Monday, May 12, 2008

This is probably WAY more info than you want... but Ann tagged me so I am going to play along...
Mother's Tag!
1. Typically what time do you wake up? I set my alarm to make sure Dallin is up and ready for seminary at 6:15, but Saturdays I sleep till Brad makes me get up, LOL... he is a morning person!
2. On a good night what time are your kids in bed? Week nights we try to have family prayer at 9:30 so Chad can get to bed… Dallin goes up at 10 pm
3. How long have you been a mom? Yikes! 25 yrs!
4. How old were you when you became a mom? Holy cow this is telling!!! …22
5. What is your favorite kid TV show/movie? Uh… I have NO idea
6. What is your least favorite kid TV show? Again… don’t watch them so??
7. What is your favorite chore? chore?? Are you kidding? I guess doing dishes… NOT bathrooms! LOL
8. What is your favorite meal to cook? Cook? Who wrote this? Uh… honestly I don’t mind cooking it is just trying to decide WHAT to cook!
9. What is the meal you cook most often? chicken
10. What is your kid’s favorite meal? Probably tacos!
11. What is your favorite thing your husband does with your kids? It makes them ALL happy when he takes them to play golf!
12. What are 5 things that make you smile when you're being a mom? 1) Playing games with my kids (usually cards!) 2) Watching my kids joke with each other 3) Sitting at the dinner table after eating and just chatting 4) Family prayer and scripture study 5) seeing them smile and be happy.
13. If you could take your kids anywhere where would it be? Hawaii
14. When was the last time you went out without your kids? Friday night, Brad had the younger boys at the Fathers/sons outing and I went out with girlfriends
15. What is your favorite past time/activity to do with your kids? Playing cards
16. Name 1 thing you said you'd never do as a mom. Yell at my kids
17. What is your favorite quality that your mom has? My mom is very loving… last time we were in Utah, she didn’t know I was there… my friends showed up at the door (with me hiding) and she was so friendly and welcomed them in! My friends all love my mom! (Oh, and I love that she can quilt!!! THANKS MOM!)
18. What is your advice for new moms? They grow up WAY too fast and leave home… LOVE them! Spend time with them… talk to them and LISTEN!!!
19. What is the scariest or most heartbreaking moment as a mom? Seeing a child hurt… whether it is physical or emotional…
20. What is your most joyful moment of being a mom? There are so many, seeing them live the gospel, having them say they love me, laughing together, seeing them truly happy… I have to say that just a few weeks ago when the most of us were in the temple together, THAT is hard to beat!!! …eternal joy!
21. When was the last time you were told 'I Love You' by one of your kids? Last night on our phone call… thank you children, I love you too… more than you can imagine!!!
I TAG....Allison, Brie, Karen, Pam, & Debby F.

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COMcewens said...

Your Mom is the real deal!! She has always been so warm and inviting! When we showed up at her door, it didnt matter to her that you werent with us (or so she thought)! She invited us in... But I sure wish I had a camera to show a picture of her face when you appeared! That was priceless! You are a GREAT mom in all that you do!