Monday, May 5, 2008


I had the most wonderful experience on April 25th. I got to help take the young women to the temple to do baptisms and Brad took the young men. Since our older children were in town and we needed help with Priesthood we were able to take them to help too. Diana went in with the young women to do confirmations. Brittany and I helped the young women by the font while Derek did the baptizing. The coolest thing was getting to be there all together and watching Derek baptize Chad and Dallin!!! It was Chad's first time to go in the temple. It was such an awesome experience... what a pay day!!! Life is good!!!


mama K said...

that is way cool. how wonderful for your sons to share that experience!!

COMcewens said...

What a sweet day!! A small peek into eternity -when you will all be there together!

brieanne. said...

how cool is that to have everyone working together! you guys are such an inspiration as to how families should be! i am so grateful for your example! xoxo