they have grocery stores to, and special escalators that you can put your shopping cart on to go up different levels in the mall.

Good luck with institute - you will do so great!

I am a greenie too and haven't figured out lots of things yet.

COMcewens said...

LOVE the picture, and I am betting SOMEWHERE in that pile, are some shoes!!! Am I right????

Have fun!

Jan said...

You are taking this preparedness thing way to far. I love that photo. Too cute.

You are going to be fantastic on your journey in the new calling. I can tell you really hit it off with kids that age. They need you so badly.

I wish I could be in your class. I could use some 101 again. Good luck.

Scrappy Girl said...

Love the shopping pic! I want to go too. Good thing you did not have a teenager with you. They would have been like, "Mom...a shopping cart in the mall is so uncool..." and then they would have walked several feet behind you pretending they didn't know you. LOL!

Redhoodoos said...

My favorite thing = a shopping cart filled to the brim!


Ann said...

How cool!! I'm so excited for you, this should be so great!

I'm so excited because Kim goes to Institute and you are a great teacher! I wish I could go. Maybe you should start up an adult class!!!

Ashley said...

That is an awesome shopping picture! You are lucky to have such a fun sister to go shopping with!!! And you will be an awesome institute teacher! I did go look at your nephew's blog. Fascinating! I really want to travel to China someday for sure!

Drake Family said...

What a fun shopping trip! I want to be there too. Amen to reading Jeff's blog..he truly has a talent doesn't he? His last post was so funny about the pig ears wouldn't you agree? Good luck with teaching Institute. That sounds like such a fun calling for will be terrific!! It is so funny to hear someone be "called" to a calling like Institute or Seminary cuz in UT you have to have the schooling and it is a job where you get paid.

Lindsay said...

Sister Berg. You should know each time I go to Derek and Brit's blog I click on yours and read about your family too!! I am Brittany's cousin, and obsessed with my family so I love to read about their families too (which you obviously now are her's). So anyway, I just had to stop by and tell you esp since I've been spying and feel like I king of know you by now! So feel free to reciprocate if you ever want!
p.s. don't go private or I won't be able to SPY!!! ;) xoxo

Scott and Kristine said...

You are going to be such a great teacher! Congrats! Thanks for passing my name on, Scott just redid my website tonight, it's and has a little bit more info on it and more pictures in the galleries! Your the best, and don't forget to call when your family is up here in Utah!

Mechelle said...

You will be great. I love the new testament. I should take your class. M

kitchenditcher said...

Shaila - how exciting!! Those kids are SO lucky to have you as their teacher. Can I come sit in sometime???

Anonymous said...

Whoo Hoo! Great shopping! I hope you have a ball with Jennifer!

Congrats on being an Institute teacher. From what everyone is saying, you'll be great! Can't wait to hear about the posts that will come from it.

TCanada said...

Hey! Aunt W. recently told me about your blog. I've enjoyed reading and catching up on your family this afternoon. Tell everybody I said hello! love ya, Tonya

tammy said...

Love the shopping cart! You're definitely my kind of girl!

How fun to be teaching institute! I'm sure you will have a great time and they will be blessed to have you.

brieanne. said...

Someday I hope there is a picture of ME & YOU with shopping carts just as full :)

Ok so reading up on your nephew Jeff was fun .... I think my sister would like his sense of adventure......

oh what I would give to be your Institute student! You will be AMAZING and those kids better realize how blessed they are to be learning from a true master of the scriptures/gospel.

and ps ...