Wednesday, July 23, 2008

READ Quick!!!!! Shaila doesn't know I posted this on her blog!!!!

Hello Dear readers, you may think you are reading a post by Shaila, but... I logged in for her and am posting this blog entry, so read fast before she deletes it! . You see I tagged her on my blog. It was a tag to describe yourself. Shaila has a ton of talents but she doesn't see herself like I do. She frets over talent nights. BIG TIME! I know her quite well... well enough to have her password to her blog, as well as her pin number to her checking account! Anyone wanna go shopping??? LOL She forgets I have been accused of having a photographic memory, boy wont she be surprised when she logs on!!!

So... I better type fast!

Six words to describe her...

Supporter! If you are having a problem she is there in your corner cheering you on! She wont let you stay down for long!
Good Listener- Cant tell you how often I have counted on her for advise
EXCELLENT teacher! Did she tell you she got called to teach institute??
Gospel scholar-We have read and shared notes from all the standard works. She has great insights! I LOVE reading with her!
GREAT MOM! She had to be held back at a soccer game when her son got carded!
Decorator /Wedding planner Check out what she did for her sons weddings!
Oh and fashion coordinator. She is picking out my outfit when my son gets married, something about it REALLY is important that shoes match your outfit!
Tender hearted
Oh and the last one... TRUSTING... I mean she did give me her blog info!!!
I really could go on and on. But I better sign off before I get caught! SO, your assignment is make a comment on what talents you see in her!


Jan said...

That is so fun that you did this for her. Or is it really you Shaila?

Those are some awesome qualities. You are stocked plum full with the best. I can tell that you are all that and a bundle of hoop la la la.

That is great that you are a ghost writer. I think I love your style.

da Bergs said...

You nut!!! Okay, so I did email her yesterday and tell her, "Thanks a LOT. What the heck am I supposed to say about MYSELF???" I told her she better come up with my 6 things!" BUT, I DID NOT tell her to POST it!!! Go read #1 on HER blog!!! Yep, the first word she used was Mischievous!!!! So, there ya go, this is proof!!! AND, another way to KNOW it was her Jan, is the red... she cant even match the SAME reds!!! YES she needs help with colors!!! Ask her about the time she wore 2 different shoes and didnt even notice!!!! YIKES!!! But, ya gotta love Pam! She IS compassionate! And loving... and FUN!!!! BUT, she has a photographic memory!!! Like, my password!!!! BRAT! Love ya! Now, what to do about this post???????

Mechelle said...

What a sweet post. You have to leave it here. I love Shaila's sweet spirit. It comes through in her blog. It is always a treat to log on and see what she has to say. m

Frumpy Luv said...

Amen to you have to leave this - I love what this says about both you and Pam - you both are so awesome!!

Regarding Shaila, I would echo uber cheerleader and supporter, hopefull, faithful, and FUN!!!

Thank you both for brightening my day with this post!!

craigandlissa said...

Wow, someone knows you well, Shaila! I am pretty excited you are teaching institute, what is the scoop on that??? And I'm pretty sure I was there at the infamous soccer game. Good times!
Email about institute!!!

da Bergs said...

Okay, Okay... you guys are so nice to me! I guess I will keep this post up... THANKS Pam, you are too kind! So, are the rest of you, thank you!

Drake Family said...

How funny is that? Amen to all that was already said about her. She is a wonderful aunt...cousin...whatever!~

Frumpy Luv said...

(as an aside to your questions - I don't think my archives will answer them: grew up in Washington state, after graduation went to Ricks, then on to BYU, graduated and served a Spanish speaking mission in Dallas, came back and started law school at BYU, after my first year went to work for a firm in Lima, Peru during the summer, went back to BYU for a semester, then the opportunity to do a semester abroad in Brisbane came up, I went there, ended up meeting William and marrying him 4 months later, we lived in Australia for five years and just moved to Indiana one year ago. My life in a nutshell!!! You are right - I have been very very very blessed.

What about you??? I am trying to figure out all the family relations that are going on with you guys - I think you are all fabulous!!

