Monday, May 12, 2008


Saturday night was prom for Canyon Springs High School. 25 of our youth got together and rented a party bus to take them, it was at the Hyatt Hotel in Anaheim. The kids met over here with all the parents and we took pictures. They then loaded the party bus and headed to Downtown Disney. They walked around so the girls could show off their lovely dresses and got ice cream. Then they went to the prom, this year dinner was served there... and then dancing. When it was over they came home and had a big breakfast over at the Brambila's home. I made waffles and Alanna cooked bacon & sausage... we also had cut up fruit for them, yumm! Dallin bought new shoes (with his own money) that he just loved so I am posting a pic of them! They had a great time! The 1st pic is of Dallin and Ricky, 2nd one of Tanner, Dallin, Ricky and Mike (they are close friends from our ward), 3rd pic is of the 3 couples from the ward... Aimee & Ricky, Kaitlyn & Dallin, Brittany & Tanner, the 4th pic is Dallin & Farryn (thank you Farryn for getting the bus all lined up!) 5th Dallin & Aimee, the 6th pic is Dallin with his DATE, Kaitlyn, the 7th pic is their shoes! LOL the 8th pic is the group in front of the bus and then one of them ON the bus! What a good group of kids they are! THANK YOU!


COMcewens said...

I LOVE the BUS to PROM!!! What a grand idea!!! Great shoes! They all look SO good! What great memories they will have!

lance n sarah said...

Hey Shaila, I'm glad to see you have a blog. I'm sad aI can't see derek's tell them to invite me. The party bus looked like way too much fun. i wish I would have thought of that for mine. so long ago.