Friday, May 9, 2008

Women's Conference

This year I was fortunate enough to get to go to Women's Conference at BYU. I went with Kathy & Ann, a couple of OLD friends, haha girls, thought you would like that! ...not that THEY are old, just that we have been friends for a long long time! Here is a pic of us just as we were pulling away... oh, the antisipation of a fun girls week!

One of the highlights of the trip (besides eating at Cafe Rio) was going to visit my mom & dad! We totally surprised them! My friend Pam also met us up there so the 3 of them walked up to the door of my mom & dad's house (I was hiding)... my mom answered the door and welcomed them in, THEN she saw me and started squealing! She is so fun! I am such a ding dong, I took my camera on the trip but never seemed to have it with me! So... no pic of my parents from the trip but here is a pic of them from Devin & Diana's wedding...

The Confernce was great! We got to hear from John Bytheway, his mother, Sherry Dew, Julie Beck and Pres. Monson!!! Here are a few of the notes that I took from his talk... Pres. Monson – Women’s Conference 2008
The sweetest experience in this life is feeling the promptings of the Spirit…
Don’t let the important things in life pass you by!
Find joy in today! NOW, today!
Every day in your life is a special occasion
Spend more time with your family
Call relatives
Ask forgiveness
Say I love you
Be happy!
(spend time with your family) Childhood doesn’t come back, if you miss out on something there will be sorrow.
Give your child a compliment.
Say I love you.
Give a hug.
Find joy in the journey.
One day each of us will run out of tomorrows.
He spoke of adversity, trials…
STORY of father watching his daughter in Kindergarten…
Playing, got hurt…
On more than one occasion, he almost went in to save her then he realized the scrapped knees and tears are needed to give her strength… and so it is with us.
Life was not meant to be easy we were not meant to have a consistently smooth road.
We came here to experience… it will make us stronger.
The stronger the winds, the stronger the trees.
Life makes us stronger, better, polished, beautiful.
He spoke of some of the attributes that we need to develop… kindness, sensitivity, compassion, love, forgiveness, patience, faith, fortitude, humility…
Only the master knows the depts of our trials and He alone can give us comfort.
He spoke on inadequacy, and told us to focus on the good that we HAVE done…
He concluded by saying… May the Lord bless you and give you peace… May you have a safe jouney on the pathway of life is my prayer for you..
When it was over he got up to leave, he walked to the tunnel in the Marriot Center and he turned and waved to everyone! Then everyone waved back, I think he was surprised, it was so cute so he waved again and everyone waved.. then he turned all the way around and waved to every spot in the Marriot Center and left... he is so cute, so sweet, and so in tune! The Spirit was so very strong, no one wanted to leave, everyone just sat there in silence and soaked up the Spirit for a bit... it was a very tender time. I KNOW he IS our prophet, that he leads and guides the Lord's church here on Earth! I am very grateful to have been there in his presence!

We stayed at the cabin and took a few pics the next morning before leaving...

It was a wonderful trip... Now, I want to go to Education Week in August!


Allison said...

SO FUN! Someday I will make it to one too. What a fun get-away for you.

mama K said...

oh my gosh, I loved reading all about that. Did not know you went and surprised your mom. Thanks for taking the time to write down all those ideas from the talks. I will copy some of those. me...I'm so out of it, I don't know a thing about women's conference. Maybe someday I'll be normal again..not mature like you...just have a somewhat normal life again..where I am not working at a job on Mother's Day, where I can go visit friends, etc again in life. thanks for taking the time to write all that down.

Ann said...

It was so much fun!! Thank you again for driving and having the cabin for us to stay in.
Love ya!

Oh yeah and check out my blog because you've been tagged. (you have to copy the survey change to your answers and post it on your blog)

The Bergquists said...

OMG it looks like it was a fun trip, us Bergquist girls will have to start making a tradition of going! Thats so awesome that you got to hear the Prophet speak, I am way jelious! Ps-I love that you are doing a peace sign on that one pic!!!

da Bergs said...

Diana, you name the day and time and we will make it a tradition!!! Women's conference... Or Education Week??!!! MISS YOU!!!