Wednesday, October 1, 2008

I was tagged!

My dear friend Mechelle tagged me...
Here are the rules

So, 7 weird facts huh? Mechelle, are you calling me weird??? °Ü°


1) I was in 11 (yes, I typed that right 11) wrecks while still in high school. Two of them I will mention and both of them my sweet loving protective younger brother was with me!!! One day we were on our way to school. We lived in the country. I always put my mascara on in the car on the way. So, one morning I was yes, putting on my mascara in the rear view mirror and my brother was supposed to take the wheel like he always did... but he wouldn't. We both tend to be a little stubborn so... he wouldn't take it and... neither would I. We ended up in the ditch. And another wreck we (yes, me and my brother) were cruising "main". Everyone used to go into the Gibson parking lot, people would park and others would pull up to their car and chat etc... so, I pulled in, was turned waving to all my friends... and yep, you guessed it, I hit a parked car. Don't ya think my sweet little brother could have, should have... WARNED ME??!!!!

2) I was born and raised in Texas and have not lived there since I left for college 29 yrs ago (yikes, did I just admit that??!!!) and I still have a SLIGHT Texas drawl. °Ü°

3) I twirled a baton... I won state twice.

4) I collect clocks.

5) I got to go to England, Switzerland, Italy, and France with my drama class in high school.

6) I fell out of a van and got 76 stitches in my ankle.

7) When I was a student at BYU, my roommates and I would go up and lay out at Sundance in the snow, well, actually, we did lay ON a blanket, not the snow!

So, now I tag: Jodi, Mother Goose, Nikki, Diana, Brittany, Jennifer, and Robin. They all have really fun blogs, go check them out!


tammy said...

So much fun to learn these things about everyone! 11 accidents?? Holy moley lady, were you even insurable after that?? We used to go lay out in the snow up at Snowbird and Alta in highschool. And sometimes we'd skip out of our last class to go do it (shh!)

Frumpy Luv said...

love learning new things - and baton!!

How cool!! I am envisioning a talent show at blogapaloza =)

Motherboard said...

Holy cow! 11 accidents? You have me beat in the accident prone category!

And, you fell out of a van? Why was the van moving with the door open??

I can't wait for Blogapalooza! It's gonna be a blast!



Mother Goose said...

ok, more details pulleeze. You just don't fall out of a van? what ws going on?
11 accidents! what did your parents do? Putting on makeup and waiving! Hey, you can't help a girl for being popular and beautiful! I loved college!

Mother Goose said...
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Bren's Life said...

Wow- 11 accidents.. Your an Accident waiting to happen huh! hee hee hee.
I'm surprised your parents let you have the car keys after the first accident.
I remember doing the baton in grade school, but never went anywhere with it!
Your amazing.

nikkicrumpet said...

Thanks for tagging me!!! Although there is no way I can compete with YOUR weird facts...whoa woman I am laughing at those wrecks....I thought my daughter Lindsey was bad...she had 3 her first year of of them she embedded my brand new convertible into a dairy queen drive up window...and I was sitting in the passenger seat! I loved learning all the stuff about you....very fun!

da Bergs said...

Tammy - It really IS fun to read everyone’s! HAHA, not sure if I was insured... I know my daddy got me one OLD car to drive! AND, I promise not to tell that you "skipped school"!!! °Ü°

Frumpy - NO talent show... it has BEEN tooooooooooooooooooooooo many years!!! (SO glad to see you blogging!!!)

Motherboard & Goose - I was alone going down the freeway... leaning on the door and it came open! Don't ask me how! I grabbed onto the wheel as I was falling out and it of of course turned... making the van go sideways down the freeway... I was dragging... I finally had to just push off to get as far away from the van as I could so that it would not run over me! My foot kicked up between the wheel and the wheel well and cut it to the bone! Scary times!

Nikki - NO competition here! I can't believe you let your cute daughter drive your BRAND NEW CONVERTABLE!!!!!

Letti said...

That was fun reading about you. So how much was your insurance with all those accidents? I am glad that you were not seriously hurt in any of them.

Jan said...

You are so funny Shaila. I never thought of you twirling a baton. I want pictures of you doing that :) I bet you were so cute.

I wish I could have traveled with you. Those are my fav wishes to go to.

The driving cracked me up. I did the same thing. I would go so fast while studying for an exam. All four corners were munched on the car. I can just see you putting on your makeup.

Loved the tag.

kitchenditcher said...

Oh my gosh. I had a friend of mine that ran her car into her house because she was putting on her mascara! Is that one of your 11 accidents Shaila? lol

Do you have a picture with the baton? You've GOT to post that!!

McEwens said...

I think you need to tell HOW many you have had SINCE hs... I can think of a few....!!!

Jenn said...

I love this tag. Thanks for tagging me, but I did mine last week. I only did 5 for some reason though. Duh.

11 accidents? You're a hoot!

Mechelle said...

Do you still twirl things around?

What did the car look like after 11 accidents?

Thanks for doing this. m

Redhoodoos said...

I bet you were so fun in high school~! Love it. I wrecked the driver's ed car - so it's good to know that I have a kindred spirit out there.

Loved learning more about you!

Glahn Family said...

oh my gosh, Did you see that darling clock on rod works website. grrrrrrrrrrrr, I want it for my Shaila clock wall. I love, love that store and I don;t live thier anymore. I miss it. They no longer do mail orders. I need this clock...darn... go look at it.

~The Robin's Nest~ said...

Oh my goodness, I've been tagged again. Mechelle tagged me and I think Jan tagged me too! I better get busy.
By the way, we used to go up to the mountains and lay on blankets in the snow in the spring...Sometimes you just have to go after some sunshine!
Loved all your things you wrote about yourself... 11? Really? :)