Anonymous said...

ha ha ha! That is just too funny! and i agree with everyone else...LEAVE IT!

well...i can tell that Shaila is a wonderful person who is loving & caring and beautiful. She cares about other people and their feelings.

It is wonderful to know there are people like YOU TWO in this world!!!

COMcewens said...

LOL!! Gotcha !!! I was hoping you would leave the post up! So you want me to sign back on to FIX the red??? So it will all be the SAME color?

I would be more than happy to write more posts!Ü You know when you go on vacations and such! Just dont change your password!!

Frump, did Shaila as you the same question I did???

Have a wonderful day! Dont worry, I wont post on your blog anymore TODAY! Love ya!

The Bowling Home said...

So I was "drawn in" by the title of this post from the mormon mommy website. Can I just say, you are an awesome blogger! It seems like you have a wonderful family, thank you for sharing. (I hope you don't mind that some complete stranger was stalking you for a bit today.) Anyways, have a wonderful day. Thanks for putting a smile on my face!

kitchenditcher said...

I'd like to add:

Talkative!(You won't believe how fast she can talk!)
Fun loving! (Never a dull moment with Shaila around!)
Compassionate! (Came to visit me in the hospital!)
Spiritual! (Just look at her sidebar!)

I am so fortunate to actually know her IN PERSON!! She is INCREDIBLE!

Mother Goose said...

how fun! I love that you did this for her! OK, so how are you related ?? I agree, I love reading your blog.

The Motherboard said...

I wish you were MY young womans leader!! From reading your blog, I ditto everything everyone has said.

You radiate PEACE, my bloggy-imaginary friend! :>)

da Bergs said...

I dont even know what to say... I am so embarrassed!!! AND honored! LOL... you guys are much too kind!!! I DO wish we all lived closer so we could do lunch and laugh and laugh and laugh!!! Thank you ALL for your KIND words, you all truly made my day!!!

Alison, your sis is on her way over here, we are working on her wedding!!!

Frumpy! HOW fun your life has been!!! So, ARE you an attorney??!!! Do you practice? My hubby's partner has spent a lot of time in Peru teaching dentistry...
Pam is a VERY dear friend! Debbie is her sister in law (she used to live in our ward) they married brothers! They are So much fun!!!

The bowling home... you are welcome anytime! You know us bloggers, we LOVE comments!!!

Debbie... did you say TALKATIVE??? LOL... uh, how many comments have I made? and look how long they are. Man, I am sorry! LOL

Mother Goose, just great friends!!

Again, thank you everyone for your sweet sweet comments!!!

SwainstonFam said...

I LOVE IT! That is so awesome!

Ok, are you kidding? I could go on and on about Shaila! She is so great!!!

Matchmaker - I will say she is a excellent matchmaker as she set up my husband and I!

Loving - honestly she is so kind and loving to everyone! She gets along with everyone. Look at all the people that read her blog every day (maybe even every hour)

Love ya tons aunt Shae!

Redhoodoos said...

How did I miss out so long on this choice post?!! I thought I came to your blog today - apparently I didn't!

How cute! What a wonderful friend Pam is. And what a wonderful person you are!

Congrats on the Institute gig. WOW. Pressure. =) You'll do great!

One word to describe you that comes to mind - FUN. You seem like you just are a bundle of energy and go a mile a minute!

Love this post!

Frumpy Luv said...

Ahhh - now all the pieces are falling together - thanks for clearing up how you all know each other!!

I had to drop out of law school when we got married and am just now finishing - 6 months left and I plan on taking the July bar in CA next summer, long story ... we'll see how it all pans out!

brieanne. said...

Shaila is all of these things , and much much more. Knowing her pretty well, just the mention of this awesome mama tugs at my heartstrings. you cannot know Shaila and not LOVE HER. She is the best example I've had in my life of what a mother, friend, sister, daughter, faithful servant of God should be. For that example (and all of the many wonderful fun traits and stories that come along with it) I am forever grateful.