Monday, May 19, 2008

Wedding planner...

If I were to have a job... I would LOVE to be a wedding planner! We have had 2 weddings in the last 9 months! Omigosh, Dev & Di, did you realize it has been that long??!!! (Congrats!)
Both receptions were very different and yet both so very, VERY much fun to plan!!! I thought I would try to do a slide show... and it worked!!! So, below you will see some of the decorating that we did for each! (Thank you to everyone who helped us - and there were many of you!!)
BTW, we are so blessed... Diana & Brittany are the BEST!!! I Love you both!

I would also like to thank Bobby & April Horspool for letting us use their back yard for Devin & Diana's reception and Dave & Mary Ellen for letting us use THEIR back yard for Derek & Brittany's reception, both were lovely yards!!! THANK YOU!!!

And, last but FAR from least I want to thank our cute Brieanne for taking all the great pictures! THANK YOU!!!


Allison said...

Ok so I am at your page and don't see the collage you told me about, or were you talking about your slideshow collage?? Which, BTW is so cute! Did you have problems with it? So I have to tell you, the wedding pics. are so cute and you did do a great job! Don't forget, you have also done one other mom's :) Maybe you will have to come help us with Lindsay's!

da Bergs said...

I would LOVE to come help with Lindsay's!!! Has she picked colors yet??? And a date (for sure)??!!! I deleted the "collage" that didnt work and figured out the slide show... THANK YOU!!!

brieanne. said...

yes, I can see it now ..... "Weddings by Shaila & Brieanne". let's do it when we grow up :)

Jan said...

I agree, I would love that too! As long as the people I planned for loved everything I would be a bummer if the bride and groom didn't like what you were doing. Eeeewww what if they're colors were some awful thing!
There I talk on your blog!!